TradeSanta是一款功能强大的云加密交易软件,可让投资者利用加密市场的波动。 The software is able to do this by implementing an advanced algorithm which continuously scans the markets in search of just the right market conditions for a profitable trade.该软件可以通过实施高级算法来做到这一点,该算法连续扫描市场,以寻找合适的市场条件以实现获利交易。 Once a proper trade setup has been identified, the software will automatically execute the trade using your trading account.一旦确定了正确的交易设置,该软件将使用您的交易帐户自动执行交易。

Once you have registered for your account, the TradeSanta bot will be ready for trading cryptocurrencies on your selected exchanges.一旦您注册了帐户,TradeSanta机器人就可以在您选择的交易所进行加密货币交易了。 All you will have to do is set the trading parameters to fit your own financial goals and your personal risk tolerance.您要做的就是设置交易参数以适合您自己的财务目标和个人风险承受能力。 After that, the trading bot will do the rest of the hard work for you.之后,交易机器人将为您完成其余的艰苦工作。 The software will either execute a trade right away or it will wait for the desired technical indicator signals, depending upon how you have set your trading parameters.该软件将立即执行交易,或者等待所需的技术指标信号,具体取决于您如何设置交易参数。

Many traders appreciate the extra order feature on the TradeSanta platform.许多交易者喜欢TradeSanta平台上的额外订购功能。 With this feature, the first order will be executed for the amount specified in the trading parameters.使用此功能,将以交易参数中指定的金额执行第一笔订单。 After the first order has been executed, the automated software will place a take profit order in addition to a few extra orders.在执行第一笔订单后,自动化软件将在一些额外的订单之外下达止盈订单。 The take profit order will be at the percentage level that the user has indicated.获利订单将处于用户指示的百分比水平。 When the price of the market moves against the trade, an extra order is executed.当市场价格与交易相反时,将执行额外的订单。 The level of the take profit order will also be reduced.止盈订单的水平也将降低。 The extra orders aim to capitalize on price changes and to adapt the trading strategy in accordance with changing market conditions.额外的订单旨在利用价格变化并根据不断变化的市场条件调整交易策略。

The platform allows traders to choose between a grid-style trading strategy or a dollar-cost average approach.该平台允许交易者在网格式交易策略或平均美元成本方法之间进行选择。 With a grid strategy approach, the software will take profit on each market position separately.使用网格策略方法,该软件将在每个市场头寸上分别获利。 On the other hand, a dollar-cost average will attempt to take the average of a series of market positions in order to provide an overall profit, even if some of the positions are closed with losses.另一方面,即使某些头寸因亏损而平仓,美元成本平均也将尝试取一系列市场头寸的平均值,以提供整体利润。

TradeSanta的注册过程已简化,并且易于浏览。 TradeSanta软件兼容的一些交易所和经纪人包括: Bitfinex,币安,Bittrex,HitBTC,Upbit和火币。 The software Wizard feature is designed to guide you through the process to register and start trading.软件向导功能旨在指导您完成注册和开始交易的过程。 Various templates provided will help you to start trading the cryptocurrency markets right away.提供的各种模板将帮助您立即开始交易加密货币市场。



It does not matter how much prior experience you have in trading the financial markets.您有多少交易金融市场的经验并不重要。 Beginners, as well as expert traders, will be able to easily use the TradeSanta software to enhance their trading results.初学者以及专业交易者将能够轻松使用TradeSanta软件来增强他们的交易结果。 Since the TradeSanta algorithm will do almost everything for you, there is no need to have any special education or knowledge of financial markets or cryptocurrencies.由于TradeSanta算法几乎可以为您做所有事情,因此无需接受任何特殊教育或金融市场或加密货币知识。 The algorithm will scan the markets continuously using historical price data and technical indicators in order to pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities.该算法将使用历史价格数据和技术指标连续扫描市场,以查明有利可图的交易机会。 When an opportunity is identified which fits the specified trading parameters, the software will execute the trade on your behalf.当确定适合指定交易参数的机会时,软件将代表您执行交易。

