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Eight Hours (EHRT) Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

Eight Hours (EHRT)

The crypto industry has been very innovative with the type of tokens it introduces to the market. Today, we have several unique tokens that back prospects of charity, business, economics, or transactions. 

But how often do we come across crypto tokens backed by gaming fundamentals? Yes, today, we have tokens like EHRT that are developed to connect social media games to the real world, adding value to the time we spend with our loved ones. 

Given the unique prospect that it adds, we’re sure you must’ve thought of including the token in your portfolio. But how profitable would it be in the long run? Let’s find out in this comprehensive price prediction for 2022-30.

Eight Hours (EHRT) Token Price: At A Glance

Project Name Eight Hours
Crypto Symbol EHRT
EHRT Market Cap $11,414.34
Current Supply 10,000,000,000 EHRT
Circulating Supply 2 322 609 645 
Current Price (As of August) $0.000064
All-time High Rate $0.039 1 year ago
Official Website

Eight Hours (EHRT): Overview

The 8Hours Foundation ($EHRT) connects Blockchain to the real world. This way, the project wants to improve the value of our time with our loved ones. 

8Hours Foundation’s creator, John Dempsey, is a collector and a player. He conceptualized the entire project and eventually built it alongside his team and the community because of similar hobbies.

The foundation teamed up to support social gaming platforms following this goal with PlayTable, the first gaming console to support blockchain technology. 

The PlayTable ecosystem’s native currency is called EHrT. It is utilized for the PlayTable in all capacities. However, to register their toys or attach data to their products, toy manufacturers and game developers must purchase EHrT on the open market.

The foundation leads a “Toy Reality” project in partnership with PlayTable, a blockchain-based gaming platform. By tokenizing physical goods on the blockchain, they can create a virtual social network that mimics the real one.

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Dempsey saw a need to employ technology to foster social interaction amongst individuals via games and other interactive social activities. As a result, he established the groundwork for a blockchain platform that rewards and motivates users. For its future, the network wants to ensure that its users may spend at least eight hours a week being active.

EHRT Token Fundamental Value

The 8Hours Foundation was established to create a physical community inside the blockchain industry. As was already indicated, the main goal of the team’s work is to provide a platform where users are rewarded for connecting with other users.

The native token of the platform is called Eight Hours Token, or EHrT. It can be used for voting, staking, paying fees, and exchanging. Additionally, EHrT performs specialized tasks that assist with platform operation. 

Other applications for the EHrT include prizes and other financial services like staking. However, EHrT is typically retained by users for:

Access to staking

Users can invest in the initiatives created within the 8Hours ecosystem through a grants system. This gives stakeholders the right to gain from a platform if it develops.

Options to leverage reward

Through a rewards system, the platform encourages user participation in network activities, particularly those that involve platform updates or developments. These users are compensated with an equivalent number of EHrTs for their involvement. In addition, users that wish to show their support for a platform still under construction publicly allow them to donate EHrTs to a project freely.

Besides, the project has also introduced several unique aspects that add to the core fundamentals of the Eight Hours crypto project. Here’s an overview of the different features that add to the project’s potential: 

Colored Tokens 

These tokens represent a person’s digital journey on an AAC by acting as markers or recordings. This implies that colored tokens can be used to identify an AAC’s ownership history, authenticity, development, and wealth, among other things. Additionally, the only people who can manufacture new colored tokens and deposit them on AAC are developers.

Authentic Asset Certificates (AAC)

Users must pay EHrT to create Blockchain representations of actual objects. The procedure enables the production of AAC, which serve as ownership proofs for real-world assets’ blockchain counterparts. These also fall under the category of non-fungible tokens (NFT), the same type that permits the tokenization of real-world assets. Users must have AACs to sign up and use the portal.

In-Game Currencies (IGC) 

Users can create in-game currencies using EHrT. Developers can produce these tokens to support the in-game economy. Other gaming platforms on the ecosystem of the 8Hours Foundation can use these currencies as well because they are cross-platform compatible.

The VeChainThor chain supports the transaction system used by 8Hours. As a result, it may offer a multi-party payment protocol without paying the typical gas fees that platforms impose on consumers who make these transactions.

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EHRT Token Price History & Overview

Eight Hours (EHRT) forecasts state that the cryptocurrency price might increase significantly within a few years, with a clear path to a range between $0.00000328 and $0.00000373. For May 2022, Eight Hours were anticipated to be available for an average cost of $0.00000363.

Eight Hours (EHRT) forecasts state that the price of the coin could increase significantly within a few years. For June 2022, an average price value of $0.00000370 was anticipated for Eight Hours. Expected projections for Eight Hours for July 2022 ranged from a minimum price level of $0.00000364 to a maximum price level of $0.00000406; however, the potential price level was $0.00000378.

The all-time high price of Eight Hours was $0.038647200365 on October 12, 2020. (almost two years). On June 19, 2022, Eight Hours saw its all-time low (2 months). Eight Hours can be traded on Oceanex. EHRT/USD, EHRT/CAD, EHRT/AUD, EHRT/GBP, EHRT/INR, and EHRT/PHP are among the most popular trading pairings for Eight Hours on the market.

