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Bitcoin Revolution Review: Is it a Scam Or not?

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If you are looking for a way to make money online but don’t know what steps you should take, bitcoin trading is a great way to do it. Bitcoin trading involves a lot of risk but also offers a high potential for impressive profits over the long run if you learn the process and focus on your goals. The problem is that learning to trade bitcoin is a time-consuming task that often involves losing money in the beginning.

Some people avoid bitcoin trading because they don’t want to experience the learning curve or risk their money when they are first getting started, an understandable concern. Bitcoin Revolution is a bitcoin trading robot that promises to change the game and make it that much easier for you to make money trading bitcoin online, and Bitcoin Revolution makes some enticing promises. A lot of people wonder if trading robots live up to their expectations or if they are all hype.

This guide explains what you can expect and how you can decide if this trading robot is right for you. By the time you finish the guide, you can make your decision with confidence and peace of mind. This guide also explains trading basics so that you can make your own decisions in the future, and you can compare what you learn to the choices the robot makes for you.

Launched in 2009, bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin is gaining traction as a safe and secure digital currency because it does not have a central server that tracks or monitors transaction information or account balances. The lack of a central server means that nobody can hold your money or freeze your account, and it makes it much harder for hackers to steal your funds.


Bitcoin uses a decentralized ledger to track account balances and transaction data. When you want to send funds with bitcoin, you log in to your wallet and enter the address to which you would like to send the funds. Your wallet then sends the information to all bitcoin users connected to the network, creating a footprint for the transaction and allowing the other person to access the funds.

Bitcoin’s value goes up and down based on demand. In other words, more people buying bitcoin makes the value go up, and the opposite is also true. Bitcoin was only worth a few dollars when it went public in 2009. As of 2020, one bitcoin is worth about $10,000. Some people bought bitcoin in the early days and forgot about their accounts for many years, and they remembered their bitcoin wallets when bitcoin hit the news. Many of them became millionaires.

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Bitcoin Trading

The changing value of bitcoin means that you can trade it to earn a profit. Some people consider bitcoin trading an investment that has the potential for offering high returns, but others view it as more of a gamble than an investment. Those who view bitcoin trading as a gamble say that it’s a fiat currency that has no objective value. When you want to understand fiat currency, it’s a currency that is not backed by anything else. Bitcoin is not backed by a commodity, but the U.S. dollar is not backed by anything either. Any currency that has no commodity backing is a faith-based currency, meaning it only has value because people believe it does.

Long-Term Trading

Long-term trading is the most common when it comes to bitcoin investments, and most people view it as a safer approach when they don’t want to lose their money. You buy bitcoin and keep it if you believe the value is going to go up over the long run, and you will likely get some return on your investment if this cryptocurrency keeps following the current trend. Long-term trading means you need to wait months or years to enjoy the return on your investment, but you could get a substantial amount of money if you are willing to wait for it.


Short-Term Trading

Short-term trading is the option people use when they want to make a living with bitcoin trading. Short-term trading involves buying and selling bitcoin several times a day or every few days based on market fluctuations, and you encounter a higher risk than those who opt for long-term trading. The value of bitcoin can go up or down significantly in a short period.

Those who know what market signals to watch for can earn a lot of money in a short period with this approach. The margin for error, however, is small. Any mistakes you make could cause you to lose the money you invest, so it’s vital you know what you are doing before you begin. The high risk of short-term trading also means you have the chance to earn a lot more than you once thought possible. Keep these factors in mind when deciding what makes sense for you, and you will have no trouble choosing what to do.


Bitcoin Robots

Instead of trading on your own, you can use a trading robot to do it for you. Trading robots monitor bitcoin charts and other factors to make trading decisions that increase your odds of earning a profit. Many bitcoin robots on the market promise to give you the results for which you have been looking, but not all of them do what they promise on their websites.

When you want to use a bitcoin robot to invest in day trading, you tell the robot how much you are willing to invest and decide what settings you are going to implement. Based on that information, the robot will buy and sell bitcoin to help you reach your financial goals. Using the robot properly boosts your odds of getting the outcome for which you have been hoping, and you also save a lot of time with this approach.
The bitcoin market never closes.

That means you must watch the charts all the time if you don’t want a sudden market change to catch you off guard. If you don’t watch the charts, you could lose a lot of money if bitcoin’s value goes down while you are away. On the other hand, you could miss a golden opportunity if you are away while the charts rise. A bitcoin robot always watches the charts and trades for you so that you can avoid those problems.

Bitcoin Revolution Overview

Bitcoin Revolution is one of the oldest trading robots on the internet, and it makes many bold claims that make some people a little skeptical about trusting this platform. The website promises that members earn up to $1,500 per day using the platform to trade bitcoin. While some people jump at this opportunity, others avoid it because it sounds too good to be true. Earning that much money would be enough for almost anyone to quit their jobs and live a life of luxury. You must remember, though, that the website says you could earn up to that amount; it does not promise that any member will earn $1,100 each day.

You could earn a lot less than the advertised amount or not earn any return on your investment, which is something you need to keep in mind from the start. Bitcoin Revolution’s website says that its platform uses software that predicts market changes before they happen and makes investments accordingly. They claim those predictions are how they allow their members to make unbeatable profits with the software. When you view the official website, you discover that Bitcoin Revolution promises that members can earn money with only 20 minutes of work per day.


