《 Fortrade 2020年评论》 –该经纪人是合法的还是骗局?


In order to trade online, you need to partner with a broker that will provide you with direct access to a trading platform.为了在线交易,您需要与经纪人合作,该经纪人将为您提供直接访问交易平台的权限。 Today, the market has thousands of brokers available, all offering a wide range of services, features and trading tools.如今,市场上有成千上万的经纪人,他们都提供广泛的服务,功能和交易工具。 There are also those brokers that are simply set up in order to scam people out of their hard earned cash, so it is vital for you to do your homework before signing up with a broker.也有一些经纪人只是为了从人们辛苦赚来的钱中骗取钱财而成立的,因此对于您来说,在与经纪人签约之前做好功课至关重要。 In addition, it is recommended to fully understand the type of trader you are and your trading needs and, in this way, you will be able to partner with a broker that will provide all the features and tools that you will require to achieve your trading goals.此外,建议您全面了解您的交易者类型和交易需求,这样,您就可以与经纪人合作,该经纪人将提供实现交易所需的所有功能和工具。目标。


With this in mind, today we are going to be reviewing Fortrade, a forex and CFDs broker that was established in 2013. Based in the United Kingdom, Fortrade's mission is to provide their global clients with a user-friendly trading environment that caters to both new and advanced traders.考虑到这一点,今天我们将回顾一下Fortrade,这是一家成立于XNUMX年的外汇和差价合约经纪人。Fortrade的使命是为英国提供全球用户一个用户友好的交易环境,以满足双方的需求新老商人。 They also strive to operate with integrity and transparency and to provide their traders with access to a wide range of assets to trade.他们还努力以诚信和透明的方式开展业务,并为他们的交易员提供广泛的资产进行交易的途径。



From the moment we entered the Fortrade website, we were a little bit overwhelmed!从我们进入Fortrade网站的那一刻起,我们有点不知所措! As you scroll down the page, you are bombarded with a lot of information and it took us quite a lot of time to make sense of all the little paragraphs of information.当您向下滚动页面时,您会受到很多信息的轰炸,我们花了很多时间才能理解所有这些小段信息。 In comparison, you can take a look at相比之下,您可以看一下 Pepperstone 甚至 EuropeFX Fortrade似乎非常重视市场分析,并且可以在整个站点上找到此信息。 While this is not necessarily a bad feature, for some traders, especially new ones, this could be overwhelming.尽管这不一定是一个坏功能,但对于某些交易员,尤其是新交易者而言,这可能是压倒性的。

Despite this, Fortrade seems to offer a variety of services that will enable a trader to trade a wide range of assets.尽管如此,Fortrade似乎提供了各种服务,使交易者可以交易各种各样的资产。 Let us dig a little deeper.让我们深入一点。

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A core benefit of a regulated broker is that the regulatory agencies help to ensure that Fortrade operates within their strict regulatory guidelines and with transparency.受监管经纪人的核心好处是,监管机构可以帮助确保Fortrade在其严格的监管准则之内运作并保持透明。 In addition, Fortrade is required to maintain their clients' funds in segregated bank accounts and to undergo regular audits by an independent third party.此外,Fortrade还必须将客户的资金保存在单独的银行账户中,并由独立的第三方进行定期审核。 In addition, the traders at Fortrade are also protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).此外,Fortrade的交易者也受到金融服务补偿计划(FSCS)的保护。 This means that should the broker face insolvency issues;这意味着经纪人应该面对破产问题; a trader is then able to file a claim for compensation under the FSCS for a maximum amount of £50,000.然后,交易者可以根据FSCS提出最高XNUMX英镑的赔偿要求。

我们绝对为Fortrade提供监管方面的明星,但仅是透视一下,业内其他许多经纪人也受到监管,并提供安全透明的环境,例如 EuropeFX, iTrader, 24Option 以及 Pepperstone brokers.经纪人。 What we are saying is that you need to evaluate other features and services of a broker as well, since regulation is quickly becoming the norm in the industry.我们的意思是,由于监管正在迅速成为行业的规范,因此您还需要评估经纪人的其他功能和服务。

