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Binance Launched Mainnet – Dangerous Rival For Ethereum & Co.

It has been a week since Binance launched its own native blockchain. Over all, the market welcomed the launch as the price of BNB from year-to-date proves. The Binance Chain will allow startups and enterprises to launch their own tokens. This will possibly create another strong competitor for projects like Ethereum, EOS or Zilliqa. Binance’s […]

Roundup – 10/04/2019 – Bitstamp Receives BitLicense in New York & more

Bitstamp Receives BitLicense in New York The Slovenian exchange Bitstamp has snatched a BitLicense. The coveted license allows crypto companies to run their business in New York. Bitstamp has confined its business to Europe since launching in 2011. With its move to New York the exchange seeks primarily to attract institutional investors from the US. […]

Ziliqa – The First Cryptocurrency To Implement Sharding

Sharding is a layer one solution that could possibly solve the scalability problem of many cryptocurrencies. The development of layer two solutions (e.g. Lightning, Raiden Network) is important. However, layer one solutions, i.e. that is scaling solutions that work on the blockchain will always have priority as layer two solutions rely on the blockchain. Thus, […]

Roundup – 24/01/2019 – Hg Exchange, VanEck Withdraws ETF Filing & more

Ziliqa and Maicoin Co-Found Security Token Exchange The Crypto Projects Ziliqa and Maicoin have co-founded the Hg exchange. The exchange is not another crypto exchange. Instead, it focuses on offering security tokens. It wants to attract both the professional and the average investor. The management of the exchange has outlined very ambitioned goals for the […]