Account Creation

If you are new to bitcoin trading and don’t know where to start, you might think signing up is a complex and challenging task. Bitcoin Revolution wants to attract as many members as possible and makes the process of signing up easy. You go to the website and click the button to open your account, and you then enter your email address and create a password to begin. This step is all you need to become the latest member of Bitcoin Revolution, and the platform allows you to use a demo account or add funds to your account for live trading.

Demo Account

Some people fear online trading because they don’t know what to expect, and they don’t want to lose money along the way. This concern is reasonable for those who have never traded or used bitcoin robots. Bitcoin Revolution understands that concern and implemented a demo account into its software platform to put people’s minds at ease. You have access to the demo account before you invest anything, and you use it to see how well the software works for you. Play with the settings to see how much money you can make with Bitcoin Revolution. Finding the right settings for your goals and current market conditions is a great way to move forward with confidence. When you start trading, you will know what to expect after putting your money on the line.

Payment Methods

When you want to trade for a chance to earn real money, you need to use an accepted payment method. Some online trading robots limit the number of payment methods you can use to trade, but Bitcoin Revolution makes it easy for you to fund your account. You can use any major credit card in addition to several payment processors.

You can add your credit card or payment method of choice after you register for your account, and you can then automatically charge your payment method to get your cryptocurrency. If you are worried that entering your credit card information online puts you at risk for identity theft, use Skrill or Klarna. These payment processors offer a safe way to invest your money online.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You are ready to make your first deposit after adding your favorite payment method to your Bitcoin Revolution account. This software platform has no maximum deposit limit, so you can add as much money as you want when you begin. Bitcoin Revolution does have a minimum deposit of $250.

You need at least that much if you would like to trade cryptocurrency using this platform. Putting money into your account is only part of the process, and you also need to know how you can withdrawal money from your account. Some people avoid trading robots because they don’t want to wait days or weeks to access their funds. When you use Bitcoin Revolution, you can withdrawal funds in no time.

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Fees and Service Charges

A quick search online reveals that many trading robots and other bitcoin platforms charge service fees and commissions for all transactions and investments. People often spend a lot of time searching for cryptocurrency platforms that have reasonable fees. Such websites are not always easy to find unless you know where to look, but Bitcoin Revolution fills the gap. You pay nothing for your account, and you never have to pay commissions on your returns. After you create your account and make your first deposit, everything you invest goes straight to your trading account. You withdrawal everything you earn without worrying about hidden charges.

Bitcoin Revolution Credibility

The credibility of any trading website comes to mind when you consider investing your hard-earned money. When you need help deciding whether this trading platform is right for you, try looking at the claims and deciding if they make sense. The first possible red flag people notice is that the website does not charge fees or commissions for its software.

Without charging fees and commissions, the software designers have no way of profiting from their creation. Another factor worth considering is that many review websites earn a commission when someone joins Bitcoin Revolution through their links. It’s possible, though, that Bitcoin Revolution uses a web-based cryptocurrency miner to profit from people using the website.

No matter the investment platform you use, some risk is always involved. You face a level of risk even when you use some of the safest investment brokers on the planet. Since the minimum investment is $250, ask yourself whether you can lose $250 without hurting your bank before you move forward. If losing that much money would hurt your bank account, investing is a bad idea. On the other hand, investing is not as risky if you can afford to lose that much without going broke. Never count on getting a return when investing in a volatile market even if you are using a trading robot.

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Consider Your Short- and Long-Term Goals

Consider both your short- and long-term goals before doing anything else. Ask yourself what you want to achieve now and what you would like to accomplish over the long run so that you have a sense of direction. If you want to make a lot of money over the long term, this platform is not the best choice. The software aims to help novice traders make money each day. It’s a great option if you have a high tolerance for risk and can lose $250. You also have a shot at earning an impressive profit along the way.

Bitcoin Trading Strategies

Using a trading robot is a great way to get started and earn money without spending too much time watching bitcoin charts. You have to remember that automated software can only get you so far.

Trading robots can make better decisions than many novice and even experienced users, but you still have to configure the settings to get the outcome you want. Some people use bitcoin robots to begin but also learn the basics of bitcoin trading to improve their results, and you can do the same.



Holding is a simple strategy for new traders. As the market rises and falls, new traders often panic and sell their bitcoin because they don’t know how the market will react. Many new traders lose a lot of money because they sell right before a price spike, and this approach is meant to combat that. As a new trader, you are much more likely to come out ahead if you hold onto your bitcoin until the next value increase.


Hedging is a strategy used by traders when they believe the value of bitcoin is going to drop. They sell their bitcoin and watch the charts closely for the next few hours or even days. When the value bottoms out and begins to rise again, they buy their bitcoin back. The difference in value is their profit.

Trend Trading

Trend trading works how it sounds. You watch the media and pay attention to any major news source that says good things about bitcoin. If a popular media outlet praises bitcoin as an investment opportunity worth making, you can bet that plenty of people will soon buy bitcoin. It will take new users a little time to figure everything out, so you should have no trouble buying bitcoin before the price surge.

Final Thoughts

In simple terms, Bitcoin Revolution is a trading robot that promises to help you get rich by trading bitcoin for you. The sign-up process is easy and straightforward, and you can even use a demo account until you learn the ropes. Make sure you can afford to lose your initial investment before you begin if you don’t want to go broke. While some people strike it rich right away, you must have reasonable expectations in the early stages.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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