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Cryptobull App Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?


As you search for the right automatic cryptocurrency trading platform to use, the impressive claims made by Cryptobull will understandably grab your attention. Specifically, this software program claims that its traders come out ahead in approximately 88 percent of the trades that it executes.

This is only one of many crypto bots that you could choose from, and many bots advertise the possibility to make you rich. Whether you have seen these claims from other bots on social media or online ads, you also may have heard that many of these bots are not legitimate and cannot live up to their promises. Given the astounding win rate publicized by Cryptobull, a closer look at how this platform works is in order.

One of the easiest ways to determine if a trading bot lives up to its claims is to read reviews. Many of the online reviews about Cryptobull that you may find have been written by beginner-level traders. These are overwhelmingly positive reviews. Therefore, in addition to supporting the claims that Cryptobull makes, these reviews attest to the software’s ease of use. Before you place any of your hard-earned money at risk, however, you need to know what you can realistically expect.

Can You Trust Cryptobull?

Can You Trust Cryptobull

Through our detailed review and first-hand experience with Cryptobull, we can assure you that the platform is legitimate. It is easy to use, and it can generate a great profit for you. Cryptobull is not the only legitimate trading bot available for you to use, so you need more information about it before you can accurately compare it to some of the other legitimate bots that are available to use as an alternative.

Our statement about the legitimacy of Cryptobull is based on our initial investment of $250. With a single trade executed by this automatic trading bot, our $250 turned into $1,399. It is easy to assume that an 88 percent win rate is exaggerated as a means to grab your attention. However, our actual experience has proven that this figure is not exaggerated.

A Closer Look at Cryptobull

The proven theory for making money through cryptocurrency trading is to buy low and sell high. As long as this formula is followed, you will earn money. However, determining when to buy is challenging. Investors may either need to get lucky or learn how to read market signals. Even when the decision to buy is based on solid analytics, there are still no guarantees that you are buying at the bottom of a dip. More than that, you must actively monitor the market once your funds are invested so that you can sell high and lock in your profit. Automated trading software monitors the cryptocurrency markets on your behalf, and they execute buy and sell orders at the most ideal times. By doing so, they reduce the chance of human error. They also take full advantage of all of the analytics that they are programmed with, and they eliminate the need for you to actively monitor the market.

This is the basic premise behind all automatic cryptocurrency trading platforms, but how does Cryptobull stand apart? Some of these platforms make money off of each trade executed, and their fee is charged regardless of whether a profit is generated or not. Cryptobull processes buy and sell orders without a per-transaction fee. Instead, a 1 percent fee is charged only off of the profit that the user received from the platform. Essentially, you will not pay a dime if Cryptobull does not produce a profit for you.

Notably, getting started with Cryptobull is easy. A new account can be set up within a few minutes. Once funds are deposited into your account, you can turn on the automatic trader and begin watching it turn profits for you.

The History Behind Cryptobull

History Behind Cryptobull
As is the case with other cryptocurrency trading platforms, Cryptobull was developed recently. However, unlike many other platforms, it was designed by a group of experienced and successful traders who each infused the program with their expertise. This platform launched in 2018 and immediately gained popularity because of its proven ability to turn profits and because of how easy it has been for beginners to successfully use. Today, this is among the more popular platforms, which is a testament to its excellent design.

How Cryptobull Takes the Guesswork Out of Crypto Trading

To make well-informed trading decisions, you must monitor the cryptocurrency markets and accurately predict which way the markets will move. Generally, this is done by reviewing and analyzing signals. However, cryptocurrency markets move quickly, so you must be able to identify and analyze those signals quickly. You then must be able to execute trades promptly based on your confidence in your analysis.

New investors often lack the knowledge to make savvy decisions, and they may not read the market as quickly as they need to in order to maximize gains. Hesitating even for a minute because of a lack of confidence can result in reduced gains or even in financial loss.

Cryptobull is designed with exceptional algorithms that do all of the hard work for you. The program monitors the markets, identifies signals, decides how to act and executes trades quickly. When the automatic trading setting for your account is turned on, all of this is done on your behalf.

While Cryptobull is designed so that even beginners can make profits from cryptocurrency trading, many experienced traders take advantage of it as well. Some of them even use this program to test their analytical efforts and trading strategies.

Why Cryptobull Is a True Leader

Cryptobull Is a True Leader
The best cryptocurrency trading platforms are easy to use and generate consistently superior results. While many of these platforms are not legitimate and may even be considered to be scams, Cryptobull is one of the few legitimate platforms that has the trader’s best interests in mind. This platform has applications for all traders regardless of their expertise and experience. More than that, the small fee charged only on profits makes this an affordable platform that enables you to keep more of your profits in your own hands.

Use Cryptobull to Maximize Trading Profits

Even if you are making money overall with your manual cryptocurrency trading efforts, you may be missing out on incredible opportunities to maximize gains. When you can maximize gains without spending your valuable free time monitoring markets constantly, you can truly elevate your quality of life. In this way, Cryptobull is a legitimate bot that has the capability to potentially elevate your quality of life.

How Do You Get Started?

How Do You Get Started?
Before you can start trading through Cryptobull, you need to create a new account. As is the case with all other aspects of this platform, the registration process is simple and can be completed within a few minutes or less. From the platform’s home page, find the link to register with the platform. You will then be prompted to enter your full name, contact information and email address. To complete the registration process, you also need to choose a username and password. After you submit your details via the online form, your account will automatically be created.

