“We’ll Commit to Governance Plan”, Declares Ethereum Top Stakeholders

On Wednesday 9th May 2018, senior stakeholders from one of the top Cryptocurrency, Ethereum had a summit. The summit, which was dubbed EIP:0, had the stakeholders agreeing to one voice. A voice that is set to improve the current state of technology especially for the users of this second largest digital coin.

Agreeing to Work Together

The main aim of this conference was to come up with the best technological inputs that can improve this market. Some of the notable industry shapers in the entire Ethereum community took part in this EIP:0 Summit.

The best part is that the meeting came to an end with all agreeing to commit their efforts towards one beneficial course. Based on a statement that was later released, the organizers behind this great Ethereum conference pledged to commit to fresh governance plans that are meant to create more opportunities in this industry and spread awareness.

The statement of intent had already been drafted and these senior Ethereum community stakeholders expressed their commitment by signing it.

The companies that put their signs to this statement of intent included Web3 Foundation, Aragon, Parity Technologies, as well as another senior stakeholder in this market, Notably.

Matters Discussed in the Summit

During the summit that went down for two days, a number of issues were discussed. Perhaps one of the main issues that took center stage at this technological summit was the issue of governance in the entire ecosystem of the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, Ethereum.

The governance related problem that has been faced within Ethereum is resulting mainly from the huge growth that the network has witnessed over the past few months. The other thing that appears to be causing this problem is the diversity of views that various stakeholders have concerning the best technological vector to adopt. At the moment, it is nearly impossible to gauge the kind of views that comes from those who are creating, investing in, or just using the main Ethereum software.

A Shared Value Statement

As a result of all these, the four signatories of this governance plan have come to one conclusion. They have, in one voice, committed to coming up with a statement of shared values for this fastest growing virtual coin. This would work by ensuring that open source tools are created. The tools would come very handy in fetching up metrics and signals that are used in this market.

They also agreed to hold at least one governance call in a month and even arrange for the second EIP: 0 Summit, one which would be bigger than the first one. Some of the core signals here include the transaction volume of Ethereum, the total quantity of the deployed contracts as well as the total number of GitHub contributions.

The second summit, which is scheduled for next month has already begun to receive tremendous support from key stakeholders.

The list of the signatories that committed to the plans includes Lane Rettig, a senior developer; L4 Ventures, Griff Green, the founder of Giveth, Gnosis, as well as Hudson Jameson who is a member of Ethereum Foundation.