TokenCard Visa Debit Cards To Be Available In Europe

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the European Region including the UK are set to get TokenCard Visa debit cards solutions. The idea actualization follows a partnership between TokenCard and Contis that proffered the platform the capability of supporting a Crypto-fiat card-based platform.

The most significant benefit that the debit card is set to offer is that Ethereum and other ERC20 Cryptos conversion to fiat money such as GBP and EUROs will be available for card loading.

The card can be used in global Visa points of payment such as ATMs, stores, and online shops.

Solving Cryptocurrency Liquidity Challenges

Cryptocurrency holders have been grappling with challenges of not being able to spend their Digital Assets in the mainstream environment. Further, they have not been able to get platforms that can convert their Cryptos to fiat money.

TokenCard Visa card is, however, solving this problem by giving Cryptocurrency holders a chance to spend their Tokens on the mainstream marketplace. The company is, thus, filling the void that has been present due to the lack platforms offering Crypto card services.

Eliminating Lengthy Procedures

In the past, spending Cryptocurrencies has been a frustrating affair due to the time-consuming requirements. The constraints have been as a result of the traditional financial platforms such as Banks failing to encompass Digital Assets as other currencies citing volatility risks, security concerns, and government standards. This has been costing Crypto users having to incur massive fees and time wastage on exchanges and wallet withdrawal transactions as they seek to connect to a bank. For instance, SEPA, FX, and other fees are prohibitive and the transactions are inconveniencing.

TokenCard Benefits Are Immense

TokenCard will be the card that guarantees to Crypto investors immediate access to fiat money. Furthermore, the company operates on the model of decentralization that allows all firms to have self-sovereignty and full ownership of their Digital Tokens. This is because the platform does not have an architecture that that has custodial access capabilities to Crypto Assets. Instead, TokenCard serves as an ecosystem that has smart features linking exchanges that offer fiat and Crypto conversion services.


Further, TokenCard will eliminate friction for Crypto-enthusiasts that is brought about by high costs and other infrastructural difficulties that delay transactions’ confirmation.

Additionally, TokenCard will support all ERC20 tokens that are designed on Ethereum technology tools.

Getting Started Today

Cryptocurrency holders can start by downloading the TokenCard app on their phones. They can then apply for the card on their postal addresses. The app will host an exchange that will support Crypto to Fiat transactions in order to load the Visa card that will be as powerful as any other card. There is also an ongoing registration for new members on the main website ahead of the launch.

The CEO of TokenCard, Mel Gelderman, is grateful to Contis for their support, especially for the Ethereum community. On the other hand, Flavia Alzetta, the CEO of Contis, is promising an innovating banking card and great customer experience.

It is important to note that the TokenCard is also open to American citizens who visit Europe.