Roundup: 28/08/2018 – a Zuckerberg joins Huobi & more

Zuckerberg’s sister joined advisory board of Huobi

The Chinese crypto exchange Huobi has announced that Randi Zuckerberg has joined the exchange on its expert advisory team. Another notable name was that of Jihan Wu, the CEO of Bitmain. Randi Zuckerberg worked six years for Facebook. Founded and led Zuckerberg Media and was the editor-in-chief for Dot-Complicated. She is not the first notable figure from Facebook that switched to the crypto sector. Some months ago Facebook’s chief exec payment joined Ripple.

Ethereum & EOS combined only 8 DApps with 300+ users

Ethereum and EOS combined only 8 Apps with more than 300 users Both of the crypto projects whose goal could be summed up by the phrase of “decentralizing everything” have only 8 apps with more than 300 users combined. This fact confirms the view that not only little crypto projects failed to make any impact on the daily life of the average user but also bigger ones failed to do so so far. However, it should be clear to anybody that both Ethereum and EOS still have a long way to go. And this fact is openly communicated by the leading figures of Ethereum and EOS. EOS has just conducted its ICO some months ago. Vitalik Buterin described that the Ethereum community estimates that Ethereum is about 30% ready some months ago. Too early to make conclusions.

Brazilian Crypto Exchange Atlas hacked

So far, it is not clear whether funds have been stolen or not. But the exchange claims that all funds are safe. However, the data of about 260,000 users have been leaked. The data encompasses personal information and balances on the exchange. However, passwords were seemingly not leaked. The exchange has a controversial reputation in the South American country. It promises 3% returns on investments and resembles a Ponzi-scheme.