Wise Secure Memory Chip Set To Radically Transform Blockchain Technology Operations

Blockchain technology operations are set to be radically revolutionized with the development and deployment of the “Wise Secure Memory Chip”. This first-of-a-kind chip has been named after its Costa Rica-based company called Wise and it is already raising the profile of the Central American nation in the Blockchain community circles.

The Wise Secure Memory Chip can support a variety of Blockchain technologies such as; Analog-mixed-signal and the next-level System-on-a-chip (AMS-SoC) feature. The AMS SoC is perfect for increasing the opening of Data Silos, Blockchain integration, Energy efficiency, Content Addressing, and Encryption.

Additionally, the chip has a thirteen-nanometer integrated circuit that powers the Internet of Things and facilitates operation of mobile networks on an embedded circuit.

Conclusively, the technology is going to redefine the concept of a radio-based IoT mesh networking ecosystem that runs on Blockchain platforms.

Summarily, the Wise Secure Memory Chip enables radio waves to be converted to Blockchain technology, IoT, Advanced Security, Machine Learning, Advanced Security, and much more.

Radio Waves Connectivity For Chip Services

The Wise Secure Memory Chip will be linked to other communication devices on a particular network via cellular services or Wi-Fi. There will also be the provision of own-radio waves communication where cellular and Wi-Fi services are missing. All these connectivity options will deliver the same support of generating, sharing, and collecting data while excluding the need of external devices or networks that are usually expensive and often contribute to network inefficiencies.

The connectivity will not be running on a continuous basis as this would increase operational costs that the Wise Secure Memory Chip is aiming to reduce. However, each of the chips is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence protocol that only activates the chip when a transaction is being requested. Additionally, there will be machine learning protocols that will orient the chip to adjust its automatic capabilities to performance-based real-time requirements.

A Chip With An Own Token

The Wise Secure Memory Chip has launched an on-platform native Token dubbed as the WSE. This Cryptocurrency showcases data for Chip uses and also purchases and sells that an investor has transacted on the ecosystem.

Project Current And Future Use Case Scenarios

Firstly, there are half-a-billion transistors with a 13 Nanometers space which are allocated on a nanotech system to create a multi-layered security system. Hence, the Wise Secure Memory Chip will have sufficient power for automatic own-operations.

Secondly, Blockchain technology application will eliminate possibilities of data or money fraud as it will be transmitting real-time information about videos, images, data voice, or any other use case in a fool-proof method of entries.

Thirdly, there is an AI-based engine that will facilitate speedy transactions per second. This feature will be supported by an energy-efficient quantum consensus protocol.

Use Case Applications

The Wise Secure Memory Chip will be applied in various industries. Firstly, there is the weather forecasting where precision and data accuracy is needed. Secondly, space-based missions for aerospace and outer space studies. There are also many other instances where the chip would make a big difference and completely overhaul operations.

The Wise Company Board led by chair José María Figueres has set Token sales to commence in January 2019 and end on September 2019.