TradeSanta软件可以帮助经验丰富的投资者摆脱其他交易策略和市场地位的分散。 Diversification is an essential method for minimizing risk and TradeSanta can help in this objective.多样化是降低风险的重要方法,TradeSanta可以帮助实现这一目标。

评级 - 7 / 10



TradeSanta为交易者提供了多种独特的功能,这可能是有利的。 First, the software is highly customizable.首先,该软件是高度可定制的。 You can select trading parameters which will fit your preferences and your trading goals.您可以选择适合您的偏好和交易目标的交易参数。 Traders can also opt to use both long and short strategies at the same time.交易者还可以选择同时使用多头和空头策略。 This means you will be opening trades in both directions of a cryptocurrency market, depending upon the changing circumstances.这意味着您将根据情况的变化在加密货币市场的两个方向上开放交易。

You can also choose a grid-style strategy or a dollar-cost average approach.您还可以选择网格式策略或平均成本(美元)方法。 The grid-style strategy will have the algorithm take profit for each market position separately.网格式策略将使算法分别为每个市场头寸获利。 The dollar cost average approach will enter another position as the market moves against the strategy with the goal of ultimately having all of the positions total a profit when they are eventually closed out.当市场违背该策略时,美元平均成本法将进入另一个位置,其目标是最终在最终平仓时让所有头寸全部获利。

A menu of technical indicators is also a valuable feature which many TradeSanta users find advantageous for their trading endeavors.技术指标菜单也是一项有价值的功能,许多TradeSanta用户都发现其对自己的交易有利。 These indicators help to make sure the software enters a trade at the right time.这些指标有助于确保软件在正确的时间进入交易。 Some of the technical indicators included are MACD, RSI and Bollinger signals.包括的一些技术指标是MACD,RSI和布林线信号。

TradeSanta致力于为您提供最佳的交易体验。 This is why TradeSanta provides responsive customer support 24 hours per day, seven days per week.这就是为什么TradeSanta每周XNUMX天,每天XNUMX小时提供响应客户支持的原因。 The support representatives are well-trained and knowledgeable about the trading platform as well as the financial markets.支持代表受过良好的培训,并且对交易平台以及金融市场知识丰富。 The responsive support team can be reached via email or Telegram with any questions or concerns which may arise while using the TradeSanta software.如果使用TradeSanta软件时可能出现任何问题或疑虑,可以通过电子邮件或电报与响应性支持团队联系。

For convenience, TradeSanta is also accessible through a mobile app.为方便起见,也可以通过移动应用程序访问TradeSanta。 This allows you to monitor your trading activities and manage your account while on-the-go.这使您可以随时随地监视交易活动并管理帐户。 The mobile app can be handy for those who are working a day job or are always travelling.该移动应用程序对于那些从事日常工作或经常出差的人来说非常方便。

评级 - 6 / 10




TradeSanta使使用该软件强大的交易算法的价格负担得起。 There are no fees charged for registering for a new account and there are no charges levied for depositing and withdrawing funds.注册新帐户不收取任何费用,也不收取任何存入和提取资金的费用。 However, your banking institution and chosen cryptocurrency exchange may levy fees.但是,您的银行机构和选择的加密货币交易所可能会收取费用。

TradeSanta的最低级别帐户是完全免费的。 This level account will allow you to have two different trading bots at a time.这个级别的帐户将允许您一次拥有两个不同的交易机器人。 You will be prohibited from creating new bots if you already have two bots.如果您已经有两个机器人,则将禁止您创建新的机器人。 Also, your trading volume will be limited to $3,000 per month.此外,您的交易量将被限制为每月$ XNUMX。

The next level account is the Basic plan which provides you with a maximum of 49 bots for only $20 per month.下一个级别的帐户是基本计划,该计划为您提供最多14个机器人,每月仅需XNUMX美元。 However, if you purchase a whole year in advance it will only cost you $XNUMX per month.但是,如果您提前购买一整年,则每月只需花费$ XNUMX。

