Navigating the cryptocurrency market can be daunting, with XRP price prediction making headlines as investors look for an upswing. 2019 wasn’t the best performing year for Ripple XRP, and despite this, investors are still hopeful for a progressive 2020.

How Does Ripple XRP Compare in The Financial Market?

Beginning in 2004, Ripple started out as a prototype and slowly evolved until investors started to become involved in 2013. Now with significant individuals such as Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb on board, Ripple XRP began to gaining momentum. Soon bigger names were involved, and XRP started making headline news.

There are many advantages to using Ripple XRP as compared to its cryptocurrency competitors.
• Ease of currency exchange to minimize commission charges
• Speed of international transactions is significantly quicker
• Users ability to issue self-currency to enhance transactions

With numerous banks recognizing the Ripple XRP currency, its popularity is growing quickly in the cryptocurrency world. As more banks use it, the inherited value increases, making it a sound investment choice. XRP price predictions typically look at many sources, including banking influences and competitor movements in the market.

xrp price prediction

Ripple XRP Investors Should Be Mindful of Some Attributes

With any cryptocurrency investment, there are always pros and cons. It is up to the individual to seek out information regarding potential ventures, so they remain well informed. How the market is responding currently, will impact many XRP price prediction and its competitors.

Ripple XRP is immune to inflation as all of the tokens have already been initially mined for the existing market. With this highly centralized platform, Ripple Labs has complete control of how they release more tokens to the market. It could essentially take many years before all of the available XRP tokes are released to the cryptocurrency market.

Comparing Ripple XRP Price Prediction in 2020

Current cryptocurrency market news can be very inconsistent, depending on many outside factors, including the changing global economy. Investments are not immune to world-wide influences, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has wreaked havoc on financial markets. To position their portfolio as optimistic as possible, investors need to keep on top of cryptocurrency news and market fluctuations. Ripple XRP price predictions lately mirror these economic instabilities.

Looking at different sources, the popularity of Ripple XRP with banking institutions helps it gain ground with many potential investors. The more widespread that XRP is recognized as a valid cryptocurrency, the easier it will be used for more transactions. This increased availability will help increase its value and boost XRP price prediction for future markets.

Is Ripple XRP a viable investment for your portfolio? This question would all depend on what direction you choose for your short and long-term investments. Ripple XRP is not a new platform and has evolved through the years to give investors the best options.

Each cryptocurrency will have its own positive and negative attributes based on many factors. Specific attributes in each platform can mean distinctive things for different investors. Whereas one positive aspect for your portfolio may not be a good investment choice for your neighbor. Market research is essential to make sound investment decisions.