The New Samsung Galaxy S10 Has a Cryptocurrency Storage Key

Blockchain technology has proved to be capable of changing the manner in which we do tasks. This new technology enhances transparency and security. Mobile manufacturing companies have started showing signs of using this technology to protect their customers’ private data.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Cryptocurrency Storage Key

Reports indicate that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with an advanced storage key that users can use to store their private cryptocurrency keys. These keys are essential, as without them, there is no way a cryptocurrency investor can access his or her cryptocurrency wallet.

The new mobile phone was launched yesterday, February 20th, in Seoul, London, and San Francisco. The company also introduced the new Samsung Knox function that is tailored to enhance security. This is good news for Samsung clients’ as they do not have to store their private keys offline.

Samsung Galaxy S10

However, hackers are known to devise new ways to penetrate firewalls quickly and so it is important that the company work on improving the security features. Regularly updates can greatly help to keep off hackers. But so far, the new features are working perfectly.

Before the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S10, there are countless rumours online and offline about the gadgets capability to support Dapps and cryptocurrency wallets. Just last month, images of the perceived Samsung Blockchain Keystore surfaced online. The images showed an Ethereum wallet option in the list of the cryptocurrencies that the gadget was perceived to support. However, yesterday’s press release did not mention anything about the wallet and so it is safe to assume that those were just rumours.

Other Mobile Phone Manufacturers Have Embraced Blockchain Tech

As mentioned earlier, Samsung is not the only mobile manufacturing company that has ventured into blockchain technology. HTC, one of the leading consumer electronics corporation company launched the first native blockchain mobile phone in May last year, HTC Exodus. This new device supports Ethereum and Bitcoin networks and comes with a Brave browser that is more secure than the conventional browsers. Sirin Labs also launched Finney, the first blockchain smartphone in the world in December 2018.

These mobile manufacturing companies are optimistic that by using blockchain technology to improve their products, they will win over more customers and match the market trends. Get more news about cryptocurrencies and exchanges here.

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