VeChainWorld Is Deployed For Blockchain Developers To Build DApp-centric projects

Blockchain projects are becoming increasingly vital for many organizations and businesses that wish to remain competitive and also to be more profitable. This is the reason why there are many platforms that are enabling Blockchain project developers to create more efficient DLT ecosystems for different industry solutions.

Tron, Ethereum, and many other DApp-centric projects are offering the solutions and Vechain (VET) is the latest entrant to this sector. The platform has launched VeChainWorld that is designed to enable Blockchain project developers to get started in creating their platforms. It is an all-inclusive platform that is appropriate for different needs and various industries.

Features Of VeChainWorld

VeChainWorld is an All-inclusive platform that has unique features such as an application hub, a developer information center, and a developer forum.

Firstly, an application hub enables project developers to scroll through different kinds of DLT platforms that they want to build as VeChainWorld contains different applications. This is a key feature as different industries require different features and protocols for optimal performance.

Secondly, a developer information center offers tools, sample codes, tutorials, and documents to enable project developers to visualize and build Blockchain applications on the VeChainThor Blockchain. The materials contain VeChain’s turnkey solutions, the introduction of development tools, step-by-step guides, smart contract development best practices, DApp development, and more.

Lastly, a developer forum brings together all project developers so that they can interact and share ideas, experiences, and skills that are fundamental in developing Blockchain applications. This feature can also enable developers to stay in touch with other ecosystem builders on VeChain throughout incubation, test, and deployment processes. Further, the forum is used to make official announcements about accelerator and bounty programs to avoid circulations of rumors.

The Platform Is Accessible To Existing VeChain Users

According to VeChain sources, VeChainWorld has a user-friendly interface that guarantees the best user experience for clients who want to access VeChain applications. Registered VeChain portal users will only need to log in to the new platform with their details to get started.

Further, VeChainWorld can be accessed via Chrome+Comet, VeChainThor Mobile Wallet, and Sync.

Upon accessing the platform, users can the developers can then proceed to download applications that they want for their use-cases.

VeChainWorld Is Also A Sandbox

The platform is dynamic and also includes a Sandbox that accepts submissions of innovated apps via “Submit application” tab on the application hub. This extension allows developers to test their Blockchain platforms before the application is accredited.

Currently, applications on the VeChainThor Blockchain have been integrated on the system. Further, users can also transfer VET on the Sync browser, import VeChainThor wallets, and create and import VeChainThor wallets. The VeChainThor Wallet Application Browser is also available for use.

VeChain Thor

VeChainWorld Also Included VeResearch

VeResearch is a research section for the platform that users can use to explore in-depth information about academic papers, published articles, and technical write-ups, VeChain research partners, research topics, etc.

Members of the VeChain team include CEO Sunny Lu, CFO Jay Zhang, and many others. The platform also has a team of advisors.