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BitCash Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030 | BITC Price Forecast


BitCash has been innovative since it introduced itself as a decentralized approach to the traditional fiat banking system. Its fresh approach to banking made it a great investment point for many users. But, several others overlooked the idea. 

Interestingly, the token performed well over its initial phases, giving significant returns to early-bird investors. But it also left many investors waiting for re-entry into the BITC market. 

So, are you among those investors who missed out? Relax; we believe you might still have a chance. Continue reading this blog as we take you through an in-depth analysis of the token and give you an idea of its price prediction for the future. Let’s get started.

BitCash (BITC): At A Glance

Project Name BitCash
Crypto Symbol BITC
BITC Market Cap $ 30,320.47
Total Supply 31,675,547
Circulating Supply 22,198,153 BITC
Current Price (As of August 1st week) $0.0012
All-time High Rate $0.152278
Official Website

BitCash (BITC): Overview

BitCash claims to be the most usable cryptocurrency in the world. It is a community-based project launched in 2018 without an ICO or fundraiser. Instead, the currency has been forked directly from the Bitcoin v0.16 codebase. The token revolves around the core concept of decentralization, and all its protocols stand firmly as a genuinely decentralized coin.

The platform was designed by co-founder, and lead developer, Christian Kassler and a group of motivated volunteers that designed this token into a reliable and feature-heavy currency. Its code is published as open source, and visitors are welcome to contribute to the development of the network, owing to its genuinely decentralized nature.

What makes the platform unique is that it has integrated the capacity of Blockchain with the traditionally familiar features of the banking system to boast a reliably unique image. The platform has made it incredibly easy to make transfers to anyone across any platform. It makes the crypto as simple to use as your average currency while still having the features of a blockchain network.

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BitCash brings us a unique platform focused on the decentralized aspect of the crypto industry. It is one such token that combines the elements of fiat banking systems with the advantages of cryptocurrency. As per the developers, it is the world’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency, designed to bridge the gap between real-world trade between merchants and consumers to become the face of cryptocurrency.

Besides, the platform offers several unique features to the traditional banking systems. But the question is, are the fundamentals enough to make it a worthy investment? The crypto industry is heavily marketed, primarily to develop hype amidst the launch of a new token. However, not many tokens are worth it and end up as another marketing disaster.

That said, we believe that BitCash is backed by appropriate fundamentals and has what it takes to succeed in the industry. The company is taking several steps to promote a new approach to traditional fiat banking by collaborating with several merchant networks and payment channels. Additionally, the social media for BitCash seems to be well-managed too! 

BITC Token Fundamental Value

BITC is the token that makes complicated cryptocurrency transactions simple over the BitCash interface. The BITC is the platform’s native ERC-20 token and is pre-mined at a limit of 31,675,547 tokens. With its seamless transaction abilities, the token can facilitate exchange operations over some major crypto assets. In addition, BitCash introduced a bridge to the Binance Smart Chain in 2021 with its Wrapped BitCash (wBitCash). This way, the newly added wBITC comprises all the benefits of BITC with the added flexibility that the BEFP20 token provides. 

Here’s an overview of the different fundamentals that make the BITC token unique. Let’s check them out: 

Seamless Mining Abilities

Anyone with a CPU can begin to mine BitCash by downloading the BitCash wallet and clicking on “Start Mining.” To promote widespread use, BitCash also powers the innovative PeerQ platform. 

It is a peer-to-peer platform where users are rewarded in BitCash to answer questions and complete random tasks. With PeerQ, BitCash makes entry into the world of cryptocurrency super friendly and inviting. 

Easy Transfer Of Tokens

Users are allowed to send and receive BitCash with pieces of information as simple as Twitter Handles. So you do not need to get involved with intimidating cryptocurrency addresses to make your transactions.

The BitCash network is run by volunteers from all over the world, designing and coding the fundamentals. It combines elements of fiat banking features like record keeping and account names to develop a highly-adaptable community. 

Use Of Additional Means To Stability 

To maintain stability and avoid volatility, BitCash uses BitCash Dollar, securing its value. The blockchain stores both currencies, with the possibility to make transactions from either account. This BitCash Stable feature allows people to send USD 1000 in less than a minute, free from any conversion fee.

The currency is a Proof-of-Work coin and started with the Cuckoo Cycle algorithm. However, the team eventually dropped the algorithm as some individuals got control and gained an unfair advantage over it. 

Now that we know the token’s core fundamentals let’s look at its price history. This way, we’ll have a better idea of what’s coming for the token in the future.

BITC Token Price History & Overview

While BitCash was launched in 2018, it wasn’t until April 2019 that its native BITC token was listed on any exchange. The coin was listed at around $0.1027 on 25th April 2019. However, it failed to show any unique bullish pattern (as with all newly listed tokens). Instead, the token went for a bearish run right from its inception and closed the month at a price below the $0.10 mark. 

