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HappyCoin Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030 – HAPPY Predictions


Cryptocurrencies have added something new to the market every other year. Every token we have today is backed by its unique fundamental that aims to solve complex market issues. 

Adding to the list of unique tokens is HappyCoin, which introduces the concept of charity in the crypto space. The HAPPY token is designed to give away 5% of all the tokens received as tax during a transaction. 


This way, it addresses the most specific issue of ‘mental health around the globe. However, that’s not all! Its active community of charity members also aids in other similar causes. 

The token’s unique concept has made it a highlight for many investors. So if you’ve been considering investing in the same, this is the perfect review. Continue reading as we help you predict the prices of HAPPY tokens for 2022 and beyond. 

Happycoin (HAPPY): At A Glance

Project Name Happycoin
Crypto Symbol HAPPY
HAPPY Market Cap $100,000,061
Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000 HAPPY
Current Price (As of August Last Week) $0.00000000116650
All-time High Rate $0.00000014
Official Website

Happycoin (HAPPY): Overview

Happycoin is a charity-oriented token that redefines the fundamental aspect of donations or charity. The token was launched to introduce the ‘decentralized’ element of giving away via the HAPPY coins. Launched with a primary focus on targeting ‘mental health,’ this token is among the first of its kind. 

Per the creators of Happycoin, mental illness is a battle fought by 10% of the global population. This is where the HAPPY token steps in as a charity-oriented token focused on resolving this issue. Similarly to the likes of SafeMoon, investors or traders of Happycoin are also charged a 10% tax on every transaction. Out of the commission, 5% goes to $HAPPY holders, while the remaining 5% is added to the liquidity pool. 

In addition, the Happycoin charity wallet is also a holder and continues to grow with every trade executed for the token. Every week, the team behind HAPPY token and the community select a new organization they can lend their support to. They do so by donating the tax accumulated in the charity’s wallet and improving the treatment options and awareness of the mental illness.

Per the website, the project is a community initiative that is truly run by the community present over the platform. The platform isn’t run by any prominent personality but is supported by the initial investors of the cause. The responsible position holders of the community have common emotions of the love of sharing. 

The ecosystem is relatively new and has only completed a year since its inception. But its unique appeal has added to the likes of multiple investors. Per our research, the Happycoin platform offers some unique features that are limited. But the question is: Would it matter in terms of investment? The crypto industry is ever evolving, and new and better projects are introduced monthly. In addition, it’s the marketing and PR that impacts the sales of a token (more than its actual functionality). 

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That said, our research on Happycoin suggests that the token will continue to boom in the future. The unique concept and substantial steps the project’s community is taking to cure mental illness add to its soaring popularity. Additionally, Happycoin’s social media accounts also seem well-managed, giving it a reliable appeal on the marketing front.

HAPPY Token Fundamental Value

HAPPY is the native token streamlining transactions over theHappycoin ecosystem. This ERC-20 token is pre-mined and has a cap of 1,000,000,000,000,000 HAPPY. Moreover, with its seamless function backed by Ethereum’s support, the token supports several crypto-fiat transactions, operating over a deflationary model. All such factors have made Happycoin one of the major crypto assets in the portfolio of investors. 

Here’s an overview of the core fundamentals that set apart the HAPPY token from the others:

Offering Financial Freedom

Offering an economic system for mental health issues is one of the core fundamentals that backs the HAPPY token. The community spends most of its efforts on addressing such issues on a global scale and advocating for the well-being of people going through such a phase.

With the ‘Happycoin’ solution, the community has come together to provide financial freedom to people who experience isolation from their mental trauma. This way, the community spends behind providing such people with economic security and ensuring that they recover in their life.  

Re-defining Health Issues

Per the community at Happycoin, the entire healthcare facility we’ve been provided as a child has only been focused on our physical well-being. But none of the curricula had focused on introducing a change by addressing mental issues and how to face them. 

This is where Happy aims to shed light on the mental illness epidemic while breaking the stereotype. With its continued efforts toward awareness of such health issues, Happycoin is building a community of like-minded people. 

Charitable Token

The tokenomics for Happycoin is possibly one of the unique concepts to have been introduced in the industry. With an overall supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 HAPPY, the token has reserved a supply of 5% while burning out 2.5% of the remainder as a deflationary measure. In addition, there’s another 2.5% that belongs to the charity wallet, which makes significant donations every Friday.

To date, the community has burned 30% of the total supply, leaving behind a circulating supply of 700,000,000,000,000 HAPPY. Besides, the platform also deduces taxes (10% in every transaction). Therefore, out of the total received, 5% of it is added to the liquidity pool, while the remainder, 5%, is redistributed proportionally to the HAPPY holders.

Now that we have an idea of the core fundamentals backing the HAPPY token let’s look into the history and overview aspect of this digital asset. Once done, you’ll better understand whether or not to invest in the token. 

