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Bitcode AI Prime Review 2022: Shedding Light On Its Legitimacy


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According to estimates, the most effective cryptocurrency trading robot is the Bitcoin AI App. Some of its clients assert that they may become wealthy with just a $250 investment. However, is Bitcoin AI trustworthy or a scam? We performed background checks and wrote this evaluation to help you make informed judgments.


About Bitcode AI Prime

It’s likely that you’ve seen stories making the argument that automation is enslaving people. According to Oxford Economics research, 20 million jobs could be lost to robots by 2030.


As sophisticated computer programmes take over the majority of activities, the banking sector is already benefiting from automation. Two of these activities are trading and investing. In the investing sector, robo-advisors, or sophisticated algorithms, are replacing the traditional wealth management professions.


Companies like Accenture and Betterment already manage the money of investors. The Bitcoin AI App is one of many trading robots that are currently very well-liked. This website employs an algorithm designed exclusively for trading BTC CFDs.


In nine out of ten transactions, the robot reportedly makes wise decisions. With proper risk management, it is therefore virtually impossible to lose money when trading with this robot. This bot has the potential to earn up to $1,000 every day, as was already said.


Most people initially have skepticism about its claimed profitability before knowing about its technology and trading conditions. We will explain in the paragraph that follows. On Bitcoin AI, more than 64 BTC CFDs are traded, including well-known pairs like BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/EUR.


Important Bitcode AI Prime features 

both deposits and withdrawals

It moves quickly and is open-book. Requests for withdrawals can be handled conveniently, quickly, and securely. Within 24 hours of requesting a withdrawal, the requested withdrawal amount should be available in the Bitcoin AI account. Bitcoin AI completes the transaction in a matter of hours, in contrast to other trading platforms on the market.


As we’ve already shown, The Bitcoin AI is free of any additional fees or costs. There aren’t any transaction costs, usage fees, or platform costs. To use the site, traders are not needed to pay anything.


When examining the elements of the Bitcoin AI, registration should be taken into account. Opening a new account is a simple process. Three fast actions must be completed by the user before their Bitcoin AI account is prepared to begin trading in real money. During the registration procedure, the platform only asks users and merchants for the information required to comply with the law. The user is not required to provide a response to any of the questions. The majority of market frauds typically demand unnecessary and irrelevant information from the consumer or trader. Additionally, everything is in order in this regard.The Bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading platform simply requires your name, email address, country of residence, and phone number in order to execute the transaction. That is all there is to it! You are not necessary to provide additional personal information, such as your bank account number, credit information for your bank account, transaction information, etc.

Exercise Trading

When you first start using the platform or are absolutely new to trading cryptocurrencies, this robot’s demo trading tool can be very beneficial. If you have no prior knowledge or expertise in the cryptocurrency market or Bitcoin trading, it can be advantageous for you to experiment with demo accounts. Before starting to trade actual cryptocurrencies, you may use the demo trading option as a form of practice environment.

Partner Brokers

The bot collaborates with connected brokers in many nations around the planet. Since most brokers are regulated in their particular operating locations, many users can access the bot safely through them. While the brokers are allowing customers to trade, the bot is working in the background to complete the duties assigned to it.


How Can I Begin Using Bitcode AI Prime for Trading?


Start by opening a browser and entering the provided website address to begin building a Bitcoin AI account. The browser must have the capability to accept cookies from outside sources, it should be noted. The online platform for Bitcoin AI can quickly determine the whereabouts of all site users, making it easier for them to contact a broker and register a cryptocurrency account. The steps in the registration procedure include entering the required information, such as the user’s name, email address, and password, as well as the cell phone number and country code. If users experience any issues setting up their demo trading or real trading, they can contact customer care.

Put down a Deposit

A trading robot requires a connection from an internet broker in order to be able to exchange transactions automatically and begin operating. The requirements and channels for exchanging information are adequately balanced to fulfill the needs of the users. The link is secure thanks to connections the Bitcoin AI has made with some of the most trustworthy brokers available. Mastercard, PCI, Visa, and Geotrust are just a few of the payment options you can use to carry out transactions and receive money.


A $250 minimum deposit must be sent in using one of the payment methods on this page. The deposit value is currently among the lowest ones available. At any time during the life of their account, customers have limitless access to their money using the withdrawal option. The withdrawal process is also very quick and easy.

Exercise Trading

A special mention should be made of the demo trading option on the Bitcoin AI trading platform, which enables customers to test the auto trading robot in the case of Bitcoins without using real money. Account holders should also be able to monitor changes in investment prospects for their accounts and evaluate the effectiveness of trading robots and trading signal promotion using the demo trading tool. Therefore, the demo account approach is ideal for calculating the success rate for Bitcoin AI.

Actual Trading

The most expensive When you start a live trading session, you should choose Bitcoin, and you should set a stop-loss limit to prevent the system from trading your money when the market is losing money. It functions somewhat like a security asset that immediately protects money. The first live trading session, which might last up to six hours, is expected to be eagerly watched by customers. We equally split the funds in half, giving the trading system access over most of the users’ accounts. If a customer requires assistance while participating in a live trading session, they can immediately contact customer service via phone calls or live chat, which is accessible whenever there is a live trading session.

Bitcode AI Prime Review: What We Discovered

Yes! Our validity checks indicate that the Bitcoin AI App is remarkably trustworthy. The American Trading Association called it the most successful BTC robot for 2020. It also has some of the best TrustPilot ratings of any trading robot.


Excellent trading conditions and great levels of profitability are mentioned by users. We can attest to the fact that Bitcoin AI is legitimate and only works with authorized brokers. Your money is therefore safe with them.


Like trading with any other robot, using the Bitcoin AI programme carries some risk. We strongly suggest starting out small and gradually increasing your investment as you gain more experience with the platform.


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