Why Investors Need To Buy Ethereum And How

The world’s largest Altcoins are one of the most lucrative Crypto Assets to invest in as its long-term outlook is bullish.

Outlook Of Ethereum’s Long Term Growth Is Positive

When an Asset is bullish and has a high return on investment, the next logical question that comes into the perspectives of prospective buyers is how to acquire the asset. In the case of Ethereum, many Crypto enthusiasts are interested in hodling ETH for a number of reasons.

The first one is the “Bitcoin rally effect”. Bitcoin has been bullish and in the first stages of its growth, the leading Token has been growing more rapidly than other Altcoins. However, a phase of correction followed by consolidation is coming where BTC is expected to lose ground and then consolidate its prize in a period where the price range will be fairly stable for days or even weeks.

In this circumstance, other Altcoins are expected to benefit greatly as some investors will shift attention to other Cryptos as BTC consolidates its price. The largest Altcoin which is Ethereum will reap the full benefit from a BTC consolidation and break out to a rally.

Options Of Purchasing ETH

1. Crypto Exchanges

Trading platforms are the most common avenues of getting the first Coins. These platforms are online marketplaces where buyers and sellers interact in a controlled environment that has trading tools such as indices, charts, graphs, etc. Crypto Exchanges are ideal for investors as they offer the prevailing market prices which tend to change abruptly and unexpectedly.

Buyers of ETH on Crypto Exchanges are required to deposit their fiat currencies on their online wallets to be able to pay their dealers directly in order for their accounts to be debited with Tokens or for them to be assigned private keys. Some of the best Crypto Trading platforms include Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi, etc.

Investors are advised to be cautious as some Exchanges are prone to hacks and heists that can result in massive losses that cannot be indemnified by insurers. Additionally, some transactions such as withdrawal of Tokens or Fiat currencies can have high transaction fees that some investors can barely notice until they attempt to make a withdrawal.

2. Direct Transfers

Cryptos can be transferred from one peer to another without the need for a middleman. In this standpoint, a buyer, unless the Crypto is a gift, has to send money to the Crypto hodler in exchange for a private key that the seller has to send to the public address of the buyer in a Blockchain platform or a personal Crypto wallet.

3. Crypto ATMs

ATMs are being remodeled around the world to include the support of Cryptocurrencies. Users can use their bank cards to order for Ethereum Tokens on the ATMs easily, conveniently, and without risks such as getting shortchanged by the seller who can fail to deliver Tokens after receiving payment.

However, the demerit of the Crypto ATMs method is that the machines are hard to come by and most are only found in a few shopping malls around the world.

ETH Is The Second Largest Cryptocurrency

In the meantime, ETH is valued at $270 and has gained 0.55% in the last 24 hours according to Coinmarketcap data. Ethereum’s market cap of $28 billion is $10 billion more than its next competitor, Ripple (XRP).