HAPPY Token Price History & Overview

The HAPPY token was first launched on 20th April 2021 as it became the first-ever token backed by a ‘charity’ fundamental. However, the coin entered the market with a low start as it started its movement around the $0.00000003 mark, which isn’t generally the case with newly listed tokens. 

However, things seemed to improve for the HAPPY token as the news for the new ‘charitable’ digital asset was out. The news gathered a lot of attention, adding to the coin’s potential and attracting new investors. Interestingly, the results were visible as the token was able to move steadily and bagged a steep upward trend, settling at $0.00000014. 

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Interestingly, this newly registered all-time high on May 10th, 2021, was the last time the token was able to reach such a mark. Following this, there was little movement from the charts as it crashed to the $0.00000008 mark the next day, May 11th, 2021. But this was just a minor correction as the token was able to touch the $0.00000013 mark the very next day. 

Following this, there wasn’t much movement from the token for a few weeks, but it again rallied down and reached the similar $0.00000008 mark in just a few days by May 14th. Following such brief movements through the first two weeks of May, investors witnessed a steep fall in the tokens’ price as it entered a bearish phase, settling at a new low of $0.00000002 by the end of May 2021.

Following this, there was not much movement from the token for June as it moved down to the ranks of $0.00000001 by the end of the month. Post the fall on June 2021, the market has been in a bearish trend, and we haven’t seen much movement from the HAPPY token. 

HAPPY Token Price Forecast 

Happycoin has been a project like no other! Not many would have thought of the unique concept of ‘charity’ via crypto. Adding to it, the active community and active targeting of less talked about issues makes the token a great idea. Since its launch in 2021, the HAPPY token has been a rangebound performer, being active for the initial months and setting down post it. 

But, while we’re hoping the token will recover its price movement over the coming years, we’ve tried distributing the project’s profile into its technical and fundamental factors. Let’s have a look:

Technical Analysis

The HAPPY token has not been able to give us any significant movement since early 2022. Adding to it, the token has presented us with a declining trend since May 2021. So currently, even though the HAPPY token has made progress in terms of its volume in the last 24 hours, it’s not very significant. 

Now, comparing the token’s current position per the TradingView charts, we expect a slow but steady uptrend for the token in the coming years. Therefore, now would be a good investment time if you’re looking for an entry point in the token. 

Fundamental Analysis

Being an investor, you must be sure of the trades you enter. Here, you can’t overlook the significance of checking a token’s fundamental view. After all, both fundamental and technical analysis significantly determine future prices for any token. 

Besides, any project will move upward in price if the developers and investors come together and increase the popularity of the HAPPY token. In addition, while there have been no recent collaborations from the token, it continues to be active in its community, holding charitable events weekly. 

Note: Mentioned above are the predictions that we’ve made surrounding the HAPPY coin. Remember, these are mere ideas of the possibility of where the token’s future could lead. In practice, predicting the exact movement of any given token is almost impossible. So these fundamental or technical analyses are mere predictions to give you a fair idea of what’s upcoming in the next few days, weeks, or months. 

Remember, these analyses’ aren’t accurate but are made to give you an idea of whether to proceed with the investment or not. Also, consider going for research first when moving ahead with any investment. 

Now that we have an accurate idea of the overall fundamentals that back the token let’s delve into the long-term outlook for the token’s price in the following sections.  

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HAPPY Token Price Prediction

HappyCoin Price Prediction 2022 | Potential ROI: 15%

Enter 2022, and there was still no correction for the token in the new year. The HAPPY token has continued its rangebound movement since January, and there’s not much movement. The coin entered the year at a price around $0.000000019 and wasn’t very stable with its movement but moved a bit up to $0.000000022 by January 15th, 2022. Following this, there was a steep decline in its movement as it continued dropping to $0.000000016 by the end of January.

Enter February, and there wasn’t much from the token as it continued to move at similar levels around $0.000000019 till the end of the month. However, it was at the beginning of March when the token showed some positive movement and rose to $0.0000000022, making it the highest for the month. 

Following this, the token moved around the levels of $0.000000017 until it took a huge dip after May 9th, falling to $0.000000001. However, the HAPPY token has continued to be on such levels, and to date (August 2022), the HAPPY coin continues to be around the $0.00000000116650 mark. 

For the remainder of 2022, we expect the token to be on the leading side as it has already made it to several forums and websites. However, per our expert analysis, the HAPPY token will steady its performance. It will make some corrections in the coming months. By 2022, we expect the token to touch a maximum value of $0.000000014. In comparison, the minimum price of HAPPY is expected to be around $0.000000012 if the coin continues to perform in a bullish market.

HappyCoin Price Prediction 2023 | Potential ROI: 35%

For 2023, we are most bullish about the crypto market as this would follow a year of a complete bearish trend for the market. This year, we expect HappyCoin to reach even more masses and attract various investors due to the charitable cause. 

Because of this, HAPPY is expected to reach a price level of $0.0000002 by 2023 and will be backed by substantial cooperation with different financial institutions if it meets the suggested requirements. Otherwise, investors might also witness the token to present an average price of $0.00000018 for 2023, beating the lowest low to come up with a bullish trend for 2023.