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One of the most important features offered by any broker is the trading platform.交易平台是任何经纪人提供的最重要功能之一。 It is from here that you will make your trades, so if the platform is very complicated and hard to understand, the broker is of no value to you.正是从这里开始您的交易,因此,如果平台非常复杂且难以理解,则经纪人对您毫无价值。

Fortrade提供两种主要的交易平台,包括其内部的Fortrader平台以及MetaTrader 4(MT4)交易平台。


These platforms are available as web-based, on mobile or as a desktop client and they come with live price feeds, comprehensive price charts as well as a choice of trading indicators.这些平台可作为基于Web的版本,在移动设备上或作为台式机客户端使用,并带有实时价格摘要,全面的价格图表以及多种交易指标。 From the web-based version of the Fortrader platform, you can access the platform with any compatible web browser and you do not need to download or install any software.从Fortrader平台的基于Web的版本中,您可以使用任何兼容的Web浏览器访问该平台,而无需下载或安装任何软件。 While it is innovative that Fortrade has their own in-house platform, the fact is, most traders are used to using the more popular platforms, such as MetaTrader or WebTrader, as available at EuropeFX.尽管Fortrade具有自己的内部平台是创新的,但事实是,大多数交易者已经习惯使用EuropeFX上可用的更流行的平台,例如MetaTrader或WebTrader。 Based on this, there is a learning curve when you trade with the Fortrader platforms.基于此,在与Fortrader平台进行交易时,会有一条学习曲线。

MetaTrader 4平台(MT4)

MetaTrader是世界上最受欢迎的交易平台,业内大多数经纪人都提供此平台。 MT4的一个流行功能是该平台通过使用EA来支持自动交易。 On the Fortrade website, MT4 is available as a desktop client and as a web trader.在Fortrade网站上,MT5可作为桌面客户端和网络交易者使用。 In comparison, brokers such as Pepperstone also offer the latest MetaTrader platform, MTXNUMX.相比之下,像Pepperstone这样的经纪人还提供了最新的MetaTrader平台MTXNUMX。


Fortrade提供的一个很棒的功能是移动交易。 This caters to the ever-increasing smartphone equipped trading community and their clients are able to access the MT4 and Fortrader platforms while on the go.这迎合了不断增长的配备智能手机的交易社区,他们的客户可以在旅途中访问MTXNUMX和Fortrader平台。 In the same way that you can download the trading apps of other brokers, such as EuropeFX, you can download the Fortrade mobile trading apps free of charge at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.您可以像下载其他经纪商(例如EuropeFX)的交易应用程序一样,在Google Play商店和Apple App Store中免费下载Fortrade移动交易应用程序。

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Fortrade提供广泛的资产进行交易。 These include currencies, indices, stocks, precious metals, energy products, agriculture products, US treasuries and其中包括货币,指数,股票,贵金属,能源产品,农产品,美国国债和 ETF。 While Fortrade does offer a big range of assets, they lack in cryptocurrency trading.尽管Fortrade确实提供了大量资产,但它们缺乏加密货币交易。 For example, if you visit the例如,如果您访问 黄金市场 site, you will see that they offer a number of cryptocurrencies to trade, including on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Golem, Monero, Ripple and Zcash.在网站上,您会看到它们提供多种加密货币进行交易,包括比特币,比特币现金,达世币,以太坊,魔像,门罗币,瑞波币和Zcash。 While this doesn't mean that Fortrade is not a good broker, it simply means that if you prefer trading cryptos, you should review other broker sites, such as Golden Markets and even Pepperstone.虽然这并不意味着Fortrade并不是一个好的经纪人,但这仅意味着如果您更喜欢交易加密货币,则应查看其他经纪人网站,例如Golden Markets甚至Pepperstone。

