All new forex and cryptocurrency brokers have to contend with the harsh reality of stiff competition with their peers and a lingering mistrust among many investors of the security of their funds and safety of their information.所有新的外汇和加密货币经纪人都必须面对与同行激烈竞争的严酷现实,以及许多投资者对其资金安全性和信息安全性的挥之不去的不信任感。 As a result, few even survive past their first six months of operation.结果,几乎没有人能够幸免于最初六个月的运营。

该规则的一个显着例外是Golden Markets,这是一家领先的外汇和加密货币经纪商,由经验丰富的金融分析师团队创建,自欢迎第一位交易者以来,实力不断增强。


One of the reasons for the success of Golden Markets as a trusted broker is that it offers much more than traditional currency trading.黄金市场作为受信任经纪人成功的原因之一是,它所提供的远远超过传统的货币交易。 It also opens up the new and lucrative world of cryptocurrency trading, such as Bitcoin, to its customers.它还为客户打开了新的,利润丰厚的加密货币交易世界,例如比特币。 What's more, it allows people to take advantage of margin trading.而且,它使人们能够利用保证金交易。

Signing up as a trader on the broker's site is easy to do, and the offered leverage and spreads are varied by account type and asset traded.在经纪人网站上注册交易员很容易,并且提供的杠杆和点差因账户类型和交易资产而异。 Everyone who signs up to trade on the Golden Markets trading platform has access to a dedicated account manager, personal trading sessions and the latest market reviews on a variety of available forex assets in order to ensure that one has all the information and tools to trade cryptos and forex effectively and profitably.在Golden Markets交易平台上注册交易的每个人都可以访问专门的客户经理,个人交易会话以及对各种可用外汇资产的最新市场评论,以确保拥有用于交易加密货币的所有信息和工具。和外汇有效和有利可图。


When it comes to the actual trading platform, Golden Markets is the picture of innovation and inclusivity.对于实际的交易平台,黄金市场是创新和包容性的体现。 As the web-based platform is supported by all popular browsers running on computers, laptops, tablets of mobile phones, there is no need to download anything onto your device or to carry out complicated software installations.由于运行在计算机,笔记本电脑,平板电脑上的所有流行浏览器均支持基于Web的平台,因此无需将任何内容下载到设备上或进行复杂的软件安装。 If you can access the Internet on your device, then you can trade in the forex market with Golden Markets with ease.如果您可以在设备上访问Internet,则可以轻松地与Golden Markets在外汇市场进行交易。

The selection of assets that you can trade, when you sign up to the Golden Markets broker, is vast – it includes all the major currency pairs, a good number of minors and exotics and, to top it all off, a selection of cryptocurrencies.注册Golden Markets经纪人后,您可以交易的资产种类繁多–它包括所有主要货币对,大量未成年人和外来资产,最重要的是,还选择了一些加密货币。 This means that, regardless of the prevailing financial climate, you can be sure to find a potentially profitable trade at any time.这意味着,不管当前的金融环境如何,您都可以确保随时找到潜在的获利交易。

Golden Markets拥有一支技能娴熟,反应迅速且知识渊博的客户支持团队,同时为您提供访问各种交易电子书,视频,教程,培训课程和文章的机会。 With all the help offered to traders, Golden Markets truly lives up to its motto: “Master the Crypto-Currencies Markets with Ease”.在为交易者提供的所有帮助下,黄金市场真正兑现了自己的座右铭:“轻松掌握加密货币市场”。




Regardless of how accurate your analysis has been in the past, if you want to make continuous profits trading forex or a relatively new asset, such as digital currencies, then it is vital that you partner with a reliable and trustworthy broker to invest your money with.无论您的分析过去有多准确,如果您想通过交易外汇或相对较新的资产(例如数字货币)来获得连续的利润,那么与可靠和可信赖的经纪人合作以投资您的资金至关重要。 This is because the online forex trading space is full of fly-by-night operators that only offer fraudulent services and are only out to scam unsuspecting traders.这是因为在线外汇交易空间充满了只提供欺诈性服务的夜间飞行运营商,并且仅欺骗不知情的交易者。

为了确保您的资金和个人信息安全并防止滥用该平台,Golden Markets不仅实施了最高标准的数据加密,而且还严格遵守行业最佳实践,例如反洗钱(AML)并了解您的客户(KYC)政策。 In this way, each one of their clients can have peace of mind that their investment capital is safe, allowing traders to focus on what matters most – trading forex and cryptocurrencies in the financial markets.这样,每个客户都可以放心,他们的投资资本是安全的,从而使交易者可以专注于最重要的事情-在金融市场上交易外汇和加密货币。