Enter May, and there was not much to hear from the token. Instead, BITC continued its bearish run and fell to its all-time low at $0.7125 by 16th May 2019. Following this, there was a short correction in the price, and the token registered around the $0.90 mark by the end of the month. 

Enter June, and things didn’t seem too well for the token as it entered another down-trend, this time continuing for a month until it recorded another all-time low by July. During the first week of July, the token revolved around the $0.04 mark, and there was not much from the token for the remainder of the year.

BITC kicked off 2020 at the $0.017 mark. In addition, the market was already running in a negative sentiment by the announcement of the Covid news. As a result, for the next few months, there was no specific movement from the BITC token as it continued with the bearish trend until it hit its all-time lowest around the $0.003 mark at the beginning of April. 

Following this, the token noticed some revision in its price as it went up and registered a price markup around the $0.015 mark by the end of the month. By the end of April, BitCash announced some major merger news, invoking a positive influence on the token’s movements for the coming months. 

For a short span between May to August, BITC was on a bullish run for the first time since its listing. The token managed almost to double its value, going up to the $0.032 mark, before crashing back to the $0.013 mark by the end of September.

Post-September, there was no strong market movement from the token as it continued to take a dip before closing the year at the $0.007 mark on 31st December 2020.

For 2021, there was not much movement from the token for the first few weeks. However, post the bullish run of the crypto market in the early months of February, BITC was back in a bullish pattern that continued till the end of April as it achieved prices around the $0.027 mark. But following this, the BITC crashed, with its prices reaching $0.004 by the end of the year. 

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BITC Token Price Forecast

The sheer number of cryptocurrencies in the market is only increasing daily. While things are great, they provide traders and investors with a wide range of options, but they are more complicated in reality. These many choices also make it challenging to choose the right crypto that promises good returns. But some cryptos such as BitCash (BITC) have remained more or less consistent with their performance making them a more reliable choice. 

BitCash (BITC) is currently available for $0.001172 with a market cap of $26,004. But the good news is that the token’s value and market cap have increased 41% in the last 24 hours. This is a good indication for BitCash (BITC) which currently has 22,198,153.44 BITC circulating in the market. 

BitCash (BITC) is one of the oldest cryptos still trading in almost every major crypto exchange. Hence the token is no stranger to the general ups and downs in the market. However, 2022 has been a particularly challenging year for crypto, with its prices falling steadily. But chances are high that this bearish performance will not last long, and things will exchange for the good. 

BitCash (BITC) is currently available for the price of $0.001172 with a market cap of $26,004. But the good news is that the token’s value and market cap have increased 41% in the last 24 hours. This is a good indication for BitCash (BITC) which currently has 22,198,153.44 BITC circulating in the market. 

Before you invest your hard-earned money into any crypto, you must first familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of the token. This makes fundamental analysis key to ensuring better returns from your investments. This analysis also gives you a better idea of the future performance of a token. 

BitCash (BITC) is a few tokens with a robust foundation. The token has been around for quite some time, and it would not have lasted this long if it was not for its strong fundamentals. Besides, the token has recently partnered with industry giants such as Binance, facilitating a bridge to the Binance Smart Chain network. Given this information, it is safe to say that BitCash (BITC) comes with a good foundation. 

Note: The crypto market is one of the most volatile markets in the modern business environment. Things can change in this market in a fraction of a second before one can even know it. This level of volatility makes it rather challenging to predict the future performance of a token. Nonetheless, crypto experts leverage advanced calculations with many variables to at least give people a general. But one must remember that variables can influence even those mentioned above in technical and fundamental analyses. So make sure you always do your research and due diligence to make informed investment decisions

Now that you have an enhanced overview of the technical and fundamental aspects of BitCash (BITC), it is time to go deeper. First, of course, it always helps to know the price predictions by experts before investing in a token. So continue reading as the following section walks you through yearly price predictions of BitCash (BITC). 

BITC Token Price Prediction

BitCash Price Prediction For 2022 | Potential ROI: -2%

The prices of BitCash (BITC) tokens have been following a bearish trend for quite some time. The prices have been gradually falling since September 2021, but things deteriorated further as 2022 came. The token started the year at $0.004 on the 1st of January 2022, and things have been downhill since then. 

As of August 2022, BitCash (BITC) prices have dipped further, reaching a valuation of $0.001176. The market cap of BitCash (BITC) stands at $26,097, which has experienced a slight increase of 1.05% in the last 24 hours. One must take this as a good sign that the token shows some signs of recovery. 

Now coming to the remainder of 2022, expert analysts from technewsleader expect the prices to rise to $0.002 by the end of 2022. Experts from agree with this, with their forecasts citing the same price of $0.002. But experts from WalletInvestor are optimistic about BitCash (BITC), with their predictions indicating a further fall to take the prices to $0.000128 by the end of 2022.