HitBTC促销计划允许49个机器人每月30美元。 Purchasing an entire year upfront of the HitBTC Promo plan will bring the cost down to $21 per month.购买一整年的HitBTC促销计划将使费用降至每月XNUMX美元。 Of course, you will only be able to take advantage of this particular plan if you have a trading account with the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange platform.当然,如果您在HitBTC加密货币交换平台上拥有交易账户,那么您将只能利用此特定计划。

Maximum计划将为您提供无限的交易机器人,每月仅需$ 60。 Paying annually will bring down the cost to only $42 per month for the Maximum plan.每年付款将Maximum计划的费用降至每月仅XNUMX美元。

Overall, the amount you pay is generally well worth it when you look at what you receive.总体而言,当您查看收到的款项时,所支付的金额通常是值得的。 Compared to other similar trading software, for the price charged, TradeSanta is quite competitive.与其他类似的交易软件相比,就收费价格而言,TradeSanta具有相当的竞争力。

评级 - 6 / 10




TradeSanta平台的交易体验相对用户友好。 The platform seemed to be quite responsive.该平台似乎反应很快。 The features were easy to locate and simple to adjust to customize the trading activity to fit your personal financial goals and tolerance for risk.这些功能易于定位,易于调整,以自定义交易活动以适合您的个人财务目标和风险承受能力。

The software provides a variety of useful technical indicators which are well-designed and intuitively displayed on the screen.该软件提供了各种有用的技术指标,这些指标经过精心设计并直观地显示在屏幕上。 These powerful indicators enable the algorithm to more precisely choose when to enter and exit trades for maximized profitability while also minimizing potential losses.这些强大的指标使算法可以更精确地选择何时进入和退出交易,以实现最大的盈利能力,同时也将潜在的损失降至最低。

Also, TradeSanta's automated settings are highly customizable.另外,TradeSanta的自动设置是高度可定制的。 You can choose between using a grid strategy or a dollar-cost average strategy.您可以选择使用网格策略还是美元成本平均策略。 Each type of strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages.每种策略都有其自身的优点和缺点。 Additionally, you can modify trade parameters in order to specifically cater to your own financial goals and tolerance for risk.此外,您可以修改交易参数,以专门满足您自己的财务目标和风险承受能力。

The platform seems to perform in a responsive manner.该平台似乎以响应方式运行。 There was little to no sign of latency when executing trades and scanning the exchanges and markets.执行交易以及扫描交易所和市场时几乎没有延迟迹象。 We did not experience any kind of glitches during our test run of the TradeSanta automated software.在测试TradeSanta自动化软件期间,我们没有遇到任何故障。

TradeSanta软件的移动版本运行良好,并保留了基于Web的版本的许多功能。 TradeSanta的移动应用程序使您可以轻松跟踪当前市场状况并监视正在进行的交易活动。 You can even adjust trading parameters from your mobile device.您甚至可以通过移动设备调整交易参数。

评级 - 8.5 / 10

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TradeSanta应用程序将与加密货币交换或经纪人平台集成。 There are a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers that are compatible with the TradeSanta automated software and they are listed below:有许多与TradeSanta自动化软件兼容的加密货币交易所和经纪人,下面列出了它们:

