What Has Square (SQ) Been Up to Lately?

The Square (SQ) payment has been around since 2009 to give businesses a versatile way to accept payments. Now, more than 30 million businesses use Square to bring in revenue both online and in person. Utilizing both Square Cash and Square Point-of-Sale as applications, mobile users can make purchases much easier than previous traditional ways.

How The Square Is Changing The Online Market

The Square (SQ) platform has been designed to be an effective method for purchases both online and in person. Customers can pay for their items, including tips, and even sign on a merchant’s mobile phone or tablet. Vendors can use their Square App for several business tasks, including:
• Send and track customer invoices
• Email receipts directly to customers
• Track inventory
• Apply discounts for invoices
• Process refunds for previous orders
• Customize their products
• Access real-time data

Considering all of these attributes, the Square platform is a much-needed application for growing businesses in the digital market today. Continuing to advance for their customers’ needs, they have been streamlining to Bitcoin, enabling users to make purchases with cryptocurrency. More recently, Square (SQ) has obtained a patent that will allow users to also use cryptocurrencies for purchases. By integrating cryptocurrency for purchases, Square (SQ) is opening up a wider currency platform for both customers and vendors.


The Partnership of Square (SQ) and Bitcoin

2018 was a significant year for Square (SQ) by adding the ability to send and receive funds from person to person. Not only can friends send and receive money now, but Square also launched a built-in Bitcoin platform for cryptocurrency users. In the United States, users now can buy and sell Bitcoin easily through their mobile devices.

Square (SQ) has made it publicly known they will do additional business developments “as long as it improves or proliferates Bitcoin”. Square Crypto has also been focusing on providing support for open-source Bitcoin projects to help maximize exposure for cryptocurrency.

How Square Will Continue to Grow with Cryptocurrency

Even though the financial market has taken a significant hit lately with the COVID-19 outbreak, Square’s Bitcoin revenue remained profitable. This can be an indication of just how viable cryptocurrency will be around the world as the economy fluctuates. With this foresight in mind, Square (SQ) started the cryptocurrency platform years ago to stabilize and safeguard their investments.

By introducing cryptocurrency as a way to purchase online or in-person, Square (SQ) has opened up versatility. This new app was designed for those who may have a hard time converting investments to tangible currency quickly. If users are given the opportunity to use additional payment methods, they will use them, providing more exposure to cryptocurrency.

Projected as the most popular cryptocurrency to use in the future, Bitcoin is a sound choice for Square (SQ) business. Incorporating Bitcoin into its purchasing power, Square (SQ) is sure to give its users exactly what they need online. With this intention, Square will continue to remain relevant in the digital purchasing business and grow substantially for its investors.