Zilliqa is Creating A Storm in the Crypto World

While the cryptocurrency world has been focusing on Bitcoin, Zilliqa has been making leaps and bounds in the digital market. Investors who are keen on diversifying their portfolio with a mixture of stablecoins or altcoins should take notice. Listed as the 36th most valuable cryptocurrency today, Zilliqa has successfully reported a present $245.25 USD market capitalization. Consequently, showing as 33rd in market cap, these are numbers that shouldn’t be ignored by investors.

The Recent Rise of Zilliqa

Since March 2020, Zilliqa has made astounding gains of 950% in the cryptocurrency market, shocking investors and creating waves. And while this price movement is quite favorable, it may not last forever as it is facing some market resistance. At the time of writing, Zilliqa is priced at $0.0285 USD in the market. This is a decent increase from 7 days ago when it was registering at $0.1679 USD. Considering such a significant jump, many investors wonder if this altcoin can keep up this momentum?

Having been in circulation for just 3 years, this altcoin is aiming to provide investors with alternatives in the market Only a few short months ago Zilliqa had boasted they had reached the 3 million mark for online blockchain transactions. And although impressive, especially for a relatively new asset, they have now reached 4 million transactions just weeks ago. This rise to popularity is well received in the cryptocurrency community as more investors turn to this altcoin.


Where Can You Find This Popular Altcoin?

As the demand for Zilliqa increases, so do the digital currency exchanges that offer it to worldwide investors. Looking at statistics, there are approximately 10.19 billion Zilliqa coins in circulation from a total supply of 13.48 billion available. Recent news has reported that later this month, another large exchange platform will support staking this popular altcoin. You can find Zilliqa (ZIL) at the following cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as others not listed:
• Binance
• Huobi
• Gate.io

There are also a number of trading pairs including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). Of course, there are other ways to obtain Zilliqa online, including brokers or decentralized exchange platforms. Investors should always take caution when making transactions online to ensure the security of their information and transaction is followed.

What Does the Future Hold for Zilliqa?

The future of this rising altcoin is a favorable one. Since it focuses on making blockchains faster and more scalable, the market has responded enthusiastically. It uses sharding technology to simplify the consensus method procedure. The digital currency market is always changing and adapting to new technology. Because of this, users are keen on finding new and better ways to complete transactions.

If history shows us anything, it’s that market trends can help predict what the future will bring for investors. As cryptocurrency gurus explore Zilliqa’s rise to popularity, it is apparent that this altcoin isn’t going away anytime soon. Many investors have taken this bullish rise as an indication that it is a strong contender in the altcoin market. If you need an altcoin that could produce the results you need, Zilliqa is worth checking out.

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