The token sale for 8Hours, which had a price of $ 0.00340934 in the ICO, ended on July 2, 2019. Since then, the price of EHrT has declined to 0.00x versus the US dollar, 0.00x against Ethereum, and 0.00x vs. Bitcoin.

Out of a maximum supply of 10.00B EHrT, 2.32B EHrT are now in circulation. The last year, 2021, saw the creation of -18.43M EHrT according to the current annual supply inflation rate of -0.79%. 8Hours is currently ranked 106th in the NFT Tokens sector in market cap.

The best year for 8Hours was 2020 when the price of EHrT fell from $ 0.023960 to $ 0.009808 by -59.07%. 2021, when the price dropped by -99.72% from $ 0.009808 to $ 0.00002781, was the worst year for 8Hours. Over the past three years, 8Hours has grown by -79.39% annually. 8Hours typically performs best in Q1 with an average gain of 0.00% and worst in Q2 with a loss of -84.98%.

The cost of 8Hours is $ 0.000001993 today and $ 0.00004462 on the same date last year, with an ROI of -95.53%. Prices fell by 96% in the previous year, a considerable decline.

EHRT Token Price Forecast

To make such a responsible investment decision on your own, you should research Eight Hours as much as possible if you are looking for cryptocurrencies with decent returns. The price of eight hours is equal to $0.000004981, but because cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments, the price could go either up or down, and you could lose money.

The question would be like should I invest in EHRT today? Should I invest in Eight Hours now? or Will Eight Hours be a good or bad investment over the short- and long-terms, etc? The forecasts for Eight Hours are continually updated with new values. Take a look at our EHRT technical and fundamental analysis.

Technical Analysis 

The price of Eight Hours is $0.00000204 right now, an increase of 1% over the previous day. The market value of Eight Hours is $4,730. EHRT volume for one day is $53.52. With a maximum supply of 9,985,672,952 and a circulating supply of 2,321,298,884, it ranks 1544 in market capitalization. 

There is only one exchange where Eight Hours is traded, with Bitrue ranking highest ($53.53). Nearly two years ago, Eight Hours reached an all-time high of $0.033456. Eight Hours has been trading on 4 active exchanges with 0% transparent volume over the past day, with BTC being the trading pair with the biggest volume.

Since the EHRT token has been following a bearish trend, we expect the similar market categories weren’t particularly well-liked during the time frame.

Fundamental Analysis

Our prediction system projects the asset’s future price to be lower than the $1 mark after a year. The price of Eight Hours Token has underperformed the market over the last two weeks. Its daily price fluctuations, which significantly impact our ranking algorithms, are a direct result of its poor performance. 

Purchasing EHRT at this time could result in capital loss. But since the crypto market is filled with volatility, there are equal chances that the token will be able to recover the gap and be back to following a bullish pattern in the coming years.

Note: Even if these are just estimates, remember that it is nearly impossible to predict results with absolute certainty for any cryptocurrency. Furthermore, neither the fundamental nor technical projections predict what will occur over the coming several months. Even though these technical assessments aren’t correct, they are supposed to aid you in deciding whether to proceed with your investments or not. Remember, you’re always the last one to call.

EHRT Token Price Prediction

We have the price forecast for Eight Hours for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 for you today. Looking closely at the cryptocurrency market gives us the impression that it is doing extremely well.

Eight Hours Token Price Predictions For 2022 | Potential ROI: 24%

According to many criteria, projected forecasts for Eight Hours for July 2022 range from a minimum price level of $0.00000364 to a maximum price level of $0.00000406; however, the $0.00000378 price level is more likely. 

Eight Hours (EHRT) forecasts state that the cryptocurrency price might increase significantly within a few years, with a clear path from $0.00000375 to $0.00000425. For August 2022, we anticipate Eight Hours to be available for an average price value of $0.00000393.

The predicted price range for EHRT for September 2022 is $0.00000391 for the low and $0.00000445 for the high, with $0.00000404 serving as the average trading price. However, by October 2022, the price would end up being as high as USD 0.00000461 and as low as USD 0.00000395, with an average price of USD 0.00000413, according to the study of historical pricing data.

EHRT price forecasts for November 2022 range from a low of $0.00000411 to a high of $0.00000482, with $0.00000425 serving as the average trading price. EHRT price forecasts for December 2022 range from a low of $0.00000424 to a high of $0.00000503, with $0.00000438 serving as the average trading price.

Eight Hours Token Price Predictions For 2023 | Potential ROI: 45%

With 2023 only a few months away, we expect the market to have corrected itself after following almost a year of a bearish run. In addition, with the EHRT token already making rounds over the internet, we expect this year to start positively as the EHRT token will finally enter a correction phase. As a result, eight Hours (EHRT) prices will have risen to a point around their former all-time high by 2023. 

