XRP Price Is Consolidating Around $0.25 & More

XRP Price Is Consolidating Around $0.25

Last week, XRP price was relatively stable after closing the week at $0.2568 which a marginal gain of 1.76%. This week’s XRP charts show that volatility is still low as XRP/USD is still trading in the $0.25’s zone. Therefore, trends indicators reveal that a strong level of support is establishing itself at $0.2519 and investors are less likely to experience huge losses due to sudden price plunging. On the other hand, a strong level of resistance has established itself at $0.27 impeding a rebound above $0.3 that XRP community members have been expecting. As the USD pair remains relatively stable, XRP/BTC pair is bearish as Bitcoin continues to rally as XRP establishes itself for long term growth.

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Ethereum Price Is At Crossroads

Analysis of the current market data shows that ETH price is treading on a thin line between falling into a bearish run and rallying. This projection is based on the assumption that a slide below $160 could usher in an unprecedented freefall to lows of $100 due to the absence of support levels below. Likewise, a bullish breakout above $180 could trigger a strong recovery that would enable ETH/USD to regain its $200 psychological price. Nevertheless, key factors such as BTC-ETH price correlation, and the current price of $175 as at press time raise hopes that odds support a rebound.

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Elliptic Is Offering Blockchain Analytic Tool

Regulators and platforms in the Crypto economy have been at loggerheads for years over the risks of Crypto transactions to law and order. This is because Crypto transactions occur in Decentralized Blockchain ledgers that hide the identity of participants through Cryptography. This operation model makes it ideal for illicit transactions to flourish but with the introduction of Blockchain analytics tools, this may be a thing of the past. The new intelligence technology allows Elliptic to monitor Bitcoin ledger to root out vices such as terrorism financing, child pornography, money laundering, etc.

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