  • HitBTC –成立于2013年,加密货币交易所提供对800多个交易对的访问以及对500多种可交易工具的现货交易。 The exchange provides cold storage custody services and also offers a rebate program for market makers.该交易所提供冷库保管服务,还为做市商提供折扣计划。 Also, HitBTC provides a highly secure platform by integrating the latest in security technology which keeps the platform safe for everybody.此外,HitBTC通过集成最新的安全技术来提供高度安全的平台,从而使每个人都可以安全使用该平台。
  • Bittrex – 2014年,三名网络安全工程师启动了该交易所。该平台提供了快速的交易执行以及一流的安全协议,可确保您的资金安全。 Also, the exchange prides itself in supporting the latest cryptocurrency markets with the aim of driving innovation in the advancement of blockchain technology.此外,该交易所以支持最新的加密货币市场而自豪,其目的是推动区块链技术发展的创新。
  • BitMEX –这个加密货币交换和衍生产品交易平台是由一群在市场上拥有40多年经验的金融专家创建的。 Traders have up to 100:1 leverage available.交易者可以使用高达4.72:41.61的杠杆。 The exchange facilitates $100 billion per day and $XNUMX billion per month in trade volume.该交易所促进了每天XNUMX亿美元的交易量和每月XNUMX亿美元的交易量。 Also, the exchange ensures users are safe by performing more than XNUMX audits per second.此外,该交换通过每秒执行XNUMX次以上的审核来确保用户安全。 Additionally, all funds are kept in cold storage.此外,所有资金都保存在冷藏库中。
  • Bitfinex –该加密货币交易所成立于2012年,为交易者提供了访问众多加密货币代币的途径。 Bitfinex还允许进行保证金交易,类似于加密货币经纪人。 Bitfinex还集成了强大的安全协议,以确保您的资金免受任何潜在的欺诈活动的影响。
  • Huobi –从2013年开始,这种加密货币交易所为全球交易者提供了230多种可交易资产。 More than $ 23 billion of trade volume is executed via this exchange.通过该交易所执行的贸易额超过XNUMX亿美元。 Huobi has also implemented strong security measures to ensure your capital is safe with this reputable exchange.火币还实施了强有力的安全措施,以确保通过信誉良好的交易所确保您的资金安全。
  • Binance –这种加密货币交易所平均每天可促进2亿美元的交易量。 More than 1.4 million transactions are executed via the exchange.通过交易所执行了超过XNUMX万笔交易。 Traders will have access to a wide range of cryptocurrency markets to buy and sell tokens.交易者将可以进入广泛的加密货币市场来买卖代币。 Also, Binance has its own native cryptocurrency, BNB, which is available for trading on the exchange.此外,币安拥有自己的原生加密货币BNB,可在交易所进行交易。 Additionally, you can be sure that your funds will be safe with Binance which has utilized the latest in security technology advancements.此外,借助Binance,您可以确保自己的资金安全,Binance利用了最新的安全技术进步。
  • UPbit –至少有51个可交易市场,该加密货币交易所是业内最知名的交易所之一。 Also, the exchange prioritizes security and has implemented strict safety protocols in order to ensure your funds are safe.此外,交易所优先考虑安全性并已执行严格的安全协议,以确保您的资金安全。
  • OKEx –超过一百万的交易者使用这种世界级的加密货币交易所。 OKEx还提供各种衍生产品进行交易。 Additionally, the exchange provides a comprehensive collection of educational resources aimed at improving your trading knowledge.此外,交易所还提供了全面的教育资源,旨在提高您的交易知识。

评级 - 7 / 10



TradeSanta提供其软件的免费试用版。 You simply need to register an account and you gain free access to a Minimum Account.您只需要注册一个帐户,就可以免费访问最低帐户。 Here you will have access to 2 Bots and a trading volume of $3,000 a month.在这里,您将可以使用XNUMX个Bot,每月的交易量为$ XNUMX。 The free trial is an excellent way to test TradeSanta and to evaluate if this trading software is right for you.免费试用版是测试TradeSanta并评估此交易软件是否适合您的绝佳方法。

评级 - 6 / 10



TradeSanta为交易者提供了各种优点和缺点。 The following details the various pros and cons of selecting the TradeSanta software to trade the cryptocurrency markets.以下详细介绍了选择TradeSanta软件交易加密货币市场的利弊。



  • 免费帐户注册
  • 可定制的交易参数
  • 多头和空头策略可以同时使用
  • 网格交易策略
  • 美元成本平均策略
  • 优质的客户服务
  • 免费基本帐户
  • 强大的技术指标
  • 直观设计的界面
  • 移动交易应用
  • 损失的可能性
  • 更高级别帐户的月费
  • 客户支持仅通过电子邮件或电报



