Take off is fined for not warning customers about risks when buying tickets

Travel company Decolar was fined more than R$752 thousand for not informing customers about the risks of buying tickets from Avianca Brasil (Oceanair). The airline filed a request for judicial recovery in December 2018. The decision of Senacon (National Consumer Secretary), obtained by the newspaper O Globo, should be published in the Official Gazette (Diário Oficial da União) this Tuesday (July 27th. 2021).According to the report, consumers were not alerted to the possible cancellation of flights due to Avianca’s financial and legal situation. The Secretariat considered that it was Decolar’s duty to inform that the airline was facing a crisis. Decolar claimed to have provided all the support to customers who had their flights canceled. He also said that he is awaiting court notification so that he can evaluate the appeal options. “Decolar has taken all the necessary steps to support its customers affected by Avianca Brasil’s flight cancellations during the airline’s judicial recovery process. Thus, it complied with the legislation on consumer relations and the norms of ANAC – National Civil Aviation Agency”, the agency emphasized in a note. With a debt estimated at around R$ 2.7 billion, Avianca Brasil entered into recovery court in 2018. The following year, Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) suspended all company flights arguing that it did not have the capacity to operate safely. The bankruptcy filing was filed in July 2020, when the airline claimed to have been highly impacted by the 2014 economic crisis, the increase in fuel prices and the dollar, and the 2018 truck drivers’ strike. Continue reading