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HaasBot Review 2022 – All About This Automated Trading Software

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HaasBot is a high-quality trading application which allows you to develop your own customized trade signals from scratch. Founded in 2014, HaasBot is committed to empowering investors by providing them with the tools they need to take their trading results to the next level. The software integrates with your trading account at a cryptocurrency exchange via API technology. HaasBot’s platform is powerful enough to facilitate even the most advanced trading algorithms.

The HaasBot software provides traders with an advanced scripting application which allows you to use a drag-and-drop visual interface which enables you to intuitively design your own trading algorithm. HaasBot’s built-in tools will do all of the complicated programming for you, which then allows you to focus on developing an effective trading strategy that is customized for your own financial goals and tolerance for risk.  However, if you prefer to have complete control, you can do all of the programming by hand. Traders can utilize HaasBot through either a cloud-based web software application or an on-premises trade server option.

The HaasBot team is led by Stephan de Haas, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, who has experience as a software engineer and has been a strong Bitcoin advocate. Quintus de Haas is the Chief Technology Officer and he is in charge of ensuring the platform’s technology infrastructure continues to improve in effectiveness and streamlining. The company’s Chief Systems Operations expert, Josh Becker, has extensive experience in software engineering and marketing. These are just a few of the highly accomplished team members which make HaasBot the powerful trading platform that it is.

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HaasBot users enjoy the advantage of a welcoming and empowering community of traders who connect with each other through the firm’s community message board forum as well as on Discord. You will be able to share details about your own trade algorithm project and receive feedback on your trading strategies. Also, you can check out projects from other traders to see how others are designing their strategies in order to get some ideas. You can even ask questions you may have for which other traders may be able to provide answers. Additionally, some community members have provided various tutorials which you will have access to which could help increase your knowledge to enhance your success with automated trading.

The HaasBot software developer provides access to three different membership levels. The Beginner account, which is the lowest tier, allows you a maximum of 10 trading bots. The next level up, Simple account, has a maximum of 20 trading bots while the highest tier, Advanced, allows you to have an unlimited number of trading bots.

This review will examine all of the various features provided by the HaasBot software. We will determine what are the various advantages of using HaasBot for automated trading. Also, this review will look at all of the disadvantages of creating trading bots with this innovative software.

Who Is the HaasBot Suitable For?

In the online trading world, the HaasBot is definitely not for beginners and it is more suited for experienced and advanced traders. This is because the Bot enables you to create complex automated trading algorithms, technical indicators, and to generate and interpret trading signals. If you are a new trader, you might be looking for something more user-friendly so you could consider leading automated trading software systems, such as Algo Signals or Profit Revolution, which are a lot easier to use and to understand.

HaasBot Unique Features

HaasBot Features

HaasBot users have access to numerous unique features which provide many advantages to choosing the HaasBot software for automated trading. The software does not just simply offer a trade signal, it actually empowers you to design your own customized automated trading strategy. This allows you to design a strategy that perfectly fits your personal investment goals and your risk tolerance level.

If you do not have the need or the desire to fully customize your own trading algorithm, you can still follow successful trade signal providers. This will allow your account to automatically copy all of the trades of other expert traders, allowing you to profit from their market knowledge. Also, since the signal providers will be doing all of the market analysis for you, there is no prior trading experience required and no need for any knowledge about the financial markets and economics. On the other hand, you can also sell your own trade signals to other traders in order to earn extra income.

In order to provide you with all of the tools you need to succeed, HaasBot provides users with access to an expansive marketplace which enables you to find customized tools developed by other users. You will be able to buy, sell and trade trading tools and algorithms. This is also where you can buy and sell trade signals. The website also provides you with a variety of tutorials and guides to help you get started and improve on your knowledge.

HaasBot users have two options for accessing this powerful software. You can choose to access it through the cloud in the web-based version of the application. However, if you require an on-location option, you can choose to use the HaasBot trade server solution.

The software’s backtesting feature allows you to test your trading strategies against historical price data. In this way, you will have a better idea as to the potential for profit and risk for loss before you actually implement the automated strategy using a live account with real money on the line. This will help you make any needed adjustments to ensure your trading strategy matches your personal preferences in balancing risk and reward.

