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Augur Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030 | REP Price Forecast

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The Augur (REP) token has been among the older crypto coins in the industry! But, if you’ve been an active investor in its early days, we’re sure you must’ve heard of the token’s potential during 2018-19. 

However, things seemed to have changed for the token as it has fallen from its $100 status to $10, making it a gateway for many investors. But the question is, is the token worth the investment in 2022?

If yes, then what’s the potential future for the Augur (REP) token? Let’s find out in this comprehensive price prediction blog!

Augur (REP): At A Glance

Project Name Augur
Crypto Symbol REP
REP Market Cap $55,883,813.65
Current Supply 11,000,000,000
Circulating Supply 7,614,517.48 REP
Current Price (As of August 1st week) $8.991
All-time High Rate $341.85
Official Website

Augur (REP): Overview

Augur is one of the oldest and most significant standing businesses associated with the crypto industry. This California-based company is formed by Jack Peterson, Matt Lison, and Jeremy Gardner. It was launched in 2014 when crypto had already spent half a decade and was still relatively new in the market. 

Initially, Augur was launched as an answer to break the stereotypes of traditional betting services. It stepped into the industry with the idea of decentralizing the betting industry by breaking the basic approach of the large, centralized corporations that would control the pools and would take some parts of the winnings. 

Augur was the first-ever decentralized prediction market was Blockchain was introduced to betting, making it a marketplace where anyone could enter and make their trades. In addition, the platform allows creators to use their tokens as a bond to enter a betting setup. 

Here, other users are also welcome to enter a bet that a specific user opens up by buying shares of it. Thus, when the speculated event finally occurs, a designated reporter broadcasts the real-time outcome to Augur’s network, triggering a payout to the winners. Over the years, Augur has become one of the safest places for on-the-go betting, where people can bet around anything, ranging from elections to results! 

REP Token Fundamental Value

REP is the native token used as a bond to simplify operations over Augur’s decentralized betting platform. A codename for ‘Repurtation,’ REP is in its second-generation, also known as REPv2. This ERC-20 token is pre-minted at a current supply of 11,000,000,000 units and is associated with all the major functions over the Augur platform. 

Over the years, REP has made record-breaking growth, making it one of the most competent investments for crypto enthusiasts. But why was it? Let’s find out by looking at its core fundamentals: 

Market Creation 

The core feature of the REP token is to be used as a bond for creating a decentralized oracle and prediction market in the Augur platform. Users signing up over the platform can create their event based on any real-time global event with a definite result. 

Once done, the REP token activates the trade for users, allowing them to bet on both sides of the results. 

Market Trading & Staking

Upon creating a successful event, the user can enter a created event by buying shares to it. To do so, all the participants place their stake in the final results, thereby creating a pool. 

Here, Augur’s oracle helps determine events’ outcomes by adding real-world information to its Blockchain. Once done, the REP token helps distribute the stake to the consensus vote while ensuring authentic results.

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Reporting With Sharding Support

Augur leverages the sharding process to implement reporting of results. In addition, this Blockchain scaling solution allows the platform to leverage multiple smaller Blockchains to process the transactions instead of relying on one single Blockchain. This way, Augur users are entitled to faster and more affordable transactions using the REP token.


Once the event has finished, reporters assigned to the event need to update the final results and settle the bets. Interestingly, all the shares in Augur’s prediction market are done in ETH, allowing traders with a better ability to close real-time positions and initiate a smoother payout collection. 

This brings us to the end of our section on the core fundamentals of the REP token. Here, users can get a better idea of what backs the token. Now that we have the idea, let’s focus on the history and overview aspect of the REP token to understand its future movements better. 

REP Token Price History & Overview

While the Augur platform had launched its marketplace in 2014, it wasn’t until 2015 that its platform token, REP, was launched into the CoinMarketCap platform, making it one of the first cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. 

However, there was not much movement from the token for the next few days (something unusual for a newly listed token). The platform operated around the $1 course until the end of the month. Following this, there were movements by December, and the token doubled its value, hovering around the $2 – 2.50 mark for the remainder of the month, marking the end of 2015. 

Following this, the REP token entered a bullish run early in January, indicating a strong buying pattern and higher trading volumes. Interestingly, it turned out to be true, as investors were attracted to the unique decentralized betting concept. Over the next few months, the token witnessed great movements, bringing it to its all-time high of $16.49 in March 2016. 

However, it was short-lived as the token took a steep fall post this point and went down to the levels of $6 before again rising back to the $14 mark in August. Following this was an event of random market movements for the REP token as it entered a bearish phase. Interestingly, despite its phase, the token presented a strong chance for a breakout by giving us its year high at $18.36 on 4 October. But REP could not make the expected movement and ended up around the $3 mark by the end of the year in 2016.

