VIVA – A Better Way To Buy A Home in 2018

VIVA is an online platform that will reformulate the way in which people procure financing for the acquisition of homes. In the new model envisioned by VIVA prospective homebuyers will engage with private individuals who will lend them the money, these individuals can be located anywhere in the world. This system constitutes a complete overhaul of the current home financing system and will enable a more user-friendly, faster experience that will ultimately empower potential homeowners and investors, while eliminating the need for third parties such as banks.

Viva Token


Token: VIVA
Price of Token in ICO: $0.0252 US
Total number of tokens: 4 billion VIVA
Platforms available on for pre-sale: Ethereum
Platforms that Token will be available on in ICO sale: Ethereum, IDEX, HitBTC, BANCOR, Binance, CEX.IO, Ether Delta,, LIVECOIN
Accepted Cryptocurrency: ETH
Hardcap: 3 000 000 000 VIVA

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Viva TokenHow The Process Will Work

A prospective homeowner will log onto the VIVA platform, the homeowner will make use of the many potential lenders on VIVA to source the necessary funds for their mortgage. Note this money will come from multiple sources and not one single source, in most cases, and the investors will also most likely be from all over the world and not limited to one country of origin.

Once all of the potential investors have agreed to give the hopeful homeowner the necessary monies, VIVA network will deposit the funds into the homeowner’s account using fiat currency. After this point in time, the homeowner will then proceed to make one single payment in fiat currency per month to VIVA who will then distribute the payment in the specified proportions to the investors all across the world.

Advantages Of Going With VIVA

The decentralization of home finance options and the removal of geographical limitations will strip away the rigors and potential issues that prospective homeowners could face when applying at institutions such as banks in their home country.

The VIVA platform introduces the principles of the free market system to the world of finance, thus allowing buyers and sellers to set expectations, and to reduce deadweight loss to the market.
Only through VIVA will private individuals now have the opportunity to own the most financially rewarding type of asset, Fractionalized Mortgage Shares or FMS.

The VIVA platform makes use of the most recent technologies in order to provide more effective ways of performing routine and necessary tasks such as the credit score of a potential applicant and evaluation of a property’s net worth.

VIVA uses the concept of crowdfunding to ensure that homeowners have the opportunity to source their total property sum within VIVA, have it paid to them in fiat currency and then have them make single, convenient payments to VIVA for mortgage repayments.

VIVA makes use of technologies such as Blockchain for security, artificial intelligence as well as machine learning in order to perform tasks such as assigning risk to a potential homeowner for an investor’s safety and to perform other insights on an applicant’s profile.

VIVA crowdfunding