The Top Crypto News This Week

The world has progressively evolved to include digital assets and instant payments giving crypto news the exposure it needs. More investors are dabbling in the cryptocurrency market and finding how easy it is to develop an online digital wallet. All around the world, new investors are exploring the popular niche of cryptocurrency. The growing interest in digital assets shows in the latest crypto news as more stories emerge in crypto communities.

The Comp Token

One new and upcoming digital token in the market taking crypto news headlines by storm is the COMP token. The decentralized protocol Compound has given users the ability to earn comp assets, helping it gain popularity among crypto enthusiasts.

Boasting as the 25th most valuable digital asset, the market price increased from $60 USD to over $200 USD in just 1 week. While COMP is only listed in a small number of cryptocurrency exchanges, many investors are hopeful for a sudden breakout.

Scams and Hackers Exist and Prey on Investors

Digital assets are not immune to the many criminal activities of scams and hackers that saturate other worldwide markets. Crypto news is consistently reporting the evidence of a new scam or hacking issue that investors should be aware of.

Recently, there has been a reported flaw in the Bitcoin programming that could cause double-spending. This bug, dubbed as BigSpender, allows hackers to spend a user’s funds and compromise their digital wallet. While developers are dealing with this security risk, users are encouraged to monitor their assets closely.

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Crypto News Around the World

Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms running today. With such a loyal following of users, Binance has recently launched a COVID-19 relief through its charitable branch – Binance Charity. Crypto news reports them generously allocating more than $4 million in donations to COVID-19 hotspots around the world, including:
• China
• United States
• Japan
• Italy
• Spain
• South Africa
• India
• Turkey

Making Understanding Crypto Assets Easier

Recently, Nexo has partnered up with Nomics to give crypto enthusiasts tools to wade through the mounds of data online. Instead of researching all available wallets and digital exchange platforms, Nomics and Nexo created an algorithm to calculate crypto products. This beneficial algorithm takes all online data and ranks cryptocurrency products with a reputation.

The 5 categories that digital assets receive ranking include:
• Custody solutions
• OTC trading desks
• Tax services
• Credit lines

New investors to the cryptocurrency world will no longer get lost among the mass information, searching for the best products. Nomics aims to give crypto enthusiasts credible information that they could use to make sound portfolio decisions.


Investors need to keep up to date on the latest crypto news and trends in the market. Purchasing, trading, or selling digital assets will be easier for users who follow the recent market movements and act accordingly. By following the current happenings of digital assets, investors will be in a better position to make solid portfolio decisions. Don’t get left in the dark when it comes to market trends. It could cost you valuable digital assets.

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