HappyCoin Price Prediction 2024 | Potential ROI: 72%

2024 is expected to introduce significant reforms to the crypto ecosystem. This will be the year when cryptocurrencies will be the center of innovation for several operations throughout the finance ecosystem. The Happycoin token will be a better option backed by a huge community.

Overall, we expect HappyCoin to take over the market movement and touch new heights during 2024. Per our analysis and suggestion, the token will experience a significant bullish trend and settle at a price of around $0.000000024. At the same time, we expect HappyCoin’s average price forecast to be around $0.00000002 for 2024. 

HappyCoin Price Prediction 2025 | Potential ROI: 98%

2025 will be a year of change for the crypto markets. By this year, the markets would’ve spent around a decade. We expect significant reforms in terms of user base and the overall popularity of unique projects like HappyCoin. Not to forget, since there will be a significant reform in the market, we’re expecting the HappyCoin to have reached considerable popularity and be a part of everyday transactions. 

When paired with a positive market influence, such signs will push the HAPPY token to its new age of bullish run. For 2025, we expect the audience to be optimistic and accept the token at large. Overall, all the factors are expected to make a bullish impact on the movement for HappyCoin, and it will reach a yearly high of $0.00000003. But if there’s a negative impact on the price movement, we expect the price to settle around $0.000000026.

HappyCoin Price Prediction 2030 | Potential ROI: 118%

Fast forward to 2030, and we expect the crypto markets to be at the peak of their innovation. This would be the year when cryptocurrencies would’ve become legal tender and have established operations on almost every front, including technology and development. 

Following the impact of cryptocurrencies, we expect HappyCoin to be a successful project with growing importance in the charity sector. By 2030, we expect the community to have reduced the overall count of mental awareness and move beyond its previous all-time high rate. If the token continues to present a smooth and bullish movement, we expect it to touch a maximum price up to $0.0000004. Similarly, following such a long bullish run, there are equal chances of a bearish fall too.

Given the different values and figures, it’s evident that you might end up in confusion. Therefore, to help you better, we’ve simplified the different rates with an overview table of the price movements in the following years:

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price $0.000000014 $0.000000018 $0.00000002 $0.000000026 $0.0000004
Potential ROI 15% 35% 72% 98% 118%
Type Of Run Bearish Bearish Bullish Bullish Bullish
Singal  Buy Buy Buy  Strong Buy Strong Buy

Looking at the different price predictions, there can’t be any fixed approach to determine the price of a given token. Besides, it should be noted that there’s no fixed approach to determine the future movements for the HAPPY token. In addition, the movement of these tokens also depends upon their popularity and the regulator’s approach towards them. Therefore, the best way to increase the chances of maximizing your profit is by thoroughly researching the token’s fundamentals and the analysis that backs it.

Is HAPPY Token The Best Crypto To Invest In Right Now?

As an avid investor in 2022, we’re sure you’ll have doubts about investing in the HappyCoin project. Besides, considering the token’s performance over the years, you might be interested in taking an entry at the lower price tag! But this is where you should consider opting for in-depth research on the project. 

Per our approach to the token’s analysis, HappyCoin is in a bearish phase and needs some time before it enters a correction phase. Therefore, if you’re thinking about it, now would be a good time to join the trade and hold the tokens until 2024, when they are in a position to provide you with significant returns. 

But suppose you’re somebody who can’t wait and need to opt for investments with high potential. In that case, we suggest targeting digital assets with active market movements and better returns on your investments. Not to forget, as of August, the entire market is currently facing a downtrend. Therefore, while considering investing in one, ensure that you have done enough research and have an idea of the token before investing any money.

Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of our comprehensive price prediction on the HAPPY token between 2022-30. Considering the analysis by our experts and the overall fundamental that backs the token, it won’t be wrong to say that it has a reliable future and is a worthy investment to get started. That said, we want you to consider the volatility that determines cryptocurrency’s market movements. Therefore, it’s always a smart move to first research, analyze and then settle for a token.

In addition, although HAPPY token continues to be a unique project with great fundamentals and future potential, we suggest you invest wisely. Once you’re sure of the project type, move ahead with the price movements. Remember, crypto tends to give you exceptional returns but also has a similar level of uncertainty. 


Will the HAPPY token be able to reach the $1 target?

Yes, there are chances for the HappyCoin project to reach up to the $1 target. But looking at the present market movements, it won’t be any time soon. However, if it continues with a bullish trend, it would be around 2050 until we finally see it hit the desired target.

Can we expect the HAPPY token to opt for a bull run?

Crypto markets are independent and known for being extremely volatile. Therefore, there’s an equal chance of bearish or bullish movement. Besides, the token is backed by reliable fundamentals supported by a large community, giving it equal chances of a bull run.

Should I invest in the HAPPY token?

You might want to put your money in the token if you're a long-term investor. However, according to market trends, HappyCoin isn’t the ideal project to invest in now.

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