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Bitcoin Era Review: Is it really a Scam? Truth Revealed

Bitcoin Era

Trading robots have taken the online trading world by storm, and the robots’ developers all promise that this new robot is the one that finally gets it right. The latest contestant in the robot trading wars is Bitcoin Era, a robot whose name directly addresses the current state of trading. It’s a bitcoin era, and this robot places itself squarely in that realm.

How does it compare to other trading robots? As our review will show, it deserves a place next to other trading platforms that we’ve recommended. It’s a good choice for anyone who’s looking for a fast, simple way to enter the bitcoin trading market.
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Bitcoin Era In Brief

It’s an automated trading bot that stands out for some of its special features:

It Gets Solid Results

Every automated trading robot claims to get great results, but this one actually delivers. User reviews say its claims are mostly legitimate. The robot posts a consistent 88% success rate.

That might not sound that compelling, since other robots are claiming success rates of 90% or more, but given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, that’s actually an amazing result. It shows consistency in an unsteady market.


It Understands Market Shifts

As our readers know, cryptocurrency exchanges can move as fast as the wind, veering from incredible lows to soaring highs and back in just minutes. It’s a highly volatile trading environment where currency changes can fluctuate by thousands of dollars in just a few hours.

What does that mean? It means you want a steady hand and eye on those markets. It means you want a trader who’s not going to react out of panic. It means you understand that sometimes huge wins follow huge losses. You also understand that the opposite can happen.

BITCOIN ERA - Is it a Scam or Not?

This Is Why You Need a Robot

bitcoin era features

If you’re a smart trader, you know when to ride out a low spell and when it’s time to bail out completely. Knowing the difference is often a matter of experience, and it’s also a matter of watching the markets carefully.

Do you have the ability to make those judgments with a cool head even while you’re losing money? You may not, but a robot does.

Do you have the experience to know when a drop is a temporary lull and when it’s a serious downward slide? You may not, but a robot does.

Do you have the time to sit and watch the markets all day long? You know the answer. You don’t, but a robot does.


The Markets Are Mobile

This robot has the ability and the speed to make those decisions faster than you can turn your laptop on to look at the day’s exchange rates.

When it comes to making a decision about trading, the robot can make that decision based on current trends, future forecasting and likely outcomes. Those are the same logical decisions you would make if you had the ability, experience and cool-headed approach that this robot does.

It’s a Fraction Faster

In fact, it makes those decisions a fraction of a second before the changes happen on the markets. That fraction of time is when it can make mind-blowing investment decisions that pay off tremendously.

Fast Algorithms Make the Difference

The Primary Benefits of Bitcoin Era

The robot’s algorithms employ artificial intelligence to detect market changes and react to them in a split second. Most of us don’t have the time or the ability to analyze the massive amounts of data that go into every currency market shift. The algorithm makes it possible to do that same analysis in just seconds.

This mean you can trade highly leveraged Forex assets on the same platform. You’ll see that you can trade all the major foreign and domestic assets. Keep in mind, however, that Bitcoin Era only sells in bitcoins.

Tested and Tried

The speed of the robot’s algorithms also explains the robot’s 88% success rate. That seems to be a constant, reliable success rate that most users report.

We thought that sounded too good to be true for a currency trader, so we gave it a try ourselves. We ran that robot with various parameters and a variety of investment amounts. We were pleasantly surprised to find that we achieved similar levels of success using this robot.


Don’t Get Scammed

As we said at the outset, there are dozens if not hundreds of trading platforms out there that promise to make you an overnight millionaire. We know that isn’t possible unless you hit the lottery or a long-lost relative remembers you in their will.

In the real world, we know it’s possible to make an excellent return on your investments by following a solid investment strategy, trading in the right markets and being vigilant for changes. While you can make a lot of money, and make it in a decent amount of time, it won’t be overnight. It will, however, become a solid, steady income stream that will significantly change your bank account and your life.

We Promote Proven, Tested Products

We also know there are no magic tricks. Everything in the market is based on quick decision-making, smart investment strategies and a little bit of luck.

We don’t believe in promoting any product we haven’t tried ourselves with our own hard-earned money. There are hundreds of trading platforms out there, and we only aim to bring you information about those that are worth your time and money.

We make our recommendations based on genuine user reviews, the platform’s reputation in the trading industry and our own tests of the software. We then sort through all our reviews to bring you the top products.

Here’s What We Like About Bitcoin Era

Taking the Robot for a Test Drive

If you’re interested in this trading platform, you might be wondering how it works and what to expect when you sign up to use it.

