The Hype in Blockchain News Today

Cryptocurrency investors have been using current blockchain news to make portfolio decisions for years. It is an essential tool to keep up to date on happenings in the digital finance market to avoid any surprises. Even though the blockchain is designed to head the Bitcoin network platform, it has evolved for many other digital uses. So, when you see a blockchain news headline on the Internet, it may not be just about Bitcoin.

The Various Blockchain Uses

Going back to 2008, the blockchain platform was invented for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. While this has proved very lucrative for them, the blockchain network has evolved and expanded to other digital uses. These additional uses can be broken down to:
1.  Cryptocurrencies: The Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens both use blockchain technology with others following suit.
2.  Smart Contracts: These have been designed to enforce digital contracts in part or whole without human input.
3.  Financial Services: Berlin, Germany has launched a blockchain banking process for users to manage both cryptocurrencies with traditional currency deposits.
4.  Video Games: Blockchain network platforms have been used in the past for video gaming and to catalog game assets.
5.  Supply Chain Attributes: Big names like IBM and Walmart are employing blockchain technology for supply chain management and logistics.
6.  Domain Names: Namecoin, Unstoppable Domains, and Ethereum Name Services are just some of the online sources that use blockchain domain technology.
7.  Other Uses: Blockchain networks can be used for different facets including digital voting, Proof of Existence online services, accounting, and Hyperledger capabilities.

The versatility of the blockchain platform is extensive and one that will continue to evolve as users require.

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Cryptocurrency Blockchain News Today

One major blockchain news headline is the upcoming release of the Libra. This new digital currency will rely on the blockchain platform and is expected to be released later in 2020. Libra is designed to bridge the gap of those who don’t have bank accounts and want to deal financially online. Utilizing the blockchain platform gives the Libra the security and versatility it needs to be competitive in the cryptocurrency market.

Worldwide Blockchain News

Recently in cryptocurrency blockchain news, the Internet is buzzing with advances in technology, especially in Japan currently. One of the largest names in Japan for cryptocurrency exchange and worldwide Bitcoin brokers, bitFlyer continue advancements with blockchain technology. This Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has announced they are offering another blockchain service of consulting in addition to current options. Focusing on real estate, finance, manufacturing, technology, and public sectors, bitFlyer is aiming at high results for their users.

Two major blockchain firms Aergo and Blocko, have announced the launch of a local think-tank designed to boost innovative technologies. This recent effort will benefit those in the Middle East, Africa, and South-East Asia. Backed by 2 major players Samsung and Sequoia Capital, they aim to provide solutions that show immediate business results.

No matter where you look online today you will find blockchain news headlines. This flexibility and multiple features can be used in a variety of markets, making it more essential than ever before. Blockchains are only getting bigger and better, changing the way people deal online from now on.