The Blockchain Expo

Santa Clara, California. The 2018 Blockchain Expo will be held on 28-29th November 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center-SV. The expo will focus on showcasing the blockchain technology as a futuristic approach to solving the inefficiencies of traditional ecosystems of industries.


Attendant At A Previous Blockchain Expo Conference

The Expo is aimed at preparing decision makers in various industries to transfer their operations from conventional networks to the blockchain technology and to make the best out of the technology in regards to cryptocurrencies investment and utilization.

In this regard, the conference will highlight and comprise of interactive discussions about Cryptocurrency and Financial Services, Blockchain for Business, Blockchain Technical Workshops, Blockchain Platforms & Strategies, Blockchain for Enterprises, Blockchain Technologies, and Developing Blockchain Innovations and Applications & Investors Zone. The topics will explicitly address all the concerns that participants and other stakeholders harbor concerning the emerging distributed ledgers technologies (DLT).


All Rounded Expo

The Blockchain expo will have immense benefits for representatives of various industries such as retail, real estate, government, music, energy, insurance, healthcare, financial services, legal services just to mention but a few. These industries will be greatly impacted in a disruptive way by the DLT and in most cases; adoption of the technology and its utilization could be the key to the firms remaining competitive. This conference will redirect the conversation on the topics that will give the representatives of each sector a good grasp of how to forge the way forward in the changing world where the Blockchain Technology is replacing the existing technology.

The Blockchain Expo 2018 is expected to attract over 13,000 attendees, over 500 speakers and 350 exhibitors. The effects of the event will be far-reaching since at least 56% of the participants will be individuals at the management level and above in their respective companies.

Exhibition Stands

This time’s location of Silicon Valley, CA is ideal given that the area has a reputation of being home to life-transforming technological innovations that redirect the way the world functions. In this case, the Blockchain Expo will be running concurrently with the IoT Tech, Cloud & Cyber Security, and the AI & Big Data Expos. This will provide the participants an opportunity to explore the technological linkages on the various technologies to establish the areas of utility that convergence can be beneficial to their companies.


Delegates Engaging in Discussions

The Blockchain Expo 2018 has been the most informative forum that features expert panel discussions based on case studies inferences, Q&A sessions, and interactive segments.

Some of the Key Speakers include:

• Hernando De Soto, President Institute for Liberty and Democracy – ILD,
• Karan Motwani, Starbucks Manager Application Development
• Sherry Li, Digital Product Leader, General Electric
• Breslow Paul, Open Innovation, EDF

The Blockchain Expo 2019 World Series will take place in the Cities of London from 25-26th April and Amsterdam from 19-20th June. The London venue will be Olympia Grand London the Amsterdam venue will be at RAI. The final 2019 series will be held in North America.

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The final 2018 Blockchain Expo series is taking place on 28-29th November in North America. 2019 Blockchain Expo World Series will be held in Amsterdam, London and Santa Clara, CA.

The events bring together more than 120 speakers and 8000+ participants on a 2 days conference on Blockchain technologies as a new approach to various industries’ solutions.