EverFX于2008年首次进入在线外汇交易行业,作为一个在线经纪人,交易者可以通过该平台访问他们可以进行交易的130多种金融工具。 The financial instruments are part of six asset classes that can be accessed by both institutional and retail traders.金融工具是机构和零售交易者均可访问的六种资产类别的一部分。 The six asset classes or markets include forex, metals, stocks, cryptocurrencies, energies, and indices.六个资产类别或市场包括外汇,金属,股票,加密货币,能源和指数。 The company has a global footprint as far as the availability of its services is concerned and is recognized as a leader in the industry.就服务的可用性而言,该公司已遍布全球,并被公认为该行业的领导者。


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EverFX平台由位于开曼群岛的ICC Intercertus Capital拥有。 EverFX网站也已注册到同一地址。

该公司还持有开曼群岛金融管理局(CIMA)颁发的许可证号1444866。 它也由塞浦路斯的监管机构CySEC监管。 尽管遵守法规,但仍提醒交易者在交易时要谨慎,因为其涉及的高风险可能导致损失。 另外,请注意,EverFX不向包括朝鲜,乌克兰,开曼群岛,伊朗,立陶宛,拉脱维亚,立陶宛,加拿大和美国在内的许多国家的居民提供服务。

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  • 标准账户 –标准帐户的最低存款金额为250美元,并且它也是最易于访问的帐户。 It offers spreads from 1.2 pips, with the maximum leverage at 1:500, while its margin call is 50 percent.它提供的点差为XNUMX点,最大杠杆为XNUMX:XNUMX,而保证金追缴率为XNUMX%。 Expert advisors are available with this type of account.此类帐户可以使用专家顾问。
  • 高级账户 –它将最低存款要求提高到5,000美元,并提供0.8点的更好点差。 Premium accounts are not charged any commission, while the leverage limit is set at 1:500.高级帐户不收取任何佣金,而杠杆限制设置为XNUMX:XNUMX。 Expert advisors and hedging are also available in this type of account.此类帐户中也提供专家顾问和对冲。
  • VIP帐号 –此类帐户的最低存款要求最高,为$ 30,000。 Traders who use this type of account will also access spreads at zero pips, making it quite an attractive option.使用这种类型账户的交易者也将以零点差获取点差,这使其成为一种有吸引力的选择。 Meanwhile, the leverage starts at 1:200, and a $2 commission is charged per lot.同时,杠杆从XNUMX:XNUMX开始,每手收取$ XNUMX的佣金。 This type of account also supports hedging and advisors.这种类型的帐户还支持对冲和顾问。

Also, note that EverFX also offers Swap-free accounts that target the Muslim community.另外,请注意,EverFX还提供了针对穆斯林社区的无掉期账户。 It is part of the trading platform's efforts to ensure that it is accessible to all religions and cultures.这是交易平台努力确保所有宗教和文化都能使用的部分内容。 Swap-free accounts do not have the swap charges and payments that apply to positions held over the weekends or overnight.无掉期账户没有适用于周末或隔夜持仓的掉期费用和支付。


EverFX offers a demo account to its clients, just like many other brokers do.像许多其他经纪人一样,EverFX向其客户提供模拟帐户。 It is a positive feature because it allows traders to familiarize themselves with how trading works on the EverFX platform.这是一个积极的功能,因为它允许交易者熟悉EverFX平台上的交易方式。 Therefore it is a good idea that traders first try the demo account before they start trading on a real account so that they can test the system, educate themselves, and develop strategies before they can finally start trading with real cash.因此,一个好主意是,交易者在开始使用真实账户进行交易之前首先尝试使用模拟账户,以便他们可以测试系统,进行自我教育并制定策略,然后才能最终开始使用真实现金进行交易。 It will not only help the trader to gain confidence but will also reduce their chances of losing money.这不仅将帮助交易者获得信心,还将减少他们亏钱的机会。 With a demo account, you will trade using virtual funds so you will not experience any losses.使用模拟账户,您将使用虚拟资金进行交易,因此您不会遭受任何损失。

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EverFX大力支持MetaTrader平台,尤其是MT4,它可能是最受欢迎的交易终端,可为全球交易者提供进入市场的通道。 It can be downloaded and installed on both Mac and Windows computers, and the downloading process is relatively easy.它可以在Mac和Windows计算机上下载和安装,并且下载过程相对容易。 However, the easiest approach, in our opinion, is WebTrader, which can easily be accessed through a browser on the user's device.但是,我们认为最简单的方法是WebTrader,它可以通过用户设备上的浏览器轻松访问。 The good thing about the web version is that it does not require any downloading.关于网络版本的好处是它不需要任何下载。 Instead, users can access the trading platform directly on the web browser, thus simplifying the user experience.相反,用户可以直接在Web浏览器上访问交易平台,从而简化了用户体验。

