World’s First Formula 1 Cryptocurrency Deal Announced- FuturoCoin

The beauty of the cryptocurrency industry is that it is borderless and has proven to be capable of improving just about any industry. Red Bull Aston Martin yesterday announced to the public that they have finally managed to partner with one of the new cryptocurrency companies in the world, FuturoCoin.

FuturoCoin Signs a Deal with Red Bull Aston Martin

Formula 1 is not the only sports that have shown interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The announcement by Red Bull Aston Martin that they have a crypto sponsor will definitely shake the industry to the core. In the coming days, we will see other cryptocurrency companies sponsoring other sports in a bid to keep up with the trend and remain competitive.

FuturoCoin is one of the new cryptocurrency companies and it will be interesting to see if this collaboration will help it get ahead of the competition and expand its clientele base. Surprisingly, FuturoCoin uses the same code that is used by Dash, an already established and successful digital currency. According to information on its websites, the technology enables it to process transactions in 4 seconds and at reduced fixed rates.

While speaking to the press, Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing Team Principal stated that over the last couple of years, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have evolved tremendously and shown huge potential. He further went ahead to state that the company is grateful to be premier Formula One team to get a deal with a cryptocurrency company.

On the other hand, the CEO OF FuturoCoin, Paulina Wozniak, expressed his optimism about the deal. He stated that the company will be the first one in the entire world to appear in a Formula One car. The exposure will greatly help the company to get a firm footing across the globe. It will also enable it to gain the trust and confidence of millions of Red Bull Aston Martin fans.

Professional Sports Gradually Embracing Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

As mentioned earlier, the partnership between FuturoCoin and Red Bull Aston Martin is a clear indication of the slow by sure embracement of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the professional sports industry.

This is not the first time that a sports team has expressed interest in digital currencies. Last year, we reported several sporting clubs making moves to explore this new generation technological innovation. For example, Rimini FC, an Italian based football club become the first team to be purchased using cryptocurrency last summer.

In October last year, Paris Saint-Germain, a French football club also announced plans to launch its own cryptocurrency. Sacramento Kings, an NBA Team, is also recognized as the first professional sports club to invest in hardware that allows it to mine cryptocurrencies. A section of the stadium was converted into a data centre for this sole purpose. Read more cryptocurrency news here.