大麻股票 are also becoming a popular asset to trade and while Fortrade does not offer access to trading these stocks, brokers such as EuropeFX do.也正成为一种受欢迎的交易资产,尽管Fortrade无法提供交易这些股票的途径,但EuropeFX等经纪人却提供了交易机会。 They offer access to trade GW Pharmaceuticals, AbbieVIe Inc., Insys Therapeutics Inc. and many more.他们可以访问GW制药公司,AbbieVIe Inc.,Insys Therapeutics Inc.等。 What this means is that if these types of stocks are your preferred asset, maybe take the time to review the assets lists of the different brokers before you partner with a broker.这意味着如果这些类型的股票是您的首选资产,那么在与经纪人合作之前,可能需要花一些时间查看不同经纪人的资产清单。

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Fortrade仅提供一种帐户类型。 Unfortunately, there is no information on the site as to what features are included in their account.不幸的是,该网站上没有关于其帐户中包含哪些功能的信息。 In addition, while the minimum deposit requirement to open an account at Fortrade is just $100, the broker recommends that you deposit a minimum of $500.此外,虽然在Fortrade开设账户的最低存款要求仅为XNUMX美元,但经纪人建议您最低存款XNUMX美元。 This is a lot of money, especially for a beginner trader.这是很多钱,尤其对于初学者来说。 They also offer a swap free Islamic account to cater for their Muslim clients and no interest is imposed on overnight positions on this account type.他们还提供免费掉期的伊斯兰账户,以迎合其穆斯林客户,并且这种账户类型的隔夜头寸没有利息。

Now, in comparison, brokers such as Pepperstone and EuropeFX, offer a wide choice of account types and this is an excellent feature, as it caters to both new and advanced traders.相比之下,现在,Pepperstone和EuropeFX等经纪人提供了多种账户类型,这是一项出色的功能,因为它可以同时满足新手和高级交易者的需求。 These brokers also offer a professional account type for those traders who trade large volumes.这些经纪人还为那些进行大量交易的交易者提供专业的账户类型。 The benefit here is that they get better leverage on their trades as well as many other perks.这样做的好处是,他们可以更好地利用自己的交易以及许多其他特权。

We are not saying that Fortrade is inferior as a result of only offering one account type.我们并不是说Fortrade比仅提供一种帐户类型的效果差。 Instead, what we are saying is that if you require specific features, it would make more sense to sign up with a broker that offers a trading account type that matches your needs.相反,我们要说的是,如果您需要特定功能,那么与提供满足您需求的交易帐户类型的经纪人签约会更有意义。

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Fortrade –他们提供模拟交易帐户吗?


Fortrade确实提供了一个模拟交易帐户,这是一个很大的好处,因为他们的交易平台仅此经纪人独有。 This gives traders the opportunity to test the platform before they commit to trade with real money.这使交易者有机会在承诺使用真钱进行交易之前对其进行测试。 While this is a great feature, remember that many brokers, such as Pepperstone and EuropeFX, also offer demo trading accounts.虽然这是一个很棒的功能,但请记住,很多经纪人,例如Pepperstone和EuropeFX,也提供了模拟交易帐户。 Our suggestion is to take the time to我们的建议是花一些时间 了解有关不同经纪人的更多信息,测试平台,然后确定您想与哪个经纪人合作。

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In terms of withdrawals, we were quite surprised that it took over two weeks for us to receive our funds, even though we had paid via a credit card.在提款方面,我们很惊讶,即使我们已经通过信用卡付款,但我们花了两个多星期才收到我们的资金。 To be fair though, it does state on the Fortrade website that it can take up to 5 business days for a bank wire transfer to reach your account, while it takes up to 15 days for a credit or debit card withdrawal to reach your account.公平地说,它确实在Fortrade网站上声明,银行电汇最多可能需要48个工作日才能到达您的帐户,而信用卡或借记卡提款最多可能需要XNUMX天才能到达您的帐户。 In comparison, when we requested a withdrawal from Pepperstone, the funds were reflecting in our credit card within XNUMX hours.相比之下,当我们要求从Pepperstone提款时,资金会在XNUMX小时内反映在我们的信用卡中。


