Top 4 Browser Extensions for Cryptocurrency Users

Browser extensions, also referred to as plugins, give one an opportunity to customise web browsers and enhance the overall browsing experience. For example, you can use them to enhance privacy and filter content that you do not want to see when online.

Cryptocurrency users need such plugins to enhance privacy and security of their digital assets when browsing the internet. They come in handy when doing tasks such as making payments in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, checking market price and the list is endless.

Here are top 4 browser extensions for cryptocurrency users today.

Precautions and Privacy Plugins

As the name suggests, privacy and precaution plugins are meant to enhance privacy of cryptocurrency users. Chrome Web Store has a list of the available plugins that fall in this category but before you install one, make sure that you check user ratings and the number of installs. Poor rating and low number of installs is a sign that the plugin does not deliver on its promises.

For example, install an AdBlock as soon as you install Chrome plugin to prevent hackers form using it to access your personal details related to the crypto wallets.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Extensions

Crypto wallet extensions will make it possible for you to sign transactions, access blockchain-powered applications send and receive cryptocurrencies as you browse the internet. One such plugin is Metamask that allows Ethereum users to use this browser as a cryptocurrency wallet. If you love using Bitcoin Cash, you can use Badger.

Look around to find an extension that works well with your preferred cryptocurrency.

Market Data Plugins

As a cryptocurrency trader, you need to monitor the prices of various cryptocurrencies in real time. The information gathered will help you make informed investment decisions and get maximum profits from your digital assets.

Bitcoin Tab is one of the most reliable plugins that you can use get information about the various market data. This specific application is designed to get real time pricing from Blockmodo as well as news related to the various cryptocurrencies.

These are the three categories of browser extensions for cryptocurrency users that you should know. Be sure to look for information about the best and how each works to get the best out of it. Nonetheless, you should be careful about the information that the plugins gather from your online cryptocurrency transactions to be on the safe side.

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