Rating – 9/10

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HaasBot Fees

HaasBot Fees

You will have to pay some fees in order to access the HaasBot platform. The fee amount will depend on what level tier you choose. Also, you will have to make your payment in Bitcoin, so if you do not own any Bitcoin, you will have to procure some before being able to start trading with the HaasBot software.

How much you pay will depend on how long you decide to commit to paying for an account. The longer period of time you commit to, the less you will have to pay per month of usage. You can choose from three options: three months, six months or one year. Below is a description of the one-year option, which is the most affordable option:

Here is the pricing for the six-month option, which also has the same features included for each account level:

The following is the pricing for the three-month option:

Rating – 7.8/10

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Where Can You Use This Platform?

The HaasBot software is designed to integrate with all of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders will have access to a huge menu of cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from. Some of the cryptocurrency exchanges that are available to be integrated with the software include, Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase PRO, Kraken and OKEX. You will also be provided with detailed instructions on how to connect the HaasBot software to each cryptocurrency exchange.

Rating – 8/10

Demo Account

HaasBot provides you with access to a demo account feature. This allows you to try out the software without putting any real capital at risk. You will trade with virtual funds but with real live market price action. In this way, you will be able to figure out how everything works on the software interface before you actually put any real money on the line.

The demo account with HaasBot is designed well. It perfectly mirrors a live account. There are no glitches and minimal latency, just like using a live trading account.

Rating – 7.5/10

Customer Support

HaasBot has an excellent customer service team which is always ready to help you with any questions or concerns which may arise. The representatives are well-trained and knowledgeable about the software. Also, the representatives are all informed about trading and the markets. You can contact the team by filling out the contact form on the HaasBot website. Unfortunately, they do not provide a way for you to contact support via phone or live chat which could be quite frustrating.

Rating – 7/10

Pros and Cons

HaasBot Pros and Cons

The HaasBot software has many advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the various pros and cons of choosing HaasBot for automated trading.

Pros Cons
  • Intuitive software interface
  • User-friendly
  • Demo feature
  • Fully customized trading strategies
  • Automated trading
  • Access to community of traders
  • Follow other trade signal providers
  • Offer trade signals to others
  • Responsive customer service
  • Regular fees charged for access
  • Some risk of loss
  • No customer support via phone or live chat
  • Could be complicated for beginners


In conclusion, the HaasBot software is a powerful trading application which can greatly enhance your investment results. The powerful features can provide you with a huge advantage over others trading in the markets. The software interface boasts a user-friendly design which allows you to easily navigate and locate all of the useful tools and features you need to create algorithmic trading strategies that are perfect for you.

The high level of customizability allows you to build trading strategies that fit your personal tolerance for risk as well as your own financial goals. The software provides a visual way of creating a trading algorithm without having to deal with all the intricacies of coding. However, if you prefer to have full control, you can also code everything by hand.

Obviously, the high level of customization capabilities makes HaasBot great for experienced traders who already understand what they are doing and have a grasp on technical analysis and reading charts. However, HaasBot could also work for beginner traders as well who have little to no previous experience with trading, however, it is not recommended as there re alternative options such as Algo Signals or Profit Revolution. Instead of creating your own trading algorithm, you can choose to follow one of the numerous trade signals available on the HaasBot marketplace. In this way, you are able to capitalize on the knowledge of a successful trader.

You can also offer your own trade signal for others to follow in the HaasBot marketplace in order to earn some extra income. In the marketplace, you can buy, sell and trade various automated tools within a community of other traders and investors. Also, the community forums allow you to ask questions for other traders in the community to answer.

The customer service with HaasBot was satisfactory during our test run. The representatives were always knowledgeable and seemed like they knew what they were doing. However, it is unfortunate there is no other way to contact them besides through the contact form on the website. There is no way to reach them via phone or live chat.

Overall, the HaasBot software is a solid choice for automated trading. It is definitely well worth the try to see if it works for you. Also, with the demo account feature, you will be able to try out the platform risk-free before going live with real money.

Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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