If you’ve never used an online trading platform, you might be surprised at how quick and easy it is to get started. Other trading platforms can be a bit intimidating, especially for first-time users, but not Bitcoin Era. It’s especially designed to be fast, intuitive and user-friendly.

How to Sign Up


  1.  Go to the Bitcoin Era website.
  2. Create an initial profile consisting of your email and a password.
  3. Once you verify your email, the platform will select a broker for you.
  4. If you’re ready to begin, click the button that says “Start Trading.”
  5. You’ll be directed to a broker who will tell you how to make your initial deposit.
  6. You can begin with an initial investment of $250. The maximum amount you can invest initially is $500,000.

Get Familiar With the Platform

The best way to get comfortable with a new platform is to move around and look at it before you start investing. On Bitcoin Era, you will immediately have access to a demo account that lets you practice your investment strategies before you start trading real money.

Look for these features.

Profile: This has your name, contact information and any documentation that might be necessary to make withdrawals. You can also change your password here.

Fund Transfer: This is a transfer location where you can make deposits or request withdrawals.

Trading Accounts: You go here to see what your various accounts are doing. While you can have as many accounts as you want, we always recommend starting with one until you get comfortable with a new platform.

Service Desk: This is the customer care team. They’re available day and night to answer your questions or address your concerns.

Start With a Demo Account

Any good trading platform will offer you the opportunity to use a demo account.

On this one, you start by experimenting with your investment approach. The demo account is an excellent way to give your ideas a test run in real time. The demo account works with fake money in a real exchange market.


As you watch the robot go to work, you’ll see the type of decisions it can make. You’ll also see how fast it is. It’s designed to keep up with the incredibly fast, constantly shifting currency exchanges.

Can you keep up? As you will see, the robot has no trouble beating and even anticipating those market changes. Those fractions of seconds are all it needs to make trades you would miss. Those trades will soon start showing amazing profits.

The demo is optional, but it’s a great way to see for yourself the way Bitcoin Era works. You’ll see that we were telling you the truth about this robot. It’s a powerful trading tool that makes profits for its inventors every minute of the day.

Move to Live Trading

Are you ready to make real trades and real money? You’re probably ready to stop using the demo account and go to your live account. At this point, you will need to make your initial investment. Your broker will walk you through the payment process.

It’s still a fully automated process, but you get to decide how you want your trading robot to work. To do this, go to the robot’s control panel.

You’ll have many different options for configuring your robot. You can watch how well it performs for several hours, days or months. You can make minor adjustments or complete changes at any time.

We recommend sticking with an investment strategy long enough to see if it’s profitable over time. If you work hard to develop a solid investment theory, give it time to see how it works out.

On the other hand, if your strategy appears to be a losing one, it’s time to figure out a new one. With your robot’s help, you’ll soon be getting those solid returns that Bitcoin Era is famous for delivering.

Open Your Trades

Once you start making trades, you’ll get the chance to open them. This allows you to watch them happening in real time. If you’re like most Bitcoin Era customers, you’ll be able to watch the robot making profits for you while you watch.

You can switch back and forth between a demo account and a live account as often as you want.


Benefits of a Bitcoin Era Account

Is Bitcoin Era Guaranteed to Make You Money?

No investment platform can guarantee profits. Investing and trading are activities that involve risk of varying degrees. That’s part of the nature of investing. High-risk platforms can have high-dollar rewards, and low-risk platforms can have low-dollar rewards. Cryptocurrencies are considered high-risk markets because they’re volatile. People have made or lost millions of dollars on the currency exchange markets.

We would categorize Bitcoin Era as a moderate-risk activity because it’s a legitimate platform that uses proven techniques to deliver profits to its members. Many people are making good money using this platform. It works for them, and it can absolutely work for you.

Overall Rating 8/10


How to Reduce the Risk

There are ways to minimize your risk with any investment opportunity.

Work with a legitimate trader: Bitcoin Era uses brokers to handle all transactions in a secure online platform.

Become an informed trader: Although many people make money on this platform, they also took the time to become educated about cryptocurrency exchanges and robot trading. The platform offers many helpful articles, detailed tutorials and other features that will help you become an informed trader. Take advantage of these resources before you start trading.

Start with the demo: We know you’re anxious to start making money, but spending time with the demo account will increase your chances of making a profit on this platform.

Start with a small investment: Don’t feel pressured to increase your initial investment amount. Start with $250 and watch that initial investment carefully.

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