URunit – New Era In Gambling Industry

URUN is visualizing a complete revolution of the gambling industry through the platform of URunit. The new company promises to build up the very first gambling provider that is managed in totality by the end users, therefore stripping away the need for casinos and other gambling providers.



Token: URUN
Price of token: 1 URUN = 0.00125 ETH or 1 ETH = 800 URUN
Total Number of Tokens: 80 000 000
Platform: Ethereum
Accepted Currency: ETH, BTC, LTH, DASH, XRP (the last four only manual)
Softcap: 4 000 000 000 URUN
Hardcap: 60 000 000 000 URUN
Pre-ICO Sale Start Date: 1 July 2018
Pre-ICO End Date: 15 August 2018
ICO Start Date: 1 September 2018
Fundraising Goal: 60 000 000 000 URUN tokens or 75 000 000 ETH

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New Era in the Gaming Industry

How URunit Works?

In this unique, unparalleled idea, the players hold the power this is not just for the quick games either. The users on the URunit interface are in charge of everything from the online tournaments through to the card tables, this distributes the power equitably to all peoples.

A player can become an ‘owner’ of a game for the duration of the game, through the property of game rental on the platform. During the time the user is in control of the play, they will have to pay a minimal fee to URunit as a surcharge for the opportunity to host.

In order to ensure that the owning of games is not dominated by a single group of individuals, the startup has established a system of random drawings. A user’s name is chosen at random from the vast number of enrolled names, to proceed to owning the game, the player must then go and pay the fee as an act of approval on behalf of the customer.

Owners of the games have certain responsibilities, while a game is in session, the owners will have to observe all players actions and ensure that no underhanded or undesirable behavior is occurring. In addition, to the routine observation of the gameplay, owners are also required to act as a referee towards a certain extent.

Once the game has finished, the owner of the game will earn a large chunk of the profits that were produced during gameplay.

The system is worked against ranking of players on the platform. Users who play more regularly, place larger bets during active sessions, will have their ranks pushed up. As a player’s rank climbs, so does the likelihood that they will win the chance to become an owner during one of the daily drawing sessions.

Added Features To URunit

The idea of completely reinventing the system of gambling is enough to cause mayhem, however, URUN might just be the thing to do it.

1. Owners have the option to sell their right to ownership of a game, in one of three ways, either at a price set by the platform, through a self-hosted auction or by means of a random draw.

2. Owners can choose to host games exclusively for their friends, these games can only be entered through an invitation.

3. Players can sell their ranking to other players, through the same means as selling the right to ownership.

4. Users can put forward their rank as a bet during a game or use their rank as an alternative for a buy-in to a game.

5. There are frequent jackpot drawings so that users can win URun tokens easily and efficiently.