VaultChain Silver From Tradewind Makes Its Debut In Precious Metals Custody Industry

VaultChain Silver has been unveiled by the Tradewind technology company. The introduction of silver to VaultChain marks yet another milestone in proffering a next-generation platform for various clients dealing with precious metals. This comes following a successful launch of VaultChain Gold earlier as Tradewind follows with its roadmap of adding refining locations, different storage, and various metals in its platform.

The upgrade targets to ensure that institutional investors get a secure and efficient means to manage their businesses through services such as electronic trading, and digital custody services. Further, VaultChain Silver will leverage the benefits of blockchain-driven provenance management in digital and precious metals investments that can also be needed in industrial-use metal.

Accordingly, VaultChain will be having the capacity to expand its capacity in provenance, trading, and digital custody solutions. These services are in demand from various clients such as vaults, dealers, banks, refiners, producers, and end consumers who are in demand of a linkage in one ecosystem.

Blockchain Technology Application In Precious Metal Custodial Services Is A Reality With Tradewind

Tradewind is a business that specializes in developing global technology platforms to trade and digitize precious metals in order to unleash their optimal potential. In this regard, the latest version of VaultChain Silver will be targeting to secure silver metals and facilitating Blockchain-based management of this metal as an asset. For instance, the client can change ownership of silver through Cryptographed trade deals that are secure, transparent, and instant like in other DLT networks.

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Blockchain-Base Platform Is Secure For Offering Trading And Custodial Services

Benefits of Blockchain application in the network includes; Cryptographic security, electronic trading, and custody to create a global network.

Firstly, distributed ledger technology platforms use cryptographically secure entries to coordinate the management portfolios of physical precious metals. Secondly, Blockchain technology enables VaultChain silver platform to support multi-lateral over-the-counter asset exchange solutions through a bi-lateral credit model. This is ideal in electronic trading of precious metals. Thirdly, vault security is provided by leading global commercial vaulting service providers such as the Royal Canadian Mint. This creates state-of-the-art vaults that befit the storage of sensitive assets.

It is important to note that besides facilitating electronic trading services for precious metals such as silver, in this case, Blockchain technology creates a global ecosystem for different players to connect.

About VaultChain Silver

VaultChain Silver proffers a low cost, simple, and secure option to conventional silver investment alternatives. It epitomizes trust based on DLT features that are an assurance of the reliability of supply chain information. Exceptionally, management fees are nil and the services can be scalable to an unfathomable attitude.

Prospective Clients Are Delighted

Many prospective clients of VaultChain silver are thrilled at the contribution that the new service might have on their lines of enterprises. For instance, the manager of SCMI USA Inc, Daniel Izzo, is looking forward to offering better customer service in his company’s precious metals business. He further believes that SCMI USA Inc clients will get value for their fees as they will be able to trade both silver and gold on a Blockchain platform.

Meanwhile, Tradewind’s co-founder Fraser Buchan is promising institutional clients of more solutions in the future.