Enter 2017, and the REP token was all set to witness another great year as the market indicated a solid bullish pattern for the starting of the month. Interestingly, it turned out to be accurate as the token continued with bullish dominance for the better part of the year until its new recorded all-time high was $31 June 2017. Unfortunately, following this was another drop as the token continued to fall until October that year. But REP still hovered around the $17- 32 mark for the next few months. 

However, things changed for the REP token as it witnessed its biggest breakout by the end of 2017, opening up new avenues for the platform. It was early in 2018 when the token climbed to its all-time high of $123.24 on 11 January.

Following this, there was a steep dump in its prices, falling all the way down to the $27 mark by April. However, the announcement of Augur’s main net going live helped the REP token claim back its spot at better prices. On 11 May, the token achieved a daily high of $82.79.

Post-May, REP entered a bearish run as it continued to lose its value for the remaining of the year, settling at $10 in December 2018. Enter 2019, and there were strong indicators of a Bearish market. The token started the year around the $10 mark in January but was able to double its value in the coming months (by 10th April). However, this wasn’t for long as the token dropped again, closing around the $9 mark by the end of 2019. 

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Enter 2020, and the market was already operating on a negative emotion, resulting in a downtrend of all the tokens. Things were the same for REP as it continued to hover around the $10 -15 mark before falling below it by March. However, things took a positive turn by April, and for the next few months, we witnessed a strong uptrend for the REP token that ended by August. By the end of 2020, REP registered a price of $16.18.

2021 started on a positive note for the REP token! Based on the outcome of the US election, which was decided on February 11th, Augur held its greatest event to date. Later that month, REP rose again above $30 and maintained this pattern through March and April.

On April 7, 2021, a new gateway to help REP transition to its second update was live. The token increased to a daily high of $57.90 two days later. The cost was quickly adjusted, reaching a $9.47 daily low on June 22.

In September, right before the NFL (National Football League) season began, there was another rally in the price of the REP token. The Augur NFL markets debuted on September 3—six days before kickoff—and REP exceeded $30. Following this, it reached a day high of $35.77 on 5th September. But the token couldn’t hold to its position and settled around the $16 mark for 2021. 

Overall, the REP token has presented a great investment opportunity for its users. Even though the token had fallen a lot in its price, analysts witnessed strong stability in the prices over the last few years. 

REP Token Price Forecast 

Augur has been a reliable platform, especially for the type of service that it provides to the user. Since its inception in 2015, the token has presented immense chances of returns with its potential. Since then, there have been many updates to the platform. 

However, there are two different aspects of the project. To give you a better insight into the token, we’ve divided it into two additional factors, primarily the Fundamental and Technical front. Let’s check it out:

Considering the market movements of the REP token since its inception, it’s evident that the token has immense potential. Investors have gained immense returns of over 1000% in its short but comprehensive run. 

Now, coming to its current market position as per market movements, the token presents an upcoming bullish pattern after almost six months of the bearish graph. Therefore, you might consider entering the market if you’re an avid investor. 

No investor can overlook the significance of having a fundamental analysis. An insight into the company’s performance gives you a reliable idea of whether or not to enter a trade. After all, having fundamental analysis gives you proper insight into determining future prices

Besides, considering Augur’s type of company, we’re optimistic about the tokens’ future. In addition, considering the market movement for the REP token, we might soon witness a bullish trend for the token. 

Note: Those mentioned above are technical and fundamental analyses from an analyst’s point of view. No prediction can give you a 100% authentic trade plan on whether or not you should invest in these tokens. The trends are only meant to provide you with a basic idea of the overall appeal of the token. Therefore, before you invest in any of them, ensure that you’ve done adequate research on these tokens. 

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This brings us to the end of our analysis of the past trends of the token. Now that we have an insight into the token’s past let’s have an insight into the REP token’s future market trend.  

REP Token Price Prediction

Augur Price Prediction 2022 | Potential ROI: –1%

The REP token entered 2022, averaging at a price around the $17 mark. Since then, the betting token has followed a bearish pattern as it continued to drop for the following months, hitting the $15 mark and dropping below the $10 mark starting in May. 

However, it was just a start for the token as the news of the market crash altered the market sentiment. Following this, the REP token went down to the $5.89 mark. However, it registered some positive movement by the following month as it registered a price of around $8.36 by 16 June. Currently, Augur’s REP token ranks #271 on the list of crypto tokens and is listed for $8.56. 

