Ubisoft Says Quartz Is "Experiment" And Pretends Caution With NFTs

Ubisoft urged caution in responding to the next steps it can take to adopt non-fungible tokens (NFTs ) in the company's productions. In an interview with Canaltech, by email, the company reinforced that entering the world of cryptocurrencies is still “experimental”. In December, Ubisoft began selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in Ghost Recon Breakpoint through the Ubisoft Quartz platform .

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“Ubisoft Quartz is still an experiment, but the blockchain’s built-in interoperability and decentralized nature pave the way for a foundational framework that would allow for true interconnection between game worlds on a technical level.” .

The tone of caution adopted comes amid controversies involving resistance from the community and even from the publisher's employees about the arrival of cryptocurrencies in games . The Ubisoft Quartz announcement video received an avalanche of dislikes on YouTube, with over 40,000 negative thumbs up. The video was private on the company channel.

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Critics point out that the adoption of NFTs in video games can impact creative development work and create harm to the environment , as well as alienating games with cryptocurrency miners .

Amid these uncertainties, a future with the availability of NFTs in other Ubi franchises such as Assassin's Creed has been left open. “We are currently focused on releasing Ubisoft Quartz to Ghost Recon Breakpoint players and listening to your feedback. We will have more to share at a later date,” the team replied.

With the launch of the platform, Ubisoft became the first major developer in the gaming world to add (NFTs) in a big-budget (triple-A) game. Ghost Recon Breakpoint received exclusive items called Digits.

NFTs face rejection on the internet, and also in Ubisoft's own offices (Photo: Reproduction / Ubisoft)

The first batches were made available in the platform's PC beta on December 9 in selected countries, such as Brazil. Digits arrived as vehicles, weapons and other limited cosmetics that can be used in the game and resold by players on other platforms at different values.

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The purpose of the step taken, according to the company, is to support innovation and stay at the technological forefront in the video game industry. Ubisoft defended that actions with NFT and blockchain, despite controversies, can customize the player's experience and create a decentralized governance system for items acquired in games.

“Ubisoft is looking for innovation and new ways to make players true stakeholders of their worlds. [NFTs] also give Ubisoft the perspective to reflect on the best ways to deliver the true value of blockchain to our players, overcoming the early limitations of gaming technology such as sustainability and scalability,” the company explained.

Ubisoft has been exploring blockchain applications for 5 years, working on research and development of prototypes such as HashCraft , Rabbids Tokens and One Shot League .

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