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Roundup – 07/02/2019 – Zcash Developers Disclose Major Bug Fix & more

Zcash Developers Disclose Major Bug Fix The Zcash team has published a blog post in which they describe the XXX bug in Zcash’s code. The bug posed a major security flaw in Zcash’s network as it could have been exploited to create more coins than intended on the network. The vulnerability existed for years and […]

Roundup – 06/12/2018 – Dominance of Tether Crumbles & more

Dominance of Tether Crumbles Tether’s dominance in the stablecoin market has fallen below the level of 75%. At the beginning of 2018 Tether had dominated the market without any major competitors and made up a 94% share of the market capitalization. TrueUSD, Paxos, Gemini Dollars and USDCoin are all USD-based stablecoins that were created this […]

Zcash-Privacy Friendly Cryptocurrency- Now Live on Coinbase

Following the addition of Zcash, a renowned cryptocurrency that is well known for its robust privacy features, on Coinbase Pro last week, Coinbase has revealed that it will support this digital currency on its main website as well as on crypto exchange mobile application for both Android and iOS. Zcash Now Fully Supported by […]

Roundup – 31/10/2018 – Second Largest Diamond Manufacturer Joins Tracr & more

Second Largest Diamond Manufacturer Joins Tracr The DeBeers Group, South Africa’s largest player in the diamond industry, has developed Tracr. The blockchain solves the problem that a buyer of jewelry cannot be sure about the origin of the product. With Tracr miners can save all relevant data of a diamond on a blockchain at the […]

ZCash Blockchain Has Undergone A Fork That Introduces Shielded Addresses

ZCash Blockchain has been updated as per its long-term roadmap to incorporate shielded addresses with sapling update capabilities and competencies. The fork is intended to optimize the network’s performance to a very large extent by enhancing privacy and anonymity features to achieve optimal confidentiality. The networks, therefore, become one of the few that has next-generation […]

All You Need To Know About Zcash, The New Virtual Coin In Town

The world of Cryptocurrency is expanding fast with technological advancements. There is a countless number of virtual coins any new trader would choose to freely invest in. This even gets better when two major players merge to form one virtual coin. At the start of this week, Bitcoin Exchange Gemini, which is owned by Internet […]

Zcash Anonymity Nature Weakens

Zcash is one of the Cryptocurrencies that has gained much recognition due to its amazing nature of privacy. Researchers have however noted that the anonymity nature of this digital coin is coming under threat and might soon be a thing of the past. Dangerous Patterns Weakening the Zcash’s Privacy Nature According to the researchers, there […]