Tech Analysis For EOS, ETH, And XRP

Most of the crypto coins have today seen a better start. Things were shaky back then, but they have since stabilized. Despite all that, there is still one pending worry. A move through the major levels could bring a clawback of the week’s heavy losses.

Beginning With EOS

On Saturday, this crypto coin dropped by 1.60%. But it closed business at $2.4528, having reversed an earlier 1.13% gain. The bearish early trading hours saw the coin drop from $2.4926 to $2.4367. It, however, managed to steer clear of all the key resistance levels at all the times. This made it to come in a range of the initial major support level at $2.4326.

EOS even visited the price level of $2.47 before it later pulled back. At the moment, it has increased with 0.38%, and now trading at $2.4622. Early on, it left the major resistance and support levels untested.

Looking At Ethereum

On Saturday, ETH dropped by 0.99%. It had earlier reversed a 0.15% increase that it had gained on Friday. This made the coin to close the day at $127.09. Looking at the wider market, the crypto asset dropped from an early morning intraday high of $128.45 to $126.63.

This was the early afternoon intraday. It also managed to fall well short of the initial major resistance level at $129.89. This made it to come within a range of the initial major support level at $126.28.

Through the mid-afternoon, ETH was lucky enough to find support. It even managed to close out at a great range of $127. Ethereum has since increased by 0.22%. This catapulted the coin’s price to a high price of $127.37.

At the beginning of the day, the coin experienced a mixed start. This made it to drop to an early morning low of $126.89. It was before it later shook a high price of $127.42.

Ethereum For The Day Ahead

Ethereum will be striving to move back through the price levels of $127.40. This is the only way it will run at the initial major resistance area of $128.15. Ethereum would also need to break back to the price levels of $128. But to do this, great support from the wider market would be required.

The coin could possibly hit reverse if it fails to move back through the level of $127.40. It could also steer clear of the sub $125 price levels. This would only be possible if it bars a crypto sell-off.


Market Analysis For Ripple’s XRP

On Saturday, Ripple dropped by 1.90%. It even partially reversed a 3.68% rally from a day ago. Because of that, the coin closed the day at $0.19236. The morning was, however, bearish for this crypto coin. Due to that, it dropped from an early intraday high of $0.19699 to $0.19101. The latter acted as the early afternoon intraday.