TRX, Lumen, and LTC Price Analysis

Apart from Bitcoin, there is a lot going on with other crypto assets. Some of the major players here include Tron, Stellar, and Litecoin. Here is today’s analysis for these three crypto coins.

Litecoin At The Moment

On Sunday, this coin rose by 0.39%. It had partly reversed a 2.68% slide from the previous day. It ended up closing the week at $43.41, having dropped by 4.80%. There was a bearish start today that saw the coin slide to $42.88, an early morning intraday. It later found support and moved on.

Litecoin was careful enough to steer clear of the first major level of support, $42.75. It later bounced back to the price of $44.04, the mid-afternoon intraday high.

What Litecoin Now Needs

Litecoin now needs support for another day in the green. But it can only do this with a support level between $42.85 to $43.45. Litecoin would also need the support of the wider market. This is the only way it will be able to take a run at the first key level of resistance, $44.01.

A decline through the low price of $42.73 might have certain serious effects. It might drop the second key support level at $42.28 into play for another time. Litecoin is trying so hard to stop any kind of extended sell-off. It, therefore, should steer so clear of $41.12. This is the third major support level of the coin today.

A Look At The Stellar’s Lumen

On Sunday, this crypto coin rose by 0.38%. However, it closed the week at a price of $0.05110. It dropped down by 9.03%, having reversed a Saturday slide of 3.46%.

There was a bearish start for the coin today. This saw it drop to a low price of $0.050654 before rising to find new support. It later recovered to a mid day high price of $0.051624 while steering clear from the first key support price of $0.05042.

As a way of limiting the upside of the day, the crypto coin eased back to the levels of $0.051. In the process, it fell short of $0.05234, the initial major resistance level.


Lumen At The Moment

Stellar’s Lumen is now down by 0.8%. It is trading at a low price of $0.050687. Earlier on, there was a mixed start to the day for this crypto coin. This saw it rise to a high price of $0.051101 before going down to the low price if $0.050687. Lumen even managed to come within the range of the initial major support level at a price of $0.05066.

TRX By Tron

In the past 48 hours, TRX by Tron rose by 0.86%. However, it ended up closing the week at a low price of $0.01400. This was after a decline of 5.14%. TRX had a choppy start earlier today. This saw it trade at a price of $0.0138, the early morning intraday. It was lucky enough to find support later. Having stayed away from $0.01353, the price recovered to a new high of $0.014083.