What to Expect from Cryptobull

Cryptobull is appropriately named because it is transforming the way cryptocurrency traders spend their days and elevating their profits. Rather than being tethered to a screen all day and stressing out about executing buy and sell orders at exactly the right times, Cryptobull enables you to step away from the computer while maximizing gains. By doing so, you may improve your bottom line and your lifestyle at the same time.

How to Trade on Cryptobull

How to Trade on Cryptobull
One of the great features available through Cryptobull is the ability to watch the software in action through a demo account. If you move forward with a demo account before depositing money, you will have $1,500 in your demo account to work with. Your demo experience begins with a guided tour of the program’s features. At the end of this detailed tutorial, you will be able to use your demo account’s funds to execute buy and sell orders and to test out the platform’s features.

When you are ready to move beyond the demo account and to start investing real money. The minimum initial deposit amount is $250, and this is a great starting point if you want to dabble with the program before going all in. You can use Mastercard, Neteller, Visa, American Express, Maestro and Discover to make your deposit. Once the funds are available in your Cryptobull account, you are ready to start trading.

As an alternative to the automatic trading function, you can execute your own trades manually. The main interface that you will work with is the Control Panel, which gives you the ability to work with your live account, to view your trade history, to analyze open transactions and more.

While some trading platforms specialize in Bitcoin, Cryptobull provides you with plenty of other cryptocurrency types to work with. These include Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. Adjust the settings in the platform to choose the type of cryptocurrency that you want the system to trade on your behalf. You also can set a limit on the number of concurrent trades that the system can make for you. Once the settings are aligned with your preferences, tap on the Auto Trade link. You will then see the program in action and your profits grow. Keep in mind that you will need to check in with your account periodically based on your settings for the number of concurrent trades permitted. Your settings and how frequently you check in will directly affect your account’s profitability over time.

The Many Features in Cryptobull

The Many Features in Cryptobull
Before you finalize your decision to open a new account with Cryptobull, you need to know how its features compare to those in other popular platforms that you may also be reviewing.

New Account Registration: The account registration process with Cryptobull could not be easier. You simply input details in a few fields and submit the information. The account is generated instantly without a complicated approval process.

Withdrawing Funds: Some of the other automated cryptocurrency trading platforms available have a 7-day turnaround time for processing withdrawal requests. Through Cryptobull, the process is completed within 24 hours.

Depositing Funds: Likewise, depositing funds is fast and easy. There are many sources of funds that can be used to initiate the deposit, and your account is credited immediately. In addition, the $250 minimum deposit is affordable and is lower than many other platforms.

Fees: You will not pay a registration fee to open an account with Cryptobull. In addition, you will only pay 1 percent of your profits on successful trades.

Legitimacy: If you are still on the fence about whether to open an account with Cryptobull or not, you can get an extra boost of confidence in its legitimacy by reading some of the many positive reviews written by actual users. This includes many glowing reviews from new traders with minimal or no previous experience.

Top Features That Elevate Your Trading Experience

Cryptobull has a few truly exceptional features that may make this the top platform preferred by many traders.

Huge Returns: Cryptobull claims that it has the ability to turn a profit of approximately $1,300 per day. When you start with a small initial deposit, this figure may not be realistic. However, as your account balance grows, this can be a regular profit that ultimately changes your way of life.

Excellent Success Rate: Cryptobull’s success rate is noted at 88 percent or higher. This is possible via the program’s superior algorithms and fast processing time.

Demo Account: Unlike many other comparable platforms, you can see this program in action through a demo account before you make your first deposit. Whether you are a new trader or you are an experienced trader who wants to see definitively how this program works, the demo account is a true benefit.

Actual Pros and Cons for Cryptobull

Actual Pros and Cons for Cryptobull
What else can you expect from this platform? Here are a few other things that you can expect from this platform:



There is no perfect platform for automated cryptocurrency trading. For Cryptobull, you can see that the pros far outweigh the cons. However, you still need to pay attention to the downsides of this platform so that you set realistic expectations.

The actual success rate of any automated trading platform is strongly dependent on two things. These are the time that it takes to execute trades and the algorithms that are embedded in the software. Through Cryptobull, it is possible to experience capital loss, such as when the market trends in the opposite direction. To minimize your initial exposure to this type of risk, you can begin trading with the minimum investment amount permitted. When the program turns a profit for you, withdraw the profit, and keep investing with your initial pool of funds. By doing so, you lock in your gains and never increase your risk.

How Do You Get Help?

How Do You Get Help
Because Cryptobull has a special demo account feature that lets you experiment with the platform’s features and test out your own trading strategies before you risk any funds, the chance that you will need significant help is minimal. Keep in mind that a tutorial is even available with the demo account. However, Cryptobull offers 24-hour customer service. Customer service is available via a live chat feature and via email.

Which Celebrities Endorse Cryptobull?

You may have read that Cryptobull is supported or endorsed by several celebrities, including Jamie Oliver. This information is not correct. At this time, well-known celebrities have not publicly endorsed Cryptobull.

Our Final Thoughts

Cryptobull App Review

Cryptobull is a proven and legitimate platform that is designed to be user-friendly. If you are uncertain about whether to make an initial $250 deposit at this time, you can get registered and take advantage of the platform’s demo feature to get a better feel for its functionality and abilities. By doing so, you can have confidence through your personal experiences with this application.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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