Thrive ICO Review

What is Thrive?

This new product in the marketing industry is set to change how advertising will take place henceforth. This marketplace is based on Blockchain and smart contacts technology hence your safety is assured when you are online. This product will bring together the publishers and consumers on one platform where they can securely share data without an additional cost that comes with a third party.

The Thrive model topples the traditional advertising model by giving more power to the consumers rather than the publishers. With Thrive both parties will gain something from the advertising, the main aim is to ensure that Internet users can earn money while surfing.

Why Thrive?

• Everyone can make money from the Internet
We surf the web every day, but we do not benefit from it, but with Thrive this will change because every time we browse we are paid. Thrive is a first-rate advertising platform that gives anybody a chance to order reviews an advertising placements, and users are paid for watching adverts.
• Thrive provides data security
We all know how the web can be insecure but with Thrive, your data security has been prioritized. Only what you want to share will be seen by others while your private data is destroyed.
People also determine which publishers should be in this marketplace, gauging whether their websites are in top shape. And receive rewards for it.
• Cheap adverts
As an advertiser or publisher, you will pay a relatively lower rate while being assured of a quick turnover for your investment because of the broader audience compared to other third-party outlets. At Thrive content control is mandatory to ensure that clients’ advertising is channeled to the right audience.
• Thrive operate in a transparent manner
At Thrive we want to deal with our clients more transparently, therefore all our rates will be declared, be it advertising fee or user’s rewards.


The Token

Platform: Ethereum
Ticker: THRT
Type of Token: ERC20
Opening sale date: 10th of March 2018
Closing sale date: 5th April 2018
Quantity Available for sale: 106,000,000 THRT
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Price = 0.25 EUR per THRT


How Thrive Will Work

The first stage starts with the advertiser when they request to place an advertisement which will then be reviewed before being placed in only those sites with a lot of traffic; The final stage occurs when the ad reaches the target audience who are the consumers.


Thrive Services

• Placement of verification
The advertisers bring in their content for advertising as well as verification to ensure that they meet Thrives standards.
• Content Regulation
Once verified, content is first submitted to the community for approval as relevant content to be displayed on the site.
• Payment
When the content has been placed on the site the next and final step is to reward users who visited the site to view the advertisement and leave their details
Why you should join Thrive community
• There is a large target market hence as a publisher you will be able to get your message to a broader audience.
• The community has so far attracted a good number of subscribers during this initial period, which may be an indication of the great success of the project.
• Thrive stands out from the rest because it has a mechanism that allows calculation of what a user has earned. This feature may be encouraging to the consumers who would like to know how much they have made.
• Research firms have found out that the amount spent on digital advertising goes up every year and is estimated that it will have grown to about US$ 285 billion in the year 2020 confirming a growing market for Thrive services.
Possible Challenges For Thrive
• The market is also saturated with other players who have done so well hence will be quite a challenge trying to outdo it.
• The project can run the risks of not getting enough potential investors because of the similarity of its strategy with crowdsale.

Thrive Ecosystem

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