Top 5 Online Wallets for 2019 and Beyond


Looking for the top 5 online wallets for 2018, 2019 and beyond? Before you even think about buying any cryptocurrency, it is good practice to choose wallets that will protect your cash. A good wallet is one that allows you to store and transact your funds with confidence knowing too well that no one can have access to it.

Top 5 Online Wallets

1. Bitcoin Core

Just like its name suggests, this online cryptocurrency wallet is used to store and enable Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin Core is regarded as one of the most secure Bitcoin wallets due to its stringent privacy policy. It similarly has a decentralized element as far as buying and trading cryptocurrency is concerned.

This online wallet is designed to protect you from common types of frauds including double transactions. Nevertheless, Bitcoin Core requires a large amount of bandwidth and storage space since it downloads the whole version of the current Blockchain.

Top 5 Online Wallets

2. Mycelium

This online cryptocurrency claims to offer bank-grade security. It is mainly used to store and transact Bitcoins. One of the standout elements of this cryptocurrency wallet is that it can be linked to hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor. What’s more, Mycelium users benefit from its open source code, which allows them to trade or sell Bitcoins.


This cryptocurrency wallet comes in both online and mobile versions. It is compatible with major operating systems including iOS and Android. On Android, this crypto cash wallet is known as GreenBits. To ensure that your transactions and funds are safeguarded backups and two-factor authentication are enabled. Besides this, GreenAddress allows support from hardware wallets.

Top 5 Online Wallets

4. Toast Wallet

This is a cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet for mobile, PV, and tablet. It is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, Mac OSX, Linux, and Chrome browser. Toast Wallet is a fully open source, which nonetheless, is designed to deliver excellent user experience and quick transactions across all platforms. This crypto wallet is among the few online options that are available for ripple.

You won’t find a more friendly online crypto cash wallet to use across different mobile devices. Nevertheless, Toast Wallet is still vulnerable to hacking and scams since your data is stored on a mobile device. Besides this, the online wallet is relatively new and doesn’t have a long and proven history thus raising concerns about its credibility.

5. Jaxx

Jaxx is known to be a desktop wallet but has an online version. It supports the storage, sending, and receipt of multiple cryptocurrencies thus making it suitable for individuals who wish to have a diversified investment on the same platform. You can also use the Jaxx Blockchain interface to sell cryptocurrencies due to the ability to convert one coin to another to suit market shifts.

Jaxx has an easy-to-use online interface and doesn’t access or hold your funds. The wallet only helps you manage the private keys to all your cryptocurrencies while enabling you to manage your portfolio more efficiently. Nonetheless, Jaxx online wallet experienced a breach in 2017, which has been hard to shake off due to the slow manner in which it was handled.