The Best Crypto Wallets for Business in 2020

This best 2020 cryptocurrency wallet review leads you to the best places to store your Bitcoin and altcoins. The value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed over the last ten years. The world was taken by surprise by cryptocurrencies. This means that our digital assets require more and more secure places. This post is for you when you are new to the cryptocurrency and wondering what software or hardware you will need. It has never been easy to get involved in crypto. We’re going to have you protected in the safest, most comfortable and best crypto wallets available today.


Coinbase is one of the simplest ways of buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies. A Coinbase wallet enables you to safely store, receive and send a variety of cryptocurrencies including XRP, Ether Classic (ETC), Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin. You will also be able to use Ethereum-powered Web 3 DApps as well as send crypto payments to any location in the world.

The beauty of the Coinbase wallet is that you can generate a wallet within seconds and see the current balance of your wallet in your local currency. Another attractive feature for this wallet is that it allows you to backup the private keys of your wallet to Google Drive.

Bitcoin wallets have found their way recently into online gambling sites. Online casinos can quickly pay their no deposit casino bonuses in a secure and fast manner. Nothing is more frustrating than to lose your Bitcoins or Cryptocurrency because of a lack of security or because they hack your account. Coinbase gives you a lot of trust and peace, knowing that your investment is safe and secure as you gamble online.

Ledger Nano

The Ledger Nano is a USB-sized, cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It is a cold wallet that can store your cryptocurrencies offline so that your funds can be protected as one of the safest ways.

It offers several functions, especially in terms of protection and backup of the private key for digital currency that is hard to find in any other form of cryptocurrency wallets.

With the Ledger Nano, you can swap your digital currency, complete a transaction, use the related apps and move your money within seconds from one account to another. The advantage of Ledger Nano is the number of coins and tokens that it supports and the highly compact scale of its other hardware carriers.

The Ledger Nano is very safe against hackers because of its elegant physical buttons to be used for any transaction and has an anti-tamper proof feature that verifies the integrity of the hardware wallet each time it is activated.


When Bitcoin was only worth a few dollars, Electrum came on stage. More than 10% of all Bitcoin transactions are reported at Electrum now.

Electrum is a software wallet which means that your Bitcoin is stored on your computer in a series of files. It is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

The most important feature is that you can install and run Electrum efficiently. You can save your Bitcoin from there. Electrum is known today as one of the safest and best bitcoin wallets.


The MyCelium wallet is the one for you if you are searching for the best Bitcoin smartphone wallet. It is hard to find any flaws with this wallet. It is easy to understand and gives more advanced users more advanced functionality.

Sending and receiving is incredibly fast, making it easy to store and use small Bitcoin amounts (the only cryptocurrency it supports).

The only downside is its possible online security risks.

Like any system which stores private keys continuously online, safety is never guaranteed 100 per cent. We think that this is a fantastic option to send and receive Bitcoin on the go and is an alternative to other storage options.

Trezor 1

Trezor is a great place to store your Bitcoin. Trezor is a physical interface that connects your desktop, tablet or mobile phone to your coins. The Trezor wallet operates in several currencies and acts as a password manager, a two-factor authenticator and other useful features.

This wallet provides some protection against lost passwords and damaged computers, but you should learn from the tragic experiences of others and ensure that it never happens. The whole purpose of this Bitcoin digital wallet is to stop those who steal your Bitcoin. So you cannot assume that the recovery is simple.

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