Voyager Partners With Avant-Garde Trading To Offer Crypto Trading

Voyager Digital has announced a partnership deal with Avant-Garde Trading. The broker-dealer is expected to be officially unveiled next year. Once operational, it will offer the clients stocks, crypto, forex, futures, and options trading.

About The Partnership

Voyager is one of the top-rated crypto brokerage companies around the globe. It mainly caters for the institutional and retail investors who want top-notch trading solutions. On Monday, the 25th November, the brokerage firm announced a new API partnership with Avant-Garde Trading Securities. The new broker-dealer is expected to launch officially in 2020’s first quarter.

Avant-Garde Trading has already planned to provide its clients with forex, futures, ETF’s, options, and stocks trading. This is based on the announcement that was earlier made. Avant-Garde has also pointed out that it will add crypto trading to the list of the services it will offer through this partnership with Voyager.

Transforming The Crypto Market Access

The partnership was officially disclosed by Steve Ehrlich. He is the chief executive officer of Voyager Digital. Steve Ehrlich went ahead to state that his company is committed to improving access in the entire crypto space. He also went ahead to state that they have announced three very important partnerships just in the past three months.

Ehrlich, however, stated that their deal is a special one. This is due to the fact that it is one of the great transformational visions that the company has for the crypto space. It is meant to connect the investors to the leading crypto-asset platform that is found in the space currently.

More Services In Line

The planned API partnership is expected to offer Avant-Grade flawless execution services as well as a proprietary market data stream. This is what will aggregate data from some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to all that, it comes with zero-commission trading.


Word From Avant-Garde CEO

David Gompert is the Chief Executive Officer for Avant-Garde Trading Securities. He stated that he is so pleased to work together with a top-rated firm such as Voyager Digital. Gompert stated that Voyager Digital’s state-of-the-art technology and platform would offer their customers an opportunity to invest in the crypto space.

Voyager Digital has been so active in the crypto space. Just some few days ago, the company pushed an iOS update. The update included the incorporation of the Voyager Interest Program as well as the full rebrand of the Ethos to VGX. VGX is the official Voyager Token.

Profits To The Investors

This partnership is one of the best for the investors in this fast-growing space. The investors will get up to $25 in Bitcoins. However, they will have to sign up for the Voyager app through a link that is given. They also have to trade a total of $100.