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Where To Talk About Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is a fast-paced space where you can easily lose track if you’re out of the loop for a short period of time. If you’re serious about using or trading Bitcoin then it’s a good idea to join at least one forum. We’ve put together a list for you so you can easily find an appropriate group to talk to. New platforms pop up all the time, so we’ll make sure to keep you updated as we discover them.

Where to discuss Bitcoin online

The world wide web is obviously the easiest place to find Bitcoin enthusiasts. Although there is no one best place to find exciting discussions, there are entire forums dedicated to Bitcoin. Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur, or just a fan, there is a place to discuss your favorite Bitcoin topic.

Discuss Bitcoin on dedicated forums

1. Bitcointalk

This forum was started by none other than Satoshi Nakamoto — the Bitcoin founder.


The website for Bitcoin Cash is also a great place to find out about Bitcoin in general.

3. Bitcoin Garden

A dedicated forum for developers in the Bitcoin space.

4. Bitcoinforum

The website for Bitcoin Core is also a great place to find out about Bitcoin in general.

5. Forum

Academics, entrepreneurs, and developers all come together here to discuss the future of Bitcoin.

6. CryptoCompare Bitcoin page

CryptoCompare’s forums hosts discussions about the newest trends in Bitcoin.

7. Bitcoin page also have their own corner dedicated to Bitcoin discussions

8. StackExchange Bitcoin page

Finally, StackExchange provides a forum where you can ask and answer questions relating to Bitcoin.

discuss bitcoin

Discuss Bitcoin on Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular online forums where you can discuss pretty much anything — including Bitcoin.

1. r/Bitcoin

This is the main Bitcoin subreddit.

2. r/BitcoinMarkets

A channel that focuses on trading Bitcoin tokens.

3. r/BitcoinStocks

A channel that focuses on trading Bitcoin stocks.

4. r/Jobs4Bitcoins

A place where you can sell your skills for Bitcoin.

5. r/BitcoinMining

The go-to place on Reddit for Bitcoin miners.

6. r/BitMarket

A peer-to-peer alternative to trading on exchanges.

7. r/BitcoinSerious

A forum for the more serious Bitcoin users.

8. r/BitcoinBeginners

This is a good place to start if you’re a beginner.

9. r/LocalCommunities

A great place to find bitcoin enthusiasts near you.

Discuss Bitcoin on Telegram

Anyone who’s anyone in the cryptocurrency space is present on Telegram. Every ICO should definitely have their own Telegram group, and naturally, you can learn a lot from forums like these:

  1. Whale Team
  2. Bitcoin Chat
  3. Dash Knights 2.0
  4. Bitcoin Core Community
  5. Bitcoin Earnings

Discuss Bitcoin on social media

You’ll also find many Bitcoin discussions on the usual social media channels you already have an account on:

Where to discuss Bitcoin offline

Although most of the conversations surrounding Bitcoin take place online, there are still face-to-face interactions in the community. A number of the websites concerned with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also host meetups and conferences. Have a look at these website’s community pages to discover where you can meet fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts:

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