A quick glance at the Golden Markets website reveals more proof that the broker's operations are all above board and that you can trust the broker with your trades;快速浏览Golden Markets网站,可以发现更多证据,证明经纪人的业务全部掌握,您可以信任经纪人的交易; you will find the registration details of the company clearly listed, alongside its fixed physical address so you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable firm.您会在该公司的固定详细地址旁边找到列出的公司的注册详细信息,从而可以确保与信誉良好的公司打交道。 The people behind Golden Markets seem to be genuinely excited about the service they provide and appear to have the best interests of traders at the centre of what they do.黄金市场背后的人们似乎对他们提供的服务感到真正的兴奋,并且似乎以交易者的最大利益为中心。




One of the trickiest aspects of successfully entering the volatile world of forex trading is picking the right account type to fit your trading style, budget and needs.成功进入瞬息万变的外汇交易世界,最棘手的方面之一就是选择适合您的交易风格,预算和需求的正确账户类型。 However, trading forex and cryptocurrencies cannot be easier than with Golden Markets that gives you a choice of three account types:但是,与黄金市场相比,交易外汇和加密货币再简单不过了,黄金市场为您提供了三种帐户类型的选择:

  • 标准:

    The standard trading account, with its minimum $10,000 deposit, is ideal if you are starting out and are looking to get your feet wet with a starter-type account.标准交易帐户的最低存款额为XNUMX美元,是您入门并希望使用入门级帐户进行交易的理想选择。 Some of its features include access to trading strategies, the latest market reviews, video courses for beginners, a direct line to your account manager, webinars twice a month, personal weekly trading sessions, and money management plans.它的某些功能包括访问交易策略,最新的市场评论,面向初学者的视频课程,直接与您的客户经理联系的电话,每月两次的网络研讨会,每周一次的个人交易会议以及资金管理计划。

  • 银:

    The second tier account has a minimum deposit of $25,000.第二级帐户的最低存款额为XNUMX美元。 This account also offers a choice of features including video courses for beginners and experienced traders, trading alerts and strategies, detailed event analysis, personal trading sessions and education with an analyst, expedited withdrawals and fixed / variable gold spreads.该帐户还提供了一系列功能,包括针对初学者和经验丰富的交易者的视频课程,交易警报和策略,详细的事件分析,个人交易会议以及与分析师的教育,快速提款和固定/可变金价差。

  • 金:

    The premium gold account has a minimum deposit of $50,000 and is a great choice if you have trading experience and want to take your trading and profitability to the next level.高级黄金账户的最低存款额为XNUMX美元,如果您有交易经验并希望将交易和盈利能力提高到一个新的水平,这是一个不错的选择。 Besides having all the features offered in the standard and silver accounts, gold account holders also get to enjoy a host of exclusive benefits that include weekly webinars, personal daily trading sessions with an analyst, a personal financial advisor and the opportunity to take part in VIP events.除了拥有标准账户和白银账户提供的所有功能外,黄金账户持有人还可以享受一系列独家优惠,包括每周一次的在线讲座,与分析师进行的每日个人交易,私人理财顾问以及参加VIP的机会。事件。

By offering three account levels, Golden Markets has ensured that it has something for all traders, both newbies and experienced investors.通过提供三个帐户级别,Golden Markets确保为所有交易者(无论是新手还是经验丰富的投资者)都准备了一些东西。 In addition, it clearly understands that no two traders are the same and so they have tailored their accounts to match the needs of all trading preferences.此外,它清楚地了解到没有两个交易者是同一个人,因此他们根据所有交易偏好的需求量身定制了帐户。




The Golden Markets platform was built from the ground up by professional investors and market analysts to enable traders to take advantage of the profit-making opportunities in the forex and cryptocurrency markets.黄金市场平台是由专业投资者和市场分析师从头开始构建的,以使交易者能够利用外汇和加密货币市场中的获利机会。 In addition, the platform enables a trader to trade with a high level of accuracy, and to be able to execute their trades as quickly as possible to ensure trading success.另外,该平台使交易者可以进行高精度的交易,并能够尽快执行交易以确保交易成功。

The platform offers a whole host of tools and features that are designed to help one achieve the best possible performance from trading various global currencies in a safe and secure environment.该平台提供了一整套工具和功能,旨在帮助人们在安全可靠的环境中交易各种全球货币来实现最佳性能。 It provides access to a choice of forex pairs and also provides a detailed trading chart for each currency pair, allowing a trader to analyse the movements in the financial markets.它提供了对各种外汇对的访问,还提供了每种货币对的详细交易图表,从而使交易者能够分析金融市场的走势。 Detailed information on each pair is also available giving a trader access to information on the trading hours, the leverage, the spread, the minimum and maximum volumes and much more.还提供每对的详细信息,使交易者可以访问交易时间,杠杆,点差,最小和最大交易量等更多信息。

