Upsurge In Crypto Classes In Japan, Thailand, And South Korea

An escalation in Crypto learning centers and programs has been observed in Japan, Thailand, and South Korea. This new development is expected to provide more knowledge about Cryptocurrencies to investors in these countries and help them to embrace the currencies.

Crypto Learning Centers In Japan

In Tokyo, Crypto education campaigns are being led by “Bitcoin no Madoguchi” (which means “Bitcoin’s Window”). The shop is teaching its clients on Cryptocurrencies, Crypto trading, and providing them with the latest news on the same. Enrolling in this program is

The shop is targeting those planning to invest 1 million yen (~$9,206) or more in Cryptocurrencies. The company will teach on BTC and ETH Cryptocurrencies. The visitors will also learn about major Crypto exchanges in the country such as DMM Bitcoin and Tech Bureau’s Zaif among others. The biggest beneficiaries of this program will be those without prior knowledge about Cryptocurrencies or have never invested in the sector.

In Osaka, Zero Base is providing general information on Cryptocurrencies at the Bit Station education center. The participants will also be taught about dealing with the various exchanges, taxation, and storage of their cryptocurrencies in wallets among others. The shop, known for assisting people to open exchange accounts, will provide education on Bitcoin, Ripple, and Cardano Cryptocurrencies. The exchanges to be covered include Bitflyer and GMO Coin among others.

Crypto Education In Thailand

In Bangkok, participants will learn about different Cryptocurrencies. Information on investment in Cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) will also be provided. This learning program, named Cryptoasset Revolution (CAR) course, is a collaboration between the Thai Fintech Association and Icora Co. Ltd. It will cost each participant 85,000 baht (~$5,755) to enroll in this course. The first class will take place from June 12 to August 14 at Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel in the capital.

Cryptonist is also planning to educate people on Cryptocurrencies. The meetup will be ideal for those in need of background information about Cryptocurrencies and the various exchanges. The crypto firm will also teach the people on Thai Crypto regulation.

Crypto Information Campaigns In South Korea

People in South Korea now have a chance to learn more about blockchain technology, various cryptocurrencies and different exchanges, thanks to an initiative by Decenter University. Only 70 students will take part in this 9-week program that will take part every Monday from June 11 to August 6.

The participants will learn the history of Bitcoin and Etherum and their working mechanism. The course will also analyze important projects that use blockchain to establish the impact of this technology on industries. Moreover, the students will learn how governments and industries are using blockchain technology. The presence of Cryptocurrency experts will provide the students an interactive opportunity.

Koscom has also announced a crypto training program for its staff, the Korean Stock Exchange (KRX), and brokerage companies. The program has already started and will end in July. The participants will get a chance to learn about Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. By the time program ends, the participants will have knowledge of Bitcoin Core, ICO analysis, and basic information on block chains.

Koscom is a company that provides IT services in the capital market. The firm provides IT systems such as securities trading systems among other IT products.