The Movement of Square Stock in The Current Financial Crisis

Square Inc. and its Square stocks have been around for many years and are becoming more well-known around the world. Initially, the intention of creating a digital platform to make mobile payments easier was the foundation of the company. Each year, their company advancements bring Square stocks more popularity and revenue as they continue to grow with their customers.

And now today, Square’s app not only processes payments but also obtains financing as well as tracking inventory and sales. As Square Inc. gains investors, Square stock is becoming more of a profitable asset to have in your financial portfolio.

Square Elements for The Changing Digital World

For a business to remain competitive, it needs to evolve and change as the world around them advances. Square Inc. has done just that with integrating different aspects to their apps and platform, including:
• CashApp (formally Square Cash)
• Square POS (Point of Sale)
• Square Analytics
• Square Capital
• Square Payroll
• Square Appointments

The Square Reader and the Square Stand are the hardware aspects used in combination with their applications ensuring secure transactions. Introducing new apps that customers want gives Square Inc. the edge they need to stay on top of their industry. With increasing recognition of the brand, Square stocks respond favorably in the financial market giving investors a sound portfolio choice.

square stock

Square’s Relationship with Bitcoin for Profit

Starting late 2017, Square Inc. released the availability for select users to purchase and sell Bitcoin through their CashApp. Only a short while later, the company allowed all users the ability to access Bitcoin purchases. In continuation of industry advancement, Square has obtained a patent enabling users to use different assets including fiat and cryptocurrency.

This business move has proven profitable for both companies as one can see from the increased revenue and Square stock prices. Despite the declining economy in the last quarter of 2019, Square’s CashApp generated $178 million, giving them a market edge. With Bitcoin integration, Square stock has increased significantly, even reporting a 15.75% jump in one day.

Positive Movement of Square Stock in The Financial Markets

Investments are fickle and dependent on many outside factors on a regular basis. While some stocks can be more variable, others like Square stocks can have a generalized stable pattern of movement. Even when economic issues can have a negative impact, other stocks will continue to hold their own against competitors. It can be a good choice for your portfolio to have some investments that remain relatively stable, like Square stocks.

For the past few months, the world economy has taken a significant hit with the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are some smaller investments that have not fared well and may not rebound well once the market turns around. Other larger ones, like Square stocks, have established themselves as profitable contenders in the market that investors will stick with. As companies ascertain their brand within the industry, they become more lucrative, essentially driving the prices of their stock up. Square Inc. and the relationship with Bitcoin have done just that, giving the industry new advancements and turning a profit.