The trading platform also offers a Trader's Trend gauge for each currency pair, enabling you to get a clear indication of the market sentiment.交易平台还为每个货币对提供了交易者趋势量表,使您可以清楚地了解市场情绪。 That is, you can see if more traders are buying or selling a particular asset.也就是说,您可以查看是否有更多交易者正在购买或出售特定资产。





Trading in the money markets, particularly digital currencies, could be your gateway to riches and financial freedom, so it is vital that you get in as soon as possible.货币市场(尤其是数字货币)中的交易可能是您通往财富和财务自由的门户,因此尽快入场至关重要。 However, you need to be cautious, since the volatility that makes this market so exciting and profitable, also makes it extremely risky.但是,您需要保持谨慎,因为动荡不安的市场使该市场如此激动人心且有利可图,同时也使其风险极大。 You, therefore, need access to reliable trading resources such as those offered by Golden Markets.因此,您需要访问可靠的交易资源,例如Golden Markets提供的资源。


  • 每周网络研讨会
  • 个人交易时段–每天和每周,具体取决于帐户类型
  • 个人理财顾问
  • 交易提醒
  • 详细的事件分析
  • 与分析师举行的私人介绍会
  • 与分析师的私人会议。

Every experienced trader knows that access to these features and services will help to boost trading success.每个有经验的交易员都知道,访问这些功能和服务将有助于提高交易成功率。 Golden Markets puts their clients first and this is evident in the exceptional services they provide.黄金市场把客户放在第一位,这在他们提供的卓越服务中很明显。


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得益于庞大的经验丰富的个人客户经理和熟练的市场分析师团队,Golden Markets能够为交易者提供在线外汇和加密货币交易世界中最令人满意和最有利可图的交易经验。

Additionally, the broker has an expert customer support team available around the clock to provide you with assistance should you experience any issues.此外,经纪人有一个全天候的专家客户支持团队,可在您遇到任何问题时为您提供帮助。 The team can be reached in a number of ways, including live chat on the broker's website, email, telephone and a contact form.可以通过多种方式联系该团队,包括在经纪人的网站上进行实时聊天,电子邮件,电话和联系表。 The Golden Markets support team is quick to respond and is always eager to help arrive at a solution.黄金市场支持团队会迅速做出反应,并始终渴望帮助您找到解决方案。





A major reason why thousands of traders from all over the world trust Golden Markets is due to the convenience that the broker offers.全世界成千上万的交易员信任黄金市场的主要原因是由于经纪人提供的便利。 It is hardly ideal when you sign up to a broker that forces you to make use of deposit and withdrawal methods that are inconvenient or have exorbitant charges.当您与经纪人签约,强迫您使用不便或收费过高的存款和取款方法时,这并不是理想的选择。

Golden Markets接受您的存款并通过一系列便捷的方法处理您的提款,包括电汇,Visa,万事达卡,Maestro,Neteller和PaySafeCard。 The banking processes are streamlined, allowing a trader to easily deposit and withdraw their funds.简化了银行业务流程,使交易者可以轻松地存入和提取资金。



“Master the Crypto-Currencies Markets with Ease” is a motto that the Golden Markets team has had as its mantra since the brokerage was launched.自经纪公司成立以来,“黄金市场团队轻松自在”是格罗德市场团队的座右铭。 The broker's commitment to offer – and stick with – a simple but powerful platform, provide an extensive list of major and minor currency pairs, including a range of cryptocurrencies, has seen it stand the test of time, and it should continue on its upward trajectory in the future.经纪人承诺提供并坚持使用一个简单但功能强大的平台,提供广泛的主要和次要货币对清单,包括一系列加密货币,它经受了时间的考验,并且应该继续保持上升势头。在将来。

With its strong customer focus, security of funds and personal information and reliability of order execution, signing up to Golden Markets is vital if you want to gain direct access to trade forex and cryptocurrencies in an all-inclusive trading environment.凭借其对客户的高度关注,资金和个人信息的安全性以及订单执行的可靠性,如果您想在包容各方的交易环境中直接访问交易外汇和加密货币,那么签署黄金市场至关重要。 This is a broker we highly recommend.这是我们强烈推荐的经纪人。

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