With its market capitalization at $94.21 Million, we expect the REP token to increase its value by the end of 2022 as the market is more likely to enter a bullish pattern for the remainder of 2022. As per the charts and trends, we expect REP to hit an average around the $8.67 – $8.96 mark by the end of 2022. However, it might even go up to $10.15.

Augur Price Prediction 2023 | Potential ROI: 92%

By 2023, we expect REP to be in a better position, primarily due to the collaborations and the increasing interest in the community. Therefore, we’re mainly optimistic for the coming year.  

To give you a fair idea, we expect REP to touch almost $12.65 for 2023. While the pricing average may be around the $13 mark, it also has the chance to hit a maximum price ceiling of $15.31. 

Augur Price Prediction 2024 | Potential ROI: -23%

Volatility is expected to be the core driver of the crypto market for 2024. Keeping a similar thought in mind, we’re majorly bearish about the overall movement for the REP token. Not to forget, while we’ve come a long way to accept these betting platforms, their bans and restrictions are unpredictable.  

Regarding the price for REP in 2024, we expect the token to cross the $21.99 mark if the market experiences a bull run. Besides, if there are fluctuations, we expect the price to average around the $18.54 mark.

Augur Price Prediction 2025 | Potential ROI: 1260%

2025 would be the year of change for crypto tokens. This year, we expect the crypto industry to enter a new phase. Besides, with some of the global events already being concluded, we expect some major prominence of Augur as a platform. 

Therefore, following almost a decade post its launch, we expect Augur to be steady with its market movement for some time now. As a result, the REP token might be worth $31.92 by this time. However, if things change, the price might be around $26.54.

Augur Price Prediction 2030 | Potential ROI: 3600%

For the long-term, we are majorly optimistic about the growth of the REP coin. Considering the digital economy to be a great pair of the year 2030, we expect several dApps and stablecoins to have made it to the market. 

Considering all the above situations, it’d be ideal to say that the REP token will increase in its price and be anywhere around $183.09 by 2030. But, on the contrary, it might even settle at a maximum price of $206.78.

Here’s an overview of the prices to give insight into what’s coming next for the REP token. In addition, we’ve also added several signals to the calls.

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price 0.021 0.045 0.095 1
Potential ROI -1% 92% -23% 1260% 3600%
Type Of Run Bearish Bullish Bullish Bullish Bullish
Singal  Buy Buy Hold Hold Hold

Looking at all the price predictions for the REP token, it’s evident that the coin has a great future. However, let’s not forget that these are just predictions and the movements primarily depend on investors’ approach to its main platform. Therefore, the best way to invest in the token is to understand it and then research its price movement. 

Is Augur The Best Crypto To Buy Now?

Looking at the predictions that the current market movement and the analysis around the token are, it’s evident that anybody can be tempted to put their investments into REP. However, this is where you should hold back and put some time into the research before the investment. 

Currently, the market is majorly bearish for the REP tokens, and we expect the prices to go further down in the coming months. Therefore, if you’re an investor that can hold their investments, you should wait for the token to touch it’s monthly low and then enter the trade. Besides, if you’ve already invested in these tokens, you could buy in the dip and average your investments. 

Besides, considering the type of investment that REP is, you might also wait for some major global event. This way, you have better chances of making the most of your investments. Therefore, when investing, ensure a complete idea of the token you’re investing in.

Final Verdict

With this, we come to the end of our price prediction for the REP token! Looking at the different aspects of the token that we’ve put in the last sections, it’s evident that REP is a reliable investment for both new and seasoned investors. 

That said, REP is a cryptocurrency with its roots in the betting environment. Therefore, we suggest you make counted moves and ensure that you understand the volatility of the industry before you invest in the token. Therefore, it’s always wise to analyze the project and invest your money into it.

Although projects like REP continue to be a great idea for investment, they’re dominated by the number of users and investors. Therefore, always invest a part of your portfolio rather than risk it all. All the best! 


Q1. Does the REP token have the potential to hit back the $100 mark?

Yes, considering how the project has achieved such a feat in the past, chances are that the REP token would once again be on the $100 mark. However, we might have to wait for a few years before that happens.

Q2. Can REP enter the bull run for the remainder of 2022?

Yes/No. There’s a 50/50 chance for the REP token to enter a bull phase for the remainder of 2022. However, the token is currently operating at the $10 level, and there’s not much news around the crypto industry, so we might want to wait and watch. 

Q3. Is REP a reliable investment?

There’s no promising statement to say whether or not a crypto token is reliable. Always rely on your research before you come up to such conclusions.

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