In the grand scheme of things, cryptocurrencies as a whole are relatively new, but they're an attractive and potentially lucrative option for those who are comfortable with some risk.从总体上看,加密货币作为一个整体是相对较新的,但是对于那些愿意承担一定风险的人来说,它们是一种有吸引力的潜在利润丰厚的选择。 Cryptocurrency trading also opens up the trade world to the average person–with the development of trading robots, even those who know little to nothing about currency trading can get involved.随着交易机器人的发展,加密货币交易也向普通人开放了交易世界,即使是那些对货币交易一无所知的人也可以参与其中。

Cryptocurrency trading also has a track record of being very lucrative for some.加密货币交易对某些人来说也非常有利可图。 People who invested early in bitcoin saw profits soar, and many cryptocurrency investors are constantly looking for the next big thing in cryptocurrency.早期投资比特币的人看到利润猛增,许多加密货币投资者一直在寻找加密货币的下一个重大发展。

That next big thing may well be the Libra Profit System, a trading robot that has the potential to take a lot of the guesswork out of cryptocurrency investing.下一个大问题很可能是天秤座利润系统,这是一个交易机器人,它有可能消除加密货币投资中的许多猜测。 It's designed to invest in Facebook's new cryptocurrency known as “Libra.”它旨在投资被称为“天秤座”的Facebook新加密货币。 Early reviews are promising, but it's a good idea to take a closer look at the Libra Profit System before you decide to invest.早期的评论很有希望,但是在决定投资之前,最好仔细看看天秤座的利润系统。


背后的技术 天秤座利润系统 是对快速发展的机器学习领域的一瞥。 虽然通常将它简单地称为“交易机器人”,但Libra Profit System可以分析合法来源的新闻,以便为您做出有根据的交易决策。

Of course, if you're experienced in cryptocurrency trading, you might argue that you can simply read trading news yourself.当然,如果您有加密货币交易的经验,您可能会说您可以自己阅读交易新闻。 However, this robot's sophisticated algorithm lets it select only legitimate news sources and read them faster than any human could–its developers claim that this bot can analyze thousands of distinct news sources in a fraction of a second.但是,该机器人的复杂算法使它只能选择合法的新闻源,并且以比任何人更快的速度读取它们-开发人员声称,该机器人可以在不到一秒钟的时间内分析成千上万个不同的新闻源。 Essentially, the Libra Profit System is designed to quickly identify market trends and make timely trades in order to earn you money.本质上,天秤座利润系统旨在快速识别市场趋势并及时进行交易以赚钱。 And while this robot can read faster than a human, it can also trade faster–the Libra Profit System can make up to 10 trades per minute.尽管该机器人的读取速度比人类快,但它的交易速度也更快-天秤座的利润系统每分钟最多可以进行XNUMX笔交易。

Anyone with any experience in cryptocurrency trading knows that timing is everything.任何具有加密货币交易经验的人都知道,时机就是一切。 And when you have a bot that's designed to read and predict market trends on your side, you have a better chance of making the right trade at the right time.而且,当您拥有一个专门用来阅读和预测市场趋势的机器人时,您就有更大的机会在正确的时间进行正确的交易。

This trading robot is designed to work with Facebook's new (and as of yet, unreleased) Libra currency, and it has the advantage of being accessible even to those who know nothing about cryptocurrency or how to trade it.该交易机器人旨在与Facebook的新(至今尚未发行)的Libra货币配合使用,它的优点是即使对加密货币或如何交易一无所知的人也可以访问。 If you're an experienced trader, the Libra Profit System helps you make lucrative trades at just the right time, processing news and market trends faster than any human ever could.如果您是一位经验丰富的交易员,天秤座利润系统可帮助您在适当的时间进行有利可图的交易,比任何人都能够更快地处理新闻和市场趋势。 And if you're new to cryptocurrency, you can simply set the bot on autopilot and let it make potentially profitable trade decisions for you.而且,如果您不熟悉加密货币,只需将机器人设置为自动驾驶,然后让它为您做出可能有利可图的交易决策。

