Telegram Launches TON testnet, Transferwise Collects $292 Mln in Funding Round & more

Telegram Launches TON testnet

The documentation of the testnet is available now on However, the code only represents a part of Ton’s blockchain and is partly already outdated. Still, it does allow you to launch the so-called TON Blockchain Lite client of TON. It allows you to create smart contracts and to let them interact.

Transferwise Collects $292 Mln in Funding Round

The fintech company transferwise has collected $292 million in a recent funding round. The british payment innovator’s main product is to allow crossborder payments with low fees. It is the same market gap that several crypto projects try to fill. Especially, Ripple and Stellar but also Bitcoin as a decentralized electronic cash solution. However, Transferwise offers several other financial services as well.

Ripple Is IMF’s Preferred Digital Currency

Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chair has on several occasions allowed Ripple Inc. to give its standpoint on Crypto regulation on behalf of the Crypto industry. Brad Garlinghouse, the Ripple CEO, has been taking advantage of these opportunities to push for Cryptos’ global adoption as Digital Tokens continue to make inroads into the financial space. Additionally, Ripple has been taking advantage of the opportunities to advise and inform regulators on the best policies to endorse. This is set to give Cryptos a prudential treatment that nurtures the growth of the emerging payment solution as well as Blockchain technology.

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Bitcoin Breaks Out & Reaches $8800 – Next Target $10k?

Bitcoin has broken out of the $8000 zone and rose by more than $800 in less than an hour. Currently the price of Bitcoin sits at around $8600 with strong fluctuations. The bullish phase began in early April when the price rose from $4000 to $5000 in almost a day only. Consequentially, Bitcoin has surged by more than 100% since that time and reached its ATH in a 12 month time frame.

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