MetaTrader 4和5平台的EverFX版本带有大约4个技术指标,这些指标已预先安装在平台上。 These platforms also have a wealth of other effective trading tools to boost trading success while reducing the risks of trading.这些平台还具有许多其他有效的交易工具,可在降低交易风险的同时提高交易成功率。



EverFX在其网站上为其客户提供视频教程,通过该教程,加入平台的交易者可以获取有关如何成功进行交易的提示。 The video tutorials range from forex trading lessons, cryptocurrency trading, social trading, psychological trading, stocks, and CFDs.视频教程涵盖了外汇交易课程,加密货币交易,社交交易,心理交易,股票和差价合约。 They also include videos on how to use technical indicators, trading signals, how to use the MetaTrader 4 platform effectively and much more.它们还包括有关如何使用技术指标,交易信号,如何有效使用MetaTrader XNUMX平台以及更多内容的视频。 There are also some videos on trading strategies and market analysis.也有一些有关交易策略和市场分析的视频。

The trading platform also features other educational content such as an eBook called A Beginner's Introduction to Alpha and Beta.该交易平台还提供其他教育性内容,例如称为A Beginner's Introduction to Alpha和Beta的电子书。 This content is aimed at helping investors to understand trading from a deeper perspective in order to improve their trading.此内容旨在帮助投资者从更深的角度了解交易,以改善他们的交易。 The trading resources offered on the platform also extend to things like news and economic calendars, which allow traders to be more prepared for potential opportunities and even potentially risky market conditions that they can avoid.平台上提供的交易资源还扩展到新闻和经济日历等内容,使交易者可以为潜在的机会以及甚至可以避免的潜在风险市场条件做更多的准备。

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付款处理– Everfx上的存款和取款

When it comes to payment processing, EverFX has numerous avenues as part of its plan to facilitate ease of access to customers when depositing money into their accounts or withdrawing their earnings.在支付处理方面,EverFX有众多途径,作为其计划的一部分,目的是在将钱存入客户或提取其收入时,方便与客户联系。 The trading platform ensures a solid variety of options, and most of them are accessible across the globe.该交易平台可确保提供多种选择,其中大多数可供全球使用。 For example, you can deposit funds into your EverFX trading account using wire transfer, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, EasyEFT, GLOBPAY, EstroPay, VoguePay, Perfect Money, and Skrill, among others.例如,您可以使用电汇,Skrill,Visa,万事达卡,Neteller,EasyEFT,GLOBPAY,EstroPay,VoguePay,Perfect Money和Skrill将资金存入EverFX交易帐户。 There are also a few banks through which customers can deposit funds, and they include Abanca, Bank One, and iSignthis.也有一些银行可供客户存入资金,其中包括Abanca,Bank One和iSignthis。 The same applies for withdrawals.提款也是如此。 The latter two also support withdrawals.后两者也支持提款。

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EverFX在客户服务方面做得很好。 The website has an inbuilt chat where traders can communicate with customer service representatives to ask questions or to discuss any issues that they might be facing.该网站具有内置聊天功能,交易者可以与客户服务代表进行交流,以提出问题或讨论他们可能面临的任何问题。 They also have a FAQ section which contains some of the most relevant questions that you might want to ask regarding trading on the EverFX platform.他们还有一个FAQ部分,其中包含您可能想问有关在EverFX平台上交易的一些最相关的问题。 One can also contact customer care via email or call them directly through the number provided on their official website.也可以通过电子邮件与客户服务中心联系,或者直接通过其官方网站上提供的电话给他们打电话。 They also offer their support through social media platforms, including Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber.他们还通过社交媒体平台(包括Facebook,Telegram,WhatsApp和Viber)提供支持。 The support staff is responsive, professional and friendly.支持人员反应迅速,专业且友善。

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EverFX不在美国等主要市场提供服务的事实可能引起人们的关注。 EverFX是专注于为客户提供优质服务以及广泛教育的经纪人之一。 Its trading platform is also intuitive and powerful, plus it has an excellent reputation in the industry.其交易平台直观,功能强大,并且在业内享有很高的声誉。 In addition, this broker seems to have a solid offering, and its practices are not consistent with scams.此外,该经纪人似乎提供可靠的产品,其行为与诈骗不符。

In summary, EverFX presents itself as a solid trading platform with robust and diverse offerings that allow traders to maximize their trading opportunities.总而言之,EverFX凭借强大而多样化的产品展示了自己作为一个坚实的交易平台,使交易者能够最大化他们的交易机会。 We did not encounter any red flags that could classify it as a scam, and it seems to be focused on providing a good trading experience to its customers.我们没有遇到任何可能将其归类为骗局的危险信号,并且它似乎专注于向其客户提供良好的交易体验。 Sign up now and enjoy the many benefits and features of trading with EverFX.立即注册,享受与EverFX交易的许多好处和功能。

总体评价:8 / 10

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