Thoughts from John McAfee Regarding Bitcoin’s Roots

The name John McAfee is quite prominent in many areas of the world. From his anti-virus software company that he founded to more recent news headlines; his name has been a regular occurrence. In fact, his current thoughts on the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is one that has the crypto world buzzing.

How Believable is John McAfee?

While some finance gurus consider John McAfee an icon, others have different feelings on how he conducts himself. It is no surprise that his life is one of controversy and unpredictability. From his many accomplishments and outrageous circumstances, his life has been one that many continue to be enthralled with.

Founding the profitable McAfee Associates, he was prominent on the cyber scene for many years. But besides his great wealth from business ventures early on, the financial crash in 2007-2008 was devastating for his investments. Continuing his entrepreneur path after leaving McAfee Associates, John McAfee dabbled in smartphone apps, cryptocurrencies, and several other niches. His sound business mind gives the persona of a man who makes good investment decisions and his followers pay attention.

It’s how John McAfee has been reacting outside of the business that many people feel discredits what he talks about. Being wanted as a person of interest for murder, to not filing taxes, his lifestyle choices can be considered unsavory. Many can find fault in his actions and use that as a guideline to his credibility.

John McAfee

Does He Really Know Who Satoshi Nakamoto Is?

John McAfee has been quoted as being 99% sure he knows the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of the founder of Bitcoin has always eluded many crypto enthusiasts so it can be a hot topic. He does counter with the idea that the Bitcoin designer wasn’t 1 person, but a team of individuals over time. And although this team created Bitcoin collectively, the whitepaper was written by the unknown person of Satoshi Nakamoto.

McAfee goes on to describe how the details in the whitepaper of Bitcoin are tell-tale signs of who created it. From the style and structure, John McAfee insists that anyone can easily see clues to who Satoshi Nakamoto really is.

Will He Reveal Nakamoto’s Identity?

When prompted, John McAfee has insisted that he will not at all be revealing the true identity of Nakamoto. Claiming the individual called him personally and discussed the repercussions of such a statement, he has since withdrawn the notion. And although McAfee wanted to shed light on what he referred to as nonsense, he had a change of heart. It is this change of tune in revealing the identity, that has been topping the cryptocurrency news headlines lately.

By outing Nakamoto, John McAfee believes the results could be devastating for the individual as well as the cryptocurrency world. From major business interests wanting contact to limiting what the future of cryptocurrency holds, revealing his identity could be disastrous. And even if you feel McAfee hasn’t made reputable decisions previously, this one could be the most important one yet.

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