Wire Connect BTC Wires

Wire Connect is hosting an exclusive gathering of CEOs from established blockchain companies, investors, and blockchain start-ups at the Imperial College in London on March 23rd, 2019. The event’s primary goal is to promote funding and investment in start-ups and companies working in the blockchain world.

There will be a formal introduction of the influential guests, investors, and the blockchain start-up founders all joining in the dinner. The attendees will participate in discussions pertaining to blockchain topics including and beyond cryptocurrencies.

It is expected that the attendees will hold intelligent conversations with like-minded individuals as well as influential people in the blockchain community. On top of this, the BTC Wires event will also give the attendees a chance to explore potential synergies as well as collaborate on blockchain start-up deals.

Wire Connect BTC Wires

Wire Connect 2019

The BTC Wires event will usher in the Wire Connect Summit 2019, which will be in partnership with B.I.D.E and hosted by London Blockchain Labs. Start-ups will be shortlisted based on their value proposition and the investors by their investment portfolio.

This will save both parties time and resources they would have spent in doing due diligence, verification, and validation of the Proof of Concept. The event will connect blockchain companies and start-ups to experienced venture capitalist and investors who are looking and ready to explore opportunities in the blockchain segment.

Some of the leading blockchain journalists including AMB CRYPTO, KRYPTO Money, Bitnews Today, Coinspeaker, and more will cover the event. Visit the Wire Connect and request an invite to the premier blockchain event in the world.