TradeSanta对客户支持团队的培训非常好。 The representatives are always courteous, responsive and eager to help you find solutions to any problems or issues that you may encounter while using the trading platform.代表始终礼貌,响应迅速,并渴望帮助您找到使用交易平台时可能遇到的任何问题的解决方案。 The customer support department is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.客户支持部门每周XNUMX天,每天XNUMX小时可用。 The team can unfortunately only be reached by sending an email or through Telegram.不幸的是,只能通过发送电子邮件或通过电报与团队联系。

评级 - 6 / 10



TradeSanta自动化软件是具有许多有用功能的可靠交易机器人。 TradeSanta总体上提供了卓越的交易经验。 The platform interface has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible.平台界面已被设计为尽可能易于使用。 Even those with no previous trading experience will be able to easily figure out how everything functions and where all of the features are located.即使是那些以前没有交易经验的人,也可以轻松地弄清所有功能的功能以及所有功能的位置。

TradeSanta算法提供的交易信号的准确率是可靠的。 You can be sure your risk of loss will be significantly minimized with these quality trade signals.您可以确定,通过这些优质的交易信号,您的损失风险将大大降低。 Also, the platform is responsive with hardly any latency which means better price fills and ultimately higher profit margins.而且,该平台几乎没有任何延迟,这意味着更好的价格填充和最终更高的利润率。

TradeSanta平台的移动应用程序版本为您提供了无需在计算机屏幕前即可进行交易的便利。 You can monitor your market positions and set trading parameters through your mobile device.您可以通过移动设备监控市场头寸并设置交易参数。 This can be helpful for many people who may not always have access to a computer.这对于可能并不总是可以使用计算机的许多人很有帮助。 Also, the mobile app version is able to preserve much of the functionality of the web-based version.此外,移动应用程序版本能够保留基于Web的版本的许多功能。

You also have a decent number of cryptocurrency exchanges which you can choose from that are compatible with the TradeSanta platform.您还可以选择与TradeSanta平台兼容的大量加密货币交易所。 Having a wide array of choices for exchanges allows you to choose an exchange which has the features you are looking for from a cryptocurrency exchange.交易所有各种各样的选择,使您可以选择具有从加密货币交易所中寻找的功能的交易所。 By not limiting your choices, you will be more likely to have a positive trading experience with TradeSanta.通过不限制选择,您将更有可能在TradeSanta上获得积极的交易经验。

During our test of the TradeSanta software, we found the customer support department to be helpful in finding solutions to our issues and questions.在对TradeSanta软件进行测试的过程中,我们发现客户支持部门可以帮助您找到有关我们问题的解决方案。 The customer service representatives were courteous and responsive to our concerns.客户服务代表彬彬有礼,并对我们的关注做出了回应。 However, it would be better if you had the option of contacting them via telephone.但是,如果您可以选择通过电话与他们联系,那将更好。 As of now, you can only contact the customer support department through email or Telegram.到目前为止,您只能通过电子邮件或电报与客户支持部门联系。

In conclusion, the TradeSanta crypto bot is a decent choice for trading the cryptocurrency markets.总之,TradeSanta加密机器人是交易加密货币市场的不错选择。 Since it doesn't cost any money to register for an account with TradeSanta, you may want to first try it out to see if it works for you.由于在TradeSanta上注册帐户不需要花任何钱,因此您可能想先尝试一下,看看它是否对您有用。 The Basic plan is free to access, making this a good option for you to just try out TradeSanta to see if it meets your trading needs and preferences.基本计划是免费提供的,这使您成为一个不错的选择,只需尝试TradeSanta即可查看它是否满足您的交易需求和偏好。 If you feel that the platform can be helpful to your trading goals, you can upgrade to the higher tier accounts which will provide you with more features and functionality.如果您认为该平台可以帮助您实现交易目标,则可以升级到更高级别的帐户,这将为您提供更多功能。

总体评价– 7 / 10