BitCash (BITC) Price Prediction For 2023 | Potential ROI: -94%

Things are likely to improve further for BitCash (BITC) in 2023. Experts from technewsleaders believe that prices will hit $0.003 by the end of 2023. Experts from are of a similarly optimistic view as their predictions also cite a price of $0.003 by December 2023. Even analysts from WalletInvestor are predicting the prices will increase further, ultimately reaching $0.0000836 by the end of 2023. 

BitCash (BITC) Price Prediction For 2024 | Potential ROI: -118%

Experts are optimistic that BitCash (BITC) prices will increase further in 2024. Analysts from technewsleader are expecting the prices to reach $0.005 by the end of 2024. Unsurprisingly, experts from also agree with their forecasts, citing an increase to take the token’s price to $0.005 by December 2024. However, contradicting these predictions are experts from WalletInvestor who predict a further decline to take the prices to $0.0000682 by the end of 2024.

BitCash (BITC) Price Prediction For 2025 | Potential ROI: -44%

2025 will likely be a better year for BitCash (BITC), with experts from technewsleader expecting the prices to reach $0.008 by December 2025. Analysts from have a similar yet slightly less optimistic view, with their predictions indicating that the BitCash (BITC) prices will reach $0.007 by the end of 2025. Surprisingly, experts from WalletInvestor are indicating the prices will not change and will remain somewhere around $0.0000628 even in 2025.                      

BitCash (BITC) Price Prediction For 2030 | Potential ROI: –1200%

Things will likely change for BitCash (BITC) in the long run. Experts from technewsleader suggest the prices will reach $0.045 by the end of this decade. Experts from are more or less similar, with their predictions suggesting that BitCash (BITC) prices will remain somewhere around $0.047 by the end of 2030. But analysts from WalletInvestor are still pessimistic about the token’s performance, in the long run, suggesting the prices will be around $0.0000949 by December 2030.

Following different views from different investors can be challenging. Therefore, to give you a better idea, here’s an overview table of price predictions as per different websites.

Analysts  2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Technewsleader $0.002 $0.004 $0.005 $0.008 $0.045 $0.002 $0.004 $0.005 $0.007 $0.047
WalletInvestor  $0.000128 $0.0000836 $0.0000628 $0.0000628 $0.0000949

Looking at the different aspects of the BITC token, it’s evident that the price movement is nearly unpredictable for this token. Therefore, before you enter any trade, ensure that you’ve researched the token properly and have a better idea of what you’re investing in. 

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Notable Features of BitCash Platform

With so many cryptos in the market, it does not surprise that BitCash (BITC) has many unique features that set it apart from competitors. Some of the most notable features of the token include. 

Accounts With Nicknames: 

One of the unique offerings from BitCash (BITC) is that you have the flexibility to create accounts with nicknames. This eliminates the need for long character addresses, further simplifying crypto transactions. 

Transaction Description Storage: 

Using BitCash (BITC) is not much different from using your credit card or bank account. However, even BitCash (BITC) keeps a record of your transactions, allowing you to track them without hassle.

Ability to Send BitCash (BITC) To Anyone: 

The other great thing about BitCash (BITC) is that you can send it to anyone anywhere. This works very similar to PayPal, where you can send money to anyone anywhere at any time. 

Is It Worth Investing in BitCash Right Now?

The volatile nature of the crypto market is not a secret to anyone. This volatility makes it very challenging to determine the future performance of a token. But one can always refer to the predictions made by experts and base their investment decisions accordingly. Most of the predictions suggest the prices will go up, so long-term investment in BitCash (BITC) can yield you some returns. 

But remember, you should only use the information in this article as a reference. Furthermore, one has to understand that these predictions rely on many variables to conclude. So it is always better to do your research and due diligence before investing in BitCash (BITC). 

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Final Verdict

This entire article gives you a holistic view of the performance of BitCash (BITC). You also get an idea of what BitCash (BITC) is all about, along with a peek into the future performance of the token. So refer to this information to make a better, informed investment decision that promises better returns. 

While this information results from thorough contemplation and research, some variables can still change. Hence it is always recommended you conduct your research and analysis to understand the current state of the crypto market. This will ensure you make an informed decision and mitigate the impact of any risk. 


Q1. Will BitCash (BITC) breach the $1 mark?

The crypto sector is unpredictable, so determining if a token will reach a certain level is impossible. But the predictions made by expert analysts paint a clear picture that BitCash (BITC) is not going even near the $q mark any time soon. 

Q2. Where can I buy BitCash (BITC)?

Times have been challenging for BitCash (BITC), but the token still has a reputation for being one of the oldest cryptos. Hence most major crypto exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, and more, support BitCash (BITC). So you can visit any of these exchanges and buy BitCash (BITC) in exchange for fiat or cryptos. 

Q3. Should I invest in BitCash (BITC)?

There is no definite answer to this question, and only time can give you the right answer. But given the token’s performance until now, things will get better. However, you must still conduct your research and due diligence to determine if you should invest in BitCash (BITC).    


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