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Fortrade提供广泛的交易资源,包括电子书,网络研讨会,交易课程,交易视频,高级交易课程,访问交易策略,从A到Z的交易等等。 They also have an extensive market analysis section and they release morning and evening market analysis daily.他们也有一个广泛的市场分析部分,并且每天发布早晚市场分析。 There is also a weekly analysis section as well as a micro-analysis section which focuses on the fundamental and technical analysis of an asset.还有一个每周分析部分和一个微观分析部分,其重点是资产的基础和技术分析。 While analysis is an important part of trading successfully, we felt that a lot of this analysis was above our understanding and more suited to advanced traders.尽管分析是成功交易的重要组成部分,但我们认为很多分析超出了我们的理解,更适合高级交易者。

Fortrade还提供对Trading Central的访问,后者是实时,全面的研究和分析的领先提供商。 The technical analysis that is provided is based on information collected from a number of investment banks and asset managers.提供的技术分析是基于从许多投资银行和资产管理者处收集的信息。 This is an added layer of technical analysis, which again will assist a trader to make better and more efficient trading decisions.这是技术分析的附加层,它将再次帮助交易者做出更好,更有效的交易决策。

While the selection of trading materials available at Fortrade sounds impressive, we want to bring to your attention that most brokers today offer a wide choice of interesting and informative trading resources.尽管在Fortrade上选择的交易材料听起来令人印象深刻,但我们想提请您注意的是,当今大多数经纪人都提供了多种有趣且信息丰富的交易资源。 For example, Pepperstone has an excellent section on their site that will help anyone learn how to trade forex.例如,Pepperstone在其网站上有一个出色的版块,它将帮助任何人学习如何进行外汇交易。 They also have a wide choice of trading guides which cover a wide range of very interesting topics, such as building a trading plan, how to trade CFDs, understanding trading psychology, the first rule of forex trading and much more.他们还提供广泛的交易指南选择,涵盖了非常有趣的主题,例如制定交易计划,如何交易差价合约,了解交易心理,外汇交易的第一法则等等。 Also, brokers such as EuropeFX have an excellent trading blog that gives you the opportunity to read about a variety of topics, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and much more.此外,例如EuropeFX的经纪人都有一个出色的交易博客,它使您有机会阅读有关各种主题的信息,例如加密货币,股票,商品等等。 This is an excellent way to stay updated as to what is happening in the financial markets globally.这是一种随时了解全球金融市场最新动态的绝妙方法。

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最后的话– Fortrade是骗局还是合法经纪人?


Fortrade绝对不是骗子经纪人。 They are a legit broker that is regulated by well-known and well-respected global regulatory bodies.他们是合法经纪人,受到知名且受人尊敬的全球监管机构的监管。 They offer a choice of trading platforms, a wide range of assets to trade as well as access to a comprehensive education center.他们提供多种交易平台,多种资产进行交易以及使用综合教育中心。 Their customer support is also very good and when we called, the support agent was helpful.他们的客户支持也非常好,当我们打电话给您时,支持代理会提供帮助。

尽管我们承认Fortrade提供了不同的服务,功能和工具供您选择,正如我们在本次审查中所看到的,但还有许多其他经纪人提供了不同的功能,在某些情况下还提供了更好的功能和工具,例如在 Pepperstone, EuropeFX 以及 黄金市场。 Take the time to investigate each broker and then select one based on your trading preferences and your trading goals.花时间研究每个经纪人,然后根据您的交易偏好和交易目标选择一个。 Once you are ready, signup and step into the trading arena and make your trade.准备就绪后,请注册并进入交易舞台并进行交易。

总体评价:7.5 / 10

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