Per our research, we anticipate that the token will present an average price of $0.00000636 by 2023. If everything goes per the market conditions and the token is positive with its movement, we estimate EHRT to reach a price markup of $0.00000728. But similarly, following a long bull run, there are equal chances that the market might crash, which is typical for the cryptocurrency market.

Eight Hours Token Price Predictions For 2024 | Potential ROI: 39%

For 2024, we’re majorly positive about the overall movement in the crypto market. In addition, given how Metaverse will be in its complete bloom by this year, we expect users to be more open to including EHRT in their portfolios. Not to forget, there are equal chances of the token increasing its user base, and there would be events of increasing the user base with the right partnerships and developments. 

Keeping all of these situations in mind, we expect the prices for EHRT to increase significantly. Further, if the market focuses on investing in Eight Hours, the token could increase to $0.00001070 for 2024. However, if the market declines, it is anticipated that the EHRT will moderately reverse course. With a minimum price of $0.00000883 and a maximum price of $0.00001070, the year 2024 can end with an average price of $0.00000915.

Eight Hours Token Price Predictions For 2025 | Potential ROI: 69%

2025 would be a year of innovation and change for the crypto market. This would be the year when the people at large would expect cryptocurrency. In addition, considering how gaming would be a prominent part of the industry, we expect EHRT to play a significant role in revolutionizing the trend. All of these would favor the active interest of users and investors towards the token, resulting in an overall positive influence.  

Per our research on the current market trends, we’re expecting the token to move upwards over its annual course. We expect the token to continue its stability over the long run and provide better returns to the users. The EHRT token is anticipated to reach a maximum value of $0.00001528. But, if the market alters the trend and we notice a bearish trend, the token price might decline and stand corrected at $0.00001230.

Eight Hours Token Price Predictions For 2030 | Potential ROI: 114%

2030 would be a completely new year for the crypto revolution. By then, we expect cryptos to have impacted almost all the major sectors, like manufacturing and production. In addition, by the end of this decade, we expect the EHRT token to hold center stage in the gaming industry, covering significant stakes in the industry.

So if Eight Hours’ continues to innovate and collaborate with new projects, the token is expected to reach a value of up to $0.00008948 by 2030. Such a price would be backed by a significant financial institution collaboration, provided that the following conditions are met. But if the industry faces a decline, we expect the price to go down to $0.00007660 as it would result in a bullish phase for the token. 

Given the different prices, we understand how confusing it can become to get an idea of the overall price movements of the EHRT token. Therefore, to help you better, we’ve created a tabular presentation of the price and market movement of the token. Let’s check it out: 

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price 0.00000482 0.00000636 0.00001070 0.00001528 0.00008948 
Expected ROI 24% 45% 39% 69% 114%
Type Of Run Bearish Bullish Bearish Bullish Bullish
Singal  Buy Sell Buy  Hold  Sell

Our overall analysis shows that EHRT will end the decade on a high note, following a strong trend. But we advise you not to strictly follow these price movements as these are just a few technical assessments and findings made by professionals. Furthermore, the presented values are based on observational data and evaluated using the preceding price analysis. Therefore, before you’re ready to invest, always do your research.

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Is EHRT The Right Token To Invest In Right Now?

Considering all the fundamentals and current price performance, we can say that the token is a good investment. Besides, the token comprises appropriate toys, collectibles, and cards used in every situation when using the PlayTable game platform.

The primary role of the token is to produce new assets, of which 50% are burned, capturing the object’s value both as data and as a fresh addition to the ecosystem, and the remaining 50% are transferred to the 8Hours Foundation for additional research and community expansion.

Overall, the token presents strong fundamentals which are worth investing in. But, we suggest you be a smart investor and wait for the correct entry into the market. Lastly, it should be noted that while the token has excellent potential, it will only be profitable in the long run. Therefore, if you’re an active trader, we suggest you invest in more active digital assets. All the best! 

Final Verdict 

This brings us to the end of our price prediction blog on the EHRT token. It appears to be a smart investment considering the basics, fundamentals, and overall performance. Not to forget, the PlayTable gaming console’s Eight Hours Token (EHrT) utility token is used by the ecosystem to enable social play with platform-level functionality. 

The Foundation works to create a community of gamers, manufacturers, collectors, token holders, and game developers & publishers. It is a safe investment with a 2.3 billion coin circulation and a total supply of 9.99 billion. 


Q1. Is Eight Hours a good investment?

If you are investing in digital currencies, think about Eight Hours. An investment in the currency over the long term could be quite profitable. And if everything goes according to plan, it should reach its peak in the upcoming years.

Q2. How Much Will Eight Hours be Worth in 2025?

Many platforms and analysts predict that Eight Hours’ price will increase over the next five years and surpass $0.00001787 by the end of 2025. But, you never know, even when the price seems excessive. EHRT and other cryptocurrencies are extremely erratic and subject to sudden changes in price.

Q3. How Much Will Eight Hours be Worth in 10 Years?

The probability that Eight Hours will cost $0.00011129 in ten years is significantly higher. Within the next 8 to 10 years, The Value of 1 Eight Hours may exceed a minimum price of $0.00010746 and a maximum price of $0.00012707.

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