The New Opera 60 Browser Will Support dApps And Crypto Wallets

Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla are the leading web browsers that play a key role in ensuring that information is available online.

Google Chrome and Mozilla are more popular than Opera. However, this is about to change as Opera is becoming more innovative by deploying a technology that seeks to proffer Web 3-compatible services such as Crypto wallets and dApps operations.

In this regard, Opera is rolling out its new 60 version that has an alluring codename- “Reborn 3” or “R3” -that intends to protect private data and information.

The new platform is available for download on Android and is also available for online desktops. It is the first of its kind service and the wallet is expected to be adopted by the growing Crypto users’ community.

Opera 60 Comes With A Built-in Wallet

The new wallet on the R3 platform is one of the innovative features on the browser. Reports indicate that the built-in wallet will be able to support collectibles, ICO tokens, and Ethereum transactions.

The collectibles that the wallet can support include Crypto kitties that are very popular especially to users emerging Blockchain platforms. Secondly, ICOs issue new Tokens and for the contributors will be able to conveniently store their Digital Tokens in safe wallets that are convenient and easy to open an account.

built-in wallet

Most significantly, the new platform will be able to support the wide array of Ethereum Tokens that are of different types such as the ERC 20. Therefore, the wallet will facilitate the interoperability of different Ethereum-based platforms.

The Opera 60 team has been developing the feature since July 2018 and tests on Android have already been done and proven to be successful and appropriate for mass use.

Getting Started Is Easy

To access the desktop Crypto wallet, users will only have to install the Android browser on their smartphones first. Upon installing the browser on a desktop device, the data between the two devices will sync and the smartphone will be used to complete multi-factor authentication for security purposes.

The strategy is similar to the web-based WhatsApp browser and Telegram and is designed to ensure that desktops and smartphones are linked for minimizing the risk of hacking.

Web 3 Support

The Reborn 3 platform is Web3-compatible. This means that users can enter addresses of different Web3-based decentralized apps (dApps) on the Opera URL bar to access Ethereum Blockchain platforms. This will enable browser users to store their data on R3-based apps hence giving users the freedom to fully own their information.

Data Protection Is Enhanced

The R3 platform has state of the art architecture that will make it difficult for hackers to steal data on the Crypto wallets, dApps, and other browser sites. To achieve this, the Opera 60 team has also launched a campaign called “Escape” to teach users how to protect their online traits from being tracked.

Monthly, Opera has more than 60 million active desktop users and 208 million mobile active users. And the userbase might grow following the launch of the Opera 60 version.