The Libra Profit System does have the potential to earn you plenty of cash–some brokers that the bot operates under have a leverage of up to 1:1000.天秤座利润系统确实有潜力为您赚取大量现金-该机器人所经营的某些经纪人的杠杆高达XNUMX:XNUMX。 Before we continue, it's very important to note that trading robots that offer great monetary gains also have the potential to generate considerable losses.在继续之前,必须特别注意的是,提供大量货币收益的交易机器人也有可能产生大量损失。 Trading can be an enjoyable hobby or a way to generate extra money, but make sure you don't invest more than you're willing to lose.交易可以是一种有趣的爱好,也可以是一种赚钱的方式,但是请确保您的投资不超过您愿意承受的损失。


如果您访问Libra Profit System的网站,您会注意到的第一件事就是配色方案与Facebook非常相似。 该应用程序的主页告诉潜在的投资者,他们每天可以使用该应用程序赚取950至2200美元。

The homepage also offers testimonials from prominent people–including Bill Gates–who have invested in cryptocurrencies.该主页还提供了知名人士(包括比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates))的推荐信,这些人投资了加密货币。 It also includes positive user testimonials from new traders and those with experience alike.它还包括来自新交易员和有经验的交易员的积极用户推荐。

It also points out that the Libra cryptocurrency is “backed by the largest social media platform on earth.”它还指出,天秤座加密货币“得到了世界上最大的社交媒体平台的支持”。 This is a wise thing to point out–early investors might be spooked by the newness of the currency, but the fact that it's backed by a large, wealthy corporation may make more people willing to invest.指出这是一个明智的选择–早期的投资者可能会对这种货币的新颖性感到恐惧,但事实是,它受到大型富裕公司的支持可能会使更多的人愿意投资。


Of course, when evaluating a potential trading robot, you probably don't want to go off the developer's claims alone.当然,在评估潜在的交易机器人时,您可能不想单单放弃开发商的主张。 In the next section, we'll give you a primer on how the bot works and how it's connected to the Libra cryptocurrency.在下一节中,我们将向您介绍该机器人的工作方式以及如何将其与Libra加密货币连接。


Libra Profit System被设计为可以从市场波动中获利的机器人,而其中的大部分波动是由Libra加密货币即将发布引起的。

For instance, take Bitcoin, which is probably the world's best-known cryptocurrency.例如,以比特币为例,这可能是世界上最著名的加密货币。 When Facebook announced Libra, it made more people look favorably on Bitcoin, and the price of Bitcoin went up by a whopping 50 percent.当Facebook宣布天秤座时,它使更多的人对比特币有好感,比特币的价格上涨了XNUMX%。 On the other hand, any widespread criticism of Libra or other forms of cryptocurrency usually results in prices going down quite a bit.另一方面,对天秤座或其他形式的加密货币的广泛批评通常会导致价格大幅下跌。 This is a continuous cycle, and the volatility of the market presents earning opportunities for those who know how to analyze and predict trends.这是一个连续的周期,市场的动荡为那些知道如何分析和预测趋势的人提供了赚钱的机会。

Of course, during market downturns, many investors find it difficult or impossible to turn a profit.当然,在市场低迷时期,许多投资者发现很难或不可能实现盈利。 If the creators of Libra can be believed, you don't need to worry about significant market downturns.如果可以相信天秤座的创造者,那么您就不必担心市场大幅下滑。 By using short selling strategies, the Libra Profit System is equipped to earn money whether the market is rising, falling, or stagnant.通过使用卖空策略,无论市场是上涨,下跌还是停滞,天秤座利润系统都可以赚钱。

Of course, the Libra Profit System was also designed to raise awareness of, and interest in, Facebook's upcoming Libra cryptocurrency.当然,天秤座利润系统还旨在提高人们对Facebook即将推出的天秤座加密货币的认识和兴趣。 If you invest early using the Libra Profit System, Facebook promises exclusive access to a private sale of Libra currency once it launches.如果您早期使用天秤座利润系统进行投资,那么Facebook承诺,一旦推出,便可以独家获得天秤座货币的私人销售。 This private sale will happen before Libra is released to the general public, so you'll be offered an exclusive early investment opportunity.这项私下交易将发生在天秤座发布给公众之前,因此您将获得独家的早期投资机会。

Facebook尚未公布此次私募发售的日期,但在加密货币本身之前发布Libra Profit System可能是一项战略举措-如果最终通过交易机器人赚钱,您可能会有更多的钱投资于宣布天秤座的私人销售。 After all, the platform seems to be marketed to people who are new to trading and who may be short on cash.毕竟,该平台似乎是向新手交易和可能缺乏现金的人推销的。 Allowing investment before Libra's release means that more people will be equipped to purchase this new cryptocurrency.在天秤座发布之前允许投资意味着更多的人将有能力购买这种新的加密货币。

In a way, the Libra Profit System and the Libra cryptocurrency each contribute to the other's success.从某种意义上说,天秤座利润系统和天秤座加密货币各自为对方的成功做出了贡献。 The Libra Profit System is designed to profit off of the market volatility caused by the upcoming launch of the cryptocurrency, and early investment in the system may earn you enough to purchase the cryptocurrency once it launches.天秤座利润系统旨在从即将推出的加密货币引起的市场波动中获利,对该系统的早期投资可能使您有足够的钱购买一旦推出的加密货币。



The Libra Profit System presents an unusual investment opportunity.天秤座利润系统提供了不寻常的投资机会。 However, just as the launch of any cryptocurrency inspires some anxiety, some potential investors are on the fence about investing in the Libra Profit System.然而,正如任何一种加密货币的发行引起人们的不安一样,一些潜在的投资者对投资天秤座利润系统也持谨慎态度。 Maybe you're one of them.也许你是其中之一。 Below are some of the advantages of early investment in this unique system.以下是对该独特系统进行早期投资的一些优势。


Just as early Bitcoin investors were able to make a considerable profit, investing early in the Libra Profit System (and the cryptocurrency itself) may lead to significant profit.正如早期的比特币投资者能够赚取可观的利润一样,尽早投资于天秤座的利润系统(以及加密货币本身)可能会带来可观的利润。 This is largely because Libra Profit System investors have been promised an invite to a private, initial sale of Libra.这主要是因为已向天秤座利润系统的投资者承诺将邀请他们进行私下的天秤座首次出售。

Of course, there's no guarantee that an investment will be successful.当然,我们无法保证投资会成功。 But if a given cryptocurrency takes off, those who invested early often see the greatest return on their investment.但是,如果给定的加密货币腾飞,那些早期投资的人通常会看到最大的投资回报。 Again, investing is a risk, so if you do invest, make sure you aren't investing money that you can't afford to lose.同样,投资是一种风险,因此,如果您进行投资,请确保您没有投资承受不起损失的资金。 By requiring a comparatively small initial investment, the developers of Libra have made it more accessible to average people looking to get into trading.通过只需要较小的初始投资,天秤座的开发人员就使希望从事交易的普通人更容易使用。


One of the major points in the Libra Profit System's favor is that it allows even those who know nothing about trading or cryptocurrency to get involved.天秤座利润系统受到青睐的主要要点之一是,它甚至允许那些对交易或加密货币一无所知的人参与进来。 The app works best when live trading during US trading sessions and users can activate this with the push of a button.该应用程序在美国交易时段进行实时交易时效果最佳,用户可以通过按一下按钮激活它。 If you're knowledgeable about trading in cryptocurrencies, you have the option to set your risk per trade and adjust other parameters.如果您了解加密货币交易知识,则可以选择设置每笔交易的风险并调整其他参数。 You don't have to do this, though–you can simply activate the bot and go on about your life.不过,您不必这样做-您只需激活该机器人并继续自己的生活即可。 In fact, most people new to trading are advised to just keep the bot at its default setting.实际上,建议大多数刚接触交易的人将机器人保持在默认设置。


One of the main things stopping ordinary people from investing in newer cryptocurrencies or trading robots is uncertainty.阻止普通人投资于更新的加密货币或交易机器人的主要因素之一是不确定性。 When a given trade robot hasn't been out for long, it doesn't have an established track record.当给定的贸易机器人没有出现很长时间时,它就没有建立的跟踪记录。 However, initial reviews of the Libra Profit System look promising–it only takes a quick scan of customer reviews to realize that most people have turned a profit, even with a relatively small initial investment.但是,对Libra Profit System的初步审查看起来很有希望–只需快速浏览一下客户审查就可以知道,即使初始投资相对较小,大多数人还是已经获利了。


If you're familiar with other trading robots, you might want to know how the Libra Profit System stacks up.如果您熟悉其他交易机器人,则可能想知道Libra Profit System是如何堆积的。 According to its developers, the Libra Profit System is about as profitable as the more established trading robot Cryptosoft.根据其开发人员的说法,天秤座利润系统的利润与更成熟的交易机器人Cryptosoft差不多。


Those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency trading may be unsure of how to access their money if they do end up turning a profit.那些不熟悉加密货币交易的人可能不确定如果最终转亏为盈,如何获得他们的资金。 However, the Libra Profit System makes it fast and easy.但是,天秤座的利润系统使它变得快速而简单。 You can access your money and make a withdrawal anytime–you simply need to fill out an online form.您可以随时取钱并取款–您只需要填写在线表格即可。

From there, you'll usually receive your money within 24 hours.从那里,您通常会在XNUMX小时内收到您的款项。 The system doesn't place a limit on withdrawals and it doesn't appear to charge any fees, making it easy to cash out anytime you want.该系统没有限制取款,它似乎也没有收取任何费用,因此您可以轻松地随时兑现。


If you're new to the world of trading robots and cryptocurrencies, you may find yourself feeling lost or confused at some point.如果您不熟悉交易机器人和加密货币,则可能会发现自己迷失或困惑。 Libra Profit System is prepared to help new and experienced traders with their 24/7 customer service.天秤座利润系统准备为新手和经验丰富的交易员提供XNUMX/XNUMX全天候客户服务。 Their customer service representatives are also very easy to reach–you can use e-mail, phone, or web chat to ask for help.他们的客户服务代表也非常容易达到–您可以使用电子邮件,电话或网络聊天寻求帮助。

Because many people are left to their own devices when figuring out cryptocurrency trading, the great customer service means that the Libra Profit System may be a great place for aspiring cryptocurrency traders to start.由于很多人在进行加密货币交易时会留在自己的设备上,因此优质的客户服务意味着天秤座的利润系统可能是有抱负的加密货币交易者开始的好地方。 The customer support team is knowledgeable about Libra and other cryptocurrencies, making it easier than ever to get involved in trading.客户支持团队了解Libra和其他加密货币,比以往任何时候都更容易参与交易。


Initial investment might be confusing for new traders, but the Libra Profit System accepts credit and debit cards as well as the online payment system Sofort.初始投资可能会使新交易者感到困惑,但是天秤座利润系统可以接受信用卡和借记卡以及在线支付系统Sofort。 This makes it easy to get started, even if you've never dealt with cryptocurrency in your life.即使您从未在生活中处理过加密货币,也可以轻松上手。

No trading robot is a sure way to make money, and time will tell if the LIbra Profit System ultimately generates all the profit it says it can.没有哪个交易机器人可以肯定地赚钱,而且时间会证明LIbra Profit System是否最终产生了它认为可以实现的所有利润。 In the meantime, though, there's a lot of upside to investing early, and we think this is an opportunity worth investigating.不过,与此同时,尽早进行投资还有很多好处,我们认为这是一个值得研究的机会。


Security is a concern anytime you get involved in trading, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies.每当您参与交易时,安全就成为一个问题,尤其是在涉及加密货币时。 If a trade robot is easily hackable, that opens up users to potential loss of investment and leaking of private information.如果交易机器人很容易被黑客入侵,那将使用户面临潜在的投资损失和私人信息泄露的风险。 Independent, third-party investigations have found that both the Libra Profit System website and its trading bot are safe and secure.独立的第三方调查发现,Libra Profit System网站及其交易机器人均是安全的。


We've mentioned that getting started with the Libra Profit System is easy, but no review would be complete without a rundown of how to get started.我们已经提到过,天秤座利润系统的入门很容易,但是如果不减少入门方法,就不会完成任何审查。 If you do decide to invest, here's how to get started using the system:如果您决定投资,请按以下步骤开始使用该系统:

  1. 创建一个帐户

    This is a straightforward step–it's just like creating an account for just about any other site.这是一个简单的步骤-就像为其他任何网站创建帐户一样。 However, in order to make sure you're who you say you are, you'll need to verify both your e-mail address and your phone number.但是,为了确保您的身份,您需要同时验证电子邮件地址和电话号码。
    As a side note, making a strong password is one of the most important considerations when setting up an account.另外,设置一个强密码是设置帐户时最重要的考虑因素之一。 Most “hacking” attempts are just people guessing simple passwords.大多数“黑客”尝试只是人们在猜测简单的密码。 If someone can gain access to your Libra Profit System account, it means they can also access your money.如果某人可以访问您的Libra Profit System帐户,则意味着他们也可以访问您的资金。

  2. 存入初始资金

    Once your account is established, the site will prompt you to make an initial deposit.建立帐户后,网站会提示您进行初始存款。 This is required to be at least $250.至少需要$ 250。 While you can deposit more, most experts recommend starting with $XNUMX and going from there.虽然您可以存入更多,但大多数专家建议从XNUMX美元开始,然后从那里开始。 If you end up earning more money, you can always invest your profits and grow the amount of capital you have to trade.如果您最终能赚到更多的钱,那么您始终可以将自己的利润投入并增加必须交易的资本额。 As mentioned earlier, you can make this initial deposit via Sofort or by using a credit or debit card.如前所述,您可以通过Sofort或使用信用卡或借记卡进行初始存款。

  3. 开始交易

    This is the easiest step of all–you simply need to click the “Live” button to get the robot started trading for you.这是最简单的步骤-您只需单击“实时”按钮即可开始为您进行机器人交易。 If you're experienced in trading, you may want to adjust risk settings from the bot's default settings.如果您有交易经验,则可能需要根据漫游器的默认设置调整风险设置。 However, for inexperienced traders, it's usually a good idea to leave the settings at their default.但是,对于没有经验的交易者,通常最好将设置保留为默认值。

You don't need any trading expertise to use the bot.您不需要任何交易专业知识即可使用该机器人。 However, if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency trading, it can't hurt to research it.但是,如果您想了解有关加密货币交易的更多信息,对其进行研究就不会有任何伤害。 If you're confident enough in your knowledge, you can adjust the trade robot's settings yourself.如果您对自己的知识有足够的信心,则可以自行调整交易机器人的设置。


Our investigation of the Libra Profit System indicates that this is a legitimate trade robot that has the potential to be very profitable.我们对天秤座利润系统的调查表明,这是一个合法的交易机器人,具有很大的获利潜力。 And while there are some negative reviews floating around on the internet, most users seem to be of the opinion that it's a profitable system and a wise investment.尽管互联网上有一些负面评论,但大多数用户似乎认为这是一个有利可图的系统,也是一项明智的投资。

Of course, the app creators' statement of potential profitability is likely exaggerated–most people probably won't be making thousands per day.当然,应用程序创建者对潜在获利能力的陈述可能被夸大了-大多数人每天可能不会赚到数千美元。 But if you're comfortable with some risk, it looks like the Libra Profit System might be a good way to get in on the ground floor of a new cryptocurrency.但是,如果您对某些风险感到满意,那么看来天秤座利润系统可能是进入新加密货币底层的好方法。

Of course, users will need to trust the developers' description of the bot's algorithm–for instance, it's impossible to verify that the app can read multiple news sources in under a second.当然,用户将需要信任开发人员对该机器人算法的描述-例如,无法验证该应用程序能否在一秒钟内读取多个新闻源。 But if the Libra Profit System is even half as good as developers claim it is, it may well be an easy way for even the newest of investors to bring in some extra cash and get involved in the booming world of cryptocurrency trading.但是,如果天秤座利润系统的质量甚至不如开发人员声称的那么好,那么即使是最新的投资者也可以通过这种简单的方法获得一些额外的现金,并参